Ziereis Bavaria to Wisconsin, Johnson, Heimerl, Schorejs, Kebel, Quandt


Ziereis ~ Bavaria to Wisconsin


This is the history of 2 men who ventured over the big pond to seek out a life in the free world.

My name is Cathe Ziereis and I have been looking for relatives for many years trying to match up with the ancestors in the old country.

Unfortunately due to the lack of records to be found in the area of Bavaria I am seeking, this is all I know.

I have only posted here the Elders and Deceased members of my family. No living persons information is included besides a name.

If you are related or even share the same name I would love to hear from you.


  Joseph Ziereis
  Michael Ziereis
  Thomas Christian Johnson from Taars, Hjǿrring, Denmark
  Ziereis & Johnson, The Elders
  If you would like to share your Ziereis family please email me and I will provide a space

                                                                                for your genealogy to be presented on this site.



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Cathe Ziereis 2009

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