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Greenwood Cemetery near River Falls, Wisconsin


Last NameFirst NameMiddleBorn DMYDied DMYInterredBlockLotNotes
OakeyBettyJane05/23/192001/28/193701/31/1937B-7SG-71d.o. R.S. Oakey
OakeyRoyleSouther05/30/188012/10/1953 B-7SG-82h.o. Lydia Clausen,m. 3/27/1910, s.o. John & Emma
OakleyCarrollJohn03/31/189209/03/193909/09/1939B-9L-10s.o. L.F., Ship's cook 3 CL USN RF, WWII
Oakley *Gladys 03/05/186511/22/195411/26/1954B-9L-10nee: Burgett, w.o. Louis F., m. 9/5/1883, 7 children
OakleyLouisF.07/22/186205/13/194405/15/1944B-9L-10w.o. Gladys,s.o. Samuel, F.& A.m., (see Chinnock), see Hale
Oakley *RaymondLee  10/24/1954B-9L-10 
OasFrankS.07/01/193004/12/199104/15/1991B-14L-14Ah.o. Diana, s.o. Sevalld & Gabriala, A2C US Air Force Korea
OasJ.Diana   B-14L-14Aw.o. Frank
ObermuellerElsieM.1909199507/25/1995B-3L-107w.o. William C.
ObermuellerWilliamC.1907199304/23/1993B-3L-107h.o. Elsie M.
O'Brien *M.E.1850189612/27/1896B-6L-94(see Hunt)
O'Brien *     B-6L-94no name. no dates
Oftendal *Helga   12/11/1973B-15L-36 
Oftendal *OscarE.  09/28/1963B-15L-35 
OlderHarold   04/14/1975FG First Row
O'LearyBrianJ.1960  B-14 h.o. Susan A.
O'LearyCharlesDavid08/01/199211/09/199511/13/1995B-14L-4Bs.o. Brian & Susan
O'LearySusanA.1965  B-14 w.o.Brian, Children: Carl, Craig, Charles
OlesonLyle 09/28/192309/09/198709/13/1987B-15L-771"Ole", h.o. Margaret, F. & A.M., US Navy WWII
OlesonMargaret 1929  B-15L-772nee: Chenoweth, w.o. Lyle S. m. Feb. 1949
OligneyAlphonse 10/22/185910/15/194810/18/1948B-8L-30Ah.o. Minnette Warren, m. 1884
Oligney *Eugene   11/19/1948B-8L-27(see McKay)
OligneyFrancesM.06/20/189903/25/198003/28/1980B-8L-29nee: McKee, w.o. Wayland J m1920,d.o Lute & Frances McKee
Oligney *Judson   06/17/1961B-8L-27(see McKay)
OligneyWarren 1884197504/16/1975B-7L-22h.o. Zenith (see Rollins)
OligneyWaylandE.11/14/192611/17/1948 B-8 Wis RM3 USNR WWII
OligneyWaylandJ.11/09/189106/15/1961 B-8 f.o. Wayland E., Wis Sgt. CO C 128 Inft Red Arrow 32nd divWWI
OligneyZenith 04/08/188503/28/194903/30/1949B-7L-22nee: White, w.o. Warren, m. 3/31/1912
OlsenAmilda 01/08/188611/07/196511/09/1965B-11L-55nee:Johnson, 'Amy', w.o. Bertram,m.10/6/1915,d.o. G.L. & Kristi
OlsenBertillaM.10/11/192406/04/200106/07/2001B-14L-44Bnee: Krier, w.o. Carl O.m. 3/18/1943, 8 children
OlsenBertram 1879196307/01/1963B-11L-55 
OlsenCarlO.09/10/191803/27/1992 B-14L-43Bh.o. Bertilla M.
OlsenKenneth 1916192712/12/1927B-11L-55s.o. Amilda & Bertram
Olson *Albert   01/12/1932B-7L-49 
Olson *Baby girl   1963B-2L-8Baby girl of Robert Olson
OlsonBurre 183911/14/192711/16/1927B-7L-71h.o. Margaret
OlsonCarrie 1857189808/22/1898B-7L-49w.o. Martin
OlsonClaraIone05/01/190409/11/200609/15/2006B-15L-153nee: Preston, w.o. Roy, d.o. John & Mina
OlsonClariceN.19071979   Inee: Nelson, n memorium
OlsonCraig    B-12AL-190 
OlsonEdnaE.189712/23/198312/28/1983B-15L-333nee: Jewett,w.o. Joel H., m. 1922
OlsonElma 1885197901/05/1979B-7L-71w.o. Harris
OlsonGeraldF.1947196703/27/1967B-12L-13s.o. Joyce E.
OlsonHarrisBurr04/19/188008/18/194508/22/1945B-7L-71h.o. Elma
Olson *Isabelle   07/31/1891B-7L-55 
OlsonJoelHenry11/07/188912/16/198212/20/1982B-15L-332h.o. Edna E., s.o. August & Charlotte, MUS 3 US Army WWI
Olson *Joel  1922 B-7SG-47baby of Jack Olson
OlsonJohannesM.08/30/184305/30/1927 B-7  
OlsonJoyceE.06/05/191505/09/199505/13/1995B-12L-13nee: Collamore, d.o. Frank & Jessie,3 sons(Reed,Dumond,Kisler)
Olson *Louis   08/24/1894B-7L-55 
OlsonMargaret 08/29/184101/11/1929 B-7L-71nee: Rund, w.o. Burre, born Norway
OlsonMarieC.10/19/191101/18/198101/20/1981B-15L-161nee: Larson,w.o. Silas, m. 1944
OlsonMartin 1848191002/22/1910B-7L-49h.o. Carrie W.O.W.
OlsonMary 1882196910/15/1969B-9L-48nee: Hale
OlsonMaryLouise   B-12AL-191 
OlsonMorrisI.1903195312/12/1953B-1L-72Ah.o. Florence L., 2 daughters: Sylvia & Donna, ( see Griffey)
Olson *Mrs. Albert   06/02/1927B-7L-49 
OlsonNancyR.1945  B-15L-424w.o. O. Jan
OlsonO.Jan1945198211/01/1982B-15L-423h.o. Nancy R.
OlsonRoyGranville09/03/1899198411/05/1984B-15L-152h.o. Clara I., m. 12/25/1922, s.o. Peter & Sophie
OlsonSilas 1911197012/02/1970B-15L-160h.o. Marie
OlsonSusanMarie11/30/196112/02/1961 B-2L-8Infant d.o. Wayne P. Olson
OlsonWilliamC.09/26/190611/17/198709/12/1988B-5L-3B"Bill" h.o. Clarice m. 07/03/1926
OpheimLaura 04/11/188103/01/195603/05/1956B-3L-47Anee: Ramberg, w.o. Magnus, m. 11/23/1923, 74y 11m 20d
OpheimMagnus 1877196212/24/1962B-3L-47Ah.o. Laura
O'RourkeErmaH.02/18/188801/26/198701/28/1987B-8L-95nee: Gregerson, (see Freeman), w.o. Jack, m. Sept. 1918
OrvoldElise 03/25/189305/06/198605/09/1986B-4L-15Anee: Arneson, w.o. Norman, 'Lesa'
OrvoldEvelynCordelia04/19/191902/12/199402/16/1994B-14L-21Bnee: Dahm, w.o. Clarence,m. 10/12/1948, d.o. Thomas & Nettie
OrvoldNorman 1896197309/22/1973B-4L-15Ah.o. Elise, m. March 1921
Osborn *Cordelia  05/16/1957 B-7L-28nee: Barg,1st husband James J. Severson,2nd Louis S. Osborn
OsenClarenceEdgar06/28/191004/13/199908/21/1999B-14L-71Dh.o. Margaret M. , m. 07/10/1943,s.o. Marshall & Ida, 4 children
OsenCliffordE.11/04/189906/01/194506/03/1945B-7L-77s.o. Oluf & Lena
OsenEstherL.1901197012/08/1970B-7L-77d.o. Oluf & Lena
OsenLenaM.1872191905/21/1919B-7L-77nee: Peterson, w.o. Oluf
OsenMargaretMae04/08/191704/21/201004/24/2010B-14L-71Dnee: Owens, Children: Richard, Tom, Carolyn, & Cheryl
OsenOlufA.09/28/186910/18/193710/20/1937B-7L-77h.o. Lena, m. 12/21/1898, 6 children-2 died as infants
OsenWilburH.1902194306/03/1943B-7L-75(see Russ)
OstnessEmma 1873194611/12/1946B-9L-66nee: Korsrud, m. 03/26/1900
OstnessHarryLoyd07/24/190105/19/198205/22/1982B-2L-85s.o. Ole & Emma, h.o. Laura, Children: Lloyd,Marilyn,Joan
OstnessLauraMathilda07/20/190304/02/200304/05/2003B-2L-85nee: Pedersen, w.o. Harry L. m. 08/17/1927,d.o. Peder & Laura
OstnessLoydE.05/02/192806/09/20062006B-14L-1Nh.o Marion Gear, m. 10/15/1949, s.o Harry & Laura, Child: David, Diana
OstnessMarionL.05/01/192904/25/2011 B-14EL-1Nnee: Gear, w.o. Loyd
OstnessOleH.06/14/187403/25/195303/27/1953B-9L-66Ole Hendrickson Ostness, h.o. Emma,born Norway, U.S. 1899
Ostrom *DavidAllen12/29/183005/03/192205/06/1922B-10L-2Kh.o. Fannie A., Co. 1, 47th Wis. Vol. Inf. Civil War
Ostrom *FannieA.11/16/184001/24/192601/26/1926B-10L-2Knee: Stimsen, w.o. David A., m. 04/03/1860, 5 children
Ostrom *Frend   05/25/1910B-10L-2Ks.o. David & Fannie
Ottman *Donald Jr.   10/28/1940B-2L-13 
OverbyeHelenC.12/06/190412/10/198412/13/1984B-9L-33nee: Larson, w.o. Melvin, m. 6/16/1926, (see Larson)
OverbyeMelvinL.1895197901/15/1979B-9L-33h.o. Helen C. Pvt US Army
OverbyeMelvinL.11/17/189501/20/197901/25/1979B-9L-33h.o. Helen C. Pvt US Army WWI
OvsakVeronicaE.04/11/192704/14/199804/21/1998B-13 nee: Lieffering,d.o. John & Helen, 7 children
OwensDonaldDerr1916  B-15L-709h.o. M. June m. 07/22/1936
OwensGordon   08/12/1996B-10L-27 
OwensGraceE.1895197603/17/1976B-15L-22w.o. William E.
OwensJosephD.06/30/199310/09/199310/14/1993B-15L-667s.o. Bruce & Terri
OwensMaryJune06/15/191612/26/199705/09/1998B-15L-710nee: Harris w.o. Donald D. 7 children, d.o. John & Nina
OwensWilliamE.1892196412/28/1964B-15L-21h.o. Grace E.

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