Shawano in the news

Shawano in the news  


Apr 23, 1903

Mrs. Wm. Binder of Pella


Volksbote Wochenblatt

July 31 1903


Carl F L Raasch

Carl Friedrich Lebrecht Raasch died of old age on Jul 26 at the age of 78 years, 10 months and 20 days. He was born on Sept 6, 1824 in Hinterpommern, Germany. In 1848 he was married to Miss Minna Klebesadel, with whom he lived happily for 43 years. She died on 22 Feb. 1891. In 1850 they left Germany and came to America where they first lived in Milwaukee. They lived there for a year and a half. In 1852 they moved to the area of Watertown where they lived seven years. From there they came to Shawano county and lived for 7 or 8 years in the town of Belle Plaine, and then about 4 years in the town of Waukechon. About 1872 they moved here in the city. After the death of his wife he lived with his children and grandchildren, and in the last year he lived by his grandson, Emil Vorpahl in Belle Plaine. Their marriage was blessed with 9 children, of which 5 survive, namely; Mrs. Bertha Teetzen, Mrs. Martha Wagner, Mrs. Mary Kallakowsky, and sons John and Paul Raasch. His son Herman died in 1885 in Belle Plaine, and 2 years later his daughter Mrs. Vorpahal died. Besides the 5 children he is survived by 28 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren. He was buried on Wednesday afternoon in the Woodlawn Cemetery.

Oconto County Reporter

21 Aug 1903

Miss Ella Raisler Dies

Eight hours after Giving Birth to Son

Child is Alive

Death Occurs in Milwaukee Boarding House

C.D. Post Who Had Visited Her Make Statement


The following account of the death of Miss Ella Raisler of Suring appeared in the Milwaukee Evening Wisconsin this morning.

The health department and coroner have been made acquainted with the circumstances of the death on Wednesday morning at 7:30 o’clock of Miss Ella Raisler of Shawano, Wis., at the boarding house of Mrs. Milton Sherwood of 418 Chestnut street. The girl gave birth to a child on Tuesday and the child is still living. The mother was extremely nervous, refused to be quiet and was found attempting to throw herself from the window. As a result of her exertions at this period she died of hemorrhage. Dr. Mock was called in but was unable to save her life. About two and a half months ago the woman came to Milwaukee accompanied by a man named Porter or Post. The couple represented themselves as being married, but since the birth of the child the mother said there had been no marriage. The girl’s father is said to be a store keeper in Shawano.

The coroner is investigating the case. The body was not taken to the morgue.

The news is a shock to her friends at Suring and Shawano where she has lived and their sympathy will go out to her bereaved parents in their affliction.

Her father C.A. Raisler went to Milwaukee Wednesday to bring her remains home. In reply to inquiries from a reporter of the Sentinel Mr. Post, who in Milwaukee, make the following statement;

“I consider it unfortunate that my name should be implicated in this affair at all” said he. “I knew Miss Raisler in Suring, where I run a lumber yard. We boarded at the same hotel. I saw that she would soon be in a delicate condition. She seemed extremely despondent over her misfortune and said that in order to keep the truth from her father she would commit suicide. This I advised her not to do. I do not know who took her away from Suring. I know she came to Milwaukee alone and engaged a room herself. I have visited her twice at her Chestnut street apartments but I want it distinctly understood I am in no way responsible for her condition. I don’t know who will take care of the child. I will not as I have nothing to do with the case, anymore then a friend of the family. She told me at Suring who was responsible for her condition. I will divulge this name to the jury tomorrow but no sooner.”

Mr. Post stated that he never had given his name as Porter, but that one night when the physician was called to attend Miss Raisler at Mrs. Sherwood’s boarding house he informed him that the girl’s name was Porter. The Post-Gilkey Lumber Co. is one of the best know dealers in cedar logs in Northern Wisconsin.