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Military Veterans Obits & Stats 14 Jan 2022
 Naturalization Records via Family Search link 15 Sep 2019
King Veteran Memorial Cemetery 2019 
Marion Advertiser Obits
Obituaries  Books A-103 
Military     Updated  WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam and Persian Gulf Records
Death Records 1880-1912             
Obituaries Added by Others

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Sharing Family Names 
Shawano in the News  

          by Jim Glasheen

Shawano & Oconto County Family Histories  Mueller/Miller added 2 July 2013
 Murders in Shawano County                                                             
Marriage's Pre-1907  1903 & 1904 now being added


Untimely Deaths      
 Jailhouse Records    


Cemeteries of Oconto and Shawano Counties  
Lost and Found
 Cemetery Headstone Pictures       Updated 26 Jul 2020 

The 5 remaining cemeteries on the

Menominee Reservation are going to be done as soon as we get time.

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