taken from the Shawano County Journal

Researched by Kenneth Salzman 1980-1981

There are many issues of the paper missing during the 1850's and 1860's.

Also missing are the following

26 Jul 1888- 26 Sep 1889

10 Oct 1894- 28 Mar 1895

Jan 1899- Jan 1906

Transcribed From Kenneth's papers by Editor Jim Glasheen 2010


Friday, 4 Feb 1881

Married - Glass-Noble.  At the residence of the Pastor officiating, Rev. J.A.R. Rogers, in Shawano, Feb. 2, 1881 Mr Seymour Glass of the town of Hutchins, to Miss Mary Jane Noble, of the town of Belle Plaine.

Friday, 25 Mach 1881

Married - Weeks-Kast.  At the residence of the bride's father, Hon. J.D. Kast, of Shawano, March 20th, 1881, by Rev. J.A.R. Rogers, Seneca Charles Weeks, of Nevada, to Miss Payiene Kast  of Shawano.

Married - Drake-Norton.  At the residence of Ed. Schoenfeld, J. P., town of Richmond, March 20, 1881, Stephen N. Drake, of Paysipy, Waushara County, WI., to Miss Maroe Norton, of the town of Richmond.

Married - Sly-Norton,  At the residence of Ed. Schoenfeld, town of Richmond, March 21, 1881, Ury Sly to Miss Vina Norton, both of the town of Richmond, Shawano County.

Friday, 8 April 1881

Married - Noble-Howard.  At Shawano, Apr. 4th, 1881,  by A.M. Andrews, Justice of the Peace, William Noble to Mary Howard, both of Belle Plaine, Wis.

Married- Klinger-Gottschalk.  At the place of Bertha Raddant, in the city of Shawano, April 4th, 1881, Fred Klinger, of the town of Hutchinson, to Mary Gottschalk, of the town of Waukechon, Ed. Schoenfeld, Justice of the Peace, officiating.

Friday, 15 April 1881

Married - Crosson-Richards.  At the office of A. M. Andrews, J. P., in Shawano, April 4th, 1881.  Wm. Crosson to Annie Richards, all of Shawano.

Married - McLeod - Krake.  At Greenwood Park, Waupaca County, WI., July 5, 1881, the Rev. F.P. Baker officiating, Mr Murdoch McLeod and Miss Laura A Krake, Both of Shawano

Married - Wescott-McConley.  At the residence of Rev. Mr. Rowley, in New London, on the 30th day of June, Charles J. Wescott, of Richmond, to Miss Sarah E. McConley, of Belle Plaine

Friday, 26 Aug. 1881

Married - Culver-Cornelius.  In Belle Plaine, Aug. 18th, 1881, by L.S. Rouse, J.P., Mr Chas. A. Culver, to Mrs. Augusta C. Cornelius, of the town of Richmond.

Friday, 2 Sept. 1881

Married - Anderson-Magee.  At the residence of the bride's parents in the town of Richmond, Aug. 30,1881, by the Rev. J.A.R. Rogers, Mr.August M. Anderson and Miss S. Martha Magee, both of the town of Richmond.

Friday, 30 Sept. 1881

Married - Fernandez-Wright.  Dud Fernandez, who has lived a bachelor life for so long that few supposed he wanted to get married, and the few that did had no idea that he could if he wanted to, has gone and got married.  Miss Mary A. Wright is the partner that Dud has taken into his business, and all his numerous personal and newspaper friends wish the newly married pair a happy journey through life.

Friday, 14 Oct. 1881

Married - Casey-Buck.  At the residence of Mrs. Chas. Howe, in Shawano, Oct. 5th, 1881, A.M. Andrews, J.P. officiating, Mr J.C. Casey, U.S.A., of Keshena, Wis., and Miss Hattie M. Buck, of this city.

Friday, 28 Oct. 1881

Married - Tezen-Raasch.  In the town of Pella, Oct. 7th, 1881, The Rev. C.J. Schwan officiating, Mr August Tezen, of Belle Plaine, and Miss Bertha Raasch, of Shawano.

Married - Eul-McMellan.  At the residence of Theodore Eul, Oct. 26,1881, Ed.Schoenfeld, J.P., officiating, Mr. Theodore Eul, of Richmond, to Miss Charlott McMellan, of Angelica.

Friday, 4 Nov. 1881

Married - Cronce-Eberlein.  At the residence of the bride's parents, in this city, Oct. 31, 1881, A.M. Andrews, J.P., officiating, Mr M.A. Cronce to Miss Mary Eberlein, both of Shawano.


Friday, 20 Jan. 1882

Married - Buntin-McConly.  At Shawano, on Saturday, Jan. 14, 1882, A.M. Andrews, J.P., officiating, Mr James Buntin, of Oshkosh, to Miss Florance McConly, of Belle Plaine.

Friday, 27 Jan. 1882

Married - Keeler-Krake.  At Laney, Shawano Co., Wis., Jan 1st, 1882, Mr George Keeler, of Angelica, to Miss Martha Krake, of Shawano

Friday, 7 April 1882

Married - Allender-Webster.  At the parsonage of the Methodist Episcopal Church, April 30, '82, Rev. D. V. Teed, officiating, Mr W. F. Allender, and Miss Ella Webster, of Waukechon.

Married - McKinney-Ward.  In Shawano, April 2nd, 1882, A. M. Andrews, J. P., officating, Mr. James McKinney, of Brothertown, and Miss Maggie Ward, o Fond du Lac.

Friday, 21 April 1882

Married - Dickinson-Niech.  In Shawano, April 15, 1882, A.M. Andrews, J.P., officiating, Mr. James Dickinson and Miss Louretta Niech, both of Green Valley, this county.

Friday, 28 April 1882

Married - Armstrong-Beach. Thursday, April 20, 1882, in the town of How, by J. M. Armstrong, Justice of the Peace, Mr. D. H. Armstrong and Miss Sadie O. Beach, both of this city, having removed from Menasha to this place some three months ago.

Married- McLeod-Simons  At the M. E. Parsonage, April 17, 1982, by Rev. D. V. Teed, Daniel McLeod and Miss Magie Simons, both of Twin Lakes, Shawano Co., Wis.

Friday, 5 May 1882

Married - McComb-Dunn.  A very pleasant wedding took place on Thursday, April 27. at 4:20 P.M., at the residence of J. H. Sturtevant, 66 High Street, Oshkosh, the contracting parties being Dr H. R. McComb, of this city, and Miss Florence Dunn, of Oshkosh,  The ceremony was performed by Rev. K. C. Anderson in a most beautiful and impressive manner in the presence of about 40 guests.  The attendants were Miss Clara Lake and Mr Frank Coy.  The parlors were beautifully decorated with choice plants in bloom together with baskets and vases of exquisite cut flowers; the bridal party standing beneath a huge horseshoe of exotics, suspended from a festoon of arbor vitae, the language of the latter being "Live for me."  After the usual congratulations, a beautiful collation was served.  The newly wedded pair left on the 6:20 P.M. train, followed by old shoes and heart felt good wishes.

Married - Ainsworth-Pierce.  At the residence of E. Schoenfeld, Justice of the Peace, May 3, 1882, Henry Ainsworth and Olivia Pierce, both of the town of Richmond in Shawano, County

Friday, 2 June 1882

Married - Eastman-Cole.  Mr E A. Eastman, of Pella, and Miss Laura E. Cole, of Marion, were married on Tuesday last, at the residence of the brides parents, Elder A. D. Olsen officiating.

Friday, 23 June 1882

Married - Garfield-Steinke.  At Belle Plaine, June 20th, by Rev. J.A.R. Rogers, Mr Byron H. Garfield to Miss Minnie Steinke.

Friday, 14 July 1882

Married - Riley-Moscrip.  At the residence of Mr Sam'l Porter, in Belle Plaine, Rev. J. A. R. Rogers officiating, Mr W. H. Riley, of Freeland, Col. and Miss Carrie A. Moscrip, of Belle Plaine.  This brave knight came more than 1000 miles for his fair bride, and thought the effort little compared to the reward.

Friday, 18 August 1882

Married - Upham-Ramsdell.  Cards are out for the wedding of Frank R. Upham and Miss Genevieve Ramsdell, parties well known in this city, having resided here until a few weeks ago.  The marriages to occur at Peshtigo on the 22nd.

Friday, 25 August 1882

Married - Pendleton-Simonds.  In this city on Sunday, Aug. 20, Rev. D. V. Teed, officiating, Wm. Pendleton and Mrs. Aravilla Simonds.

Friday, 22 September 1882

Married - Andrus-Smith.  Mr D. B. Andrus, the efficient cashier at the Shawano Co. Bank, departed for Chicago week before last unfettered by matrimonial ties, but returned later a full-fledged Benedict, having led to the alter a lady quite well known in this city, Miss Mattie Smith, of Chicago.  The marriage ceremonies took place on the 14th at the bride's home, attended by the friends of the family and a few invited guests.  Mr and Mrs Andrus arrived in this city the latter part of the week, having dispensed with the usual bridal tour.  As congratulations are now in order, the JOURNAL takes the liberty of wishing the newly-made man and wife much happiness and joy.

Friday, 13 Oct 1882

Married - Yaeger-Miller.  Tigerton Item, Oct 11, 1882, Joe Yaeger and Betty Miller were married on the 9th inst., Justice Martin officiating.  The newly married couple purchased a small stock of supplies and started the same day for their new home in the town of Morris.

Friday, 3 Nov 1882

Married - Jones-Lathrop.  In Shawano, Oct. 29th, 1882 the Rev. J. A. R. Rogers officiating, Mr E. S. Jones, of Tigerton, to Miss Ella M. Lathrop, of Angelica.

Friday, 6 Nov 1882

Married - Barker-Barber.  At Shawano, Nov 6, 1882, by Rev. J. A. R. Rogers, Mr Charles H. Barker to Miss Hannah A. Barber, both of Richmond, Wis.

Friday, 17 Nov 1882

Married - Richard-Barteld.  In the town of Herman, on Tuesday Nov 14, 1882, C. G. Schmidt, J.P., officiating, Mr Frank Richard and Miss Anna Barteld, all of the town of Herman.

Friday, 8 Dec 1882

Married - Lyon-Weatherwax.  At Shawano, Nov 30th, 1882, at the Jennings House, by Rev. Joseph Crummer, Mr George E. Lyon and Miss Henriette Weatherwax, both of Clintonville, Waupaca County, Wis.

Friday, 15 Dec 1882

Married - Boettcher-Boettcher.  In Shawano, on Wednesday, Dec 13, A.M. Andrews, J. P., officiating, Mr Fred Boettcher and Mrs Augusta Boettcher, both of the town of Hartland.


Friday, 30 March 1883

Married - Culver-Tyrrell.  Geo. Culver of this city, and Miss Jesse Tyrrell, of Bear Creek, were united in marriage on Wednesday of last week by Rev. J. A. R. Rogers.

Friday, 6 April 1883

Married - Breed-Clark.  At the residence of Dr. J. E. Breed in Embarrass, on Wednesday, March 20th, 1883, Rev. J. P. Chamberlain of Clintonville officiating, Mr F. S. Breed and Miss Carrie E. Clark, all of Embarrass.

Friday, 13 April 1883

Married - Hall-Carhart.  Dr. W. A. Hall, of Wausau, eldest son of J. C. Hall, of Appleton, and well known in this city, was united in marriage to Miss Mattie E. Carhart, of Oshkosh, on Friday the 30th of March.

Married - Lamot-Lyons.  At the residence of Ed. Schoenfeld, Justice of the Peace, in the town of Richmond, Shawano County, April 7, 1883, Moses Lamont and Mary Lyons, both of Keshena.

Married - Sipes-Mennet.  Jesse Sipes, an old Shawano boy, was united in marriage to Miss Tonita Mennet at Centralia, on Wednesday of this week.  Jesse and bride have our hearty congratulations.

Married - Maurer-Meyers.  At the residence of Mr J. Meiners, in Milwaukee, on Friday, April 6th, Joseph Maurer, Esq., of this city, and Miss Caroline Meyers, of Milwaukee.

Friday, 20 April 1883

Married - Pleshek-Holey.  Wenzel Pleshek and Margaret Holey were married in the Catholic church in this city on Monday, by Rev. Rather Blasuis, O.S.F.

Married - La Motte-Beaupre.  Peter La Motte, son of Joseph La Mott, and Teresa Beaupre, daughter of Simon Beaupre, President of the St. Michael's Temperance Society, were married at Keshena on Monday by Rev. F. Zephyrin.

Friday, 27 April 1883

Married - Gibbs-Miatkey.  Herbert Gibbs of this city, and Miss Annie Miatkey, of Richmond, were married at New London on the 23d.

Friday, 18 May 1883

Married - Madison-Benjamin. At Birnamwood, Shawano county, Wis., May 7, 1883, by A. Springstead, J. P., Mr G. W. Madison and Miss Addie Benjamin, all of Birnamwood.

Married -Rickert-Viencour.  At the residence of Mark Cottrill, in the town of Morris, this county, Tuesday, May 10th, by Mark Cottrill, J. P., Mr John Rickert and Miss Harriet J. Viencour, both of the town of Morris.

Friday, 8 June 1883

Married - Postalin-Miller.  At the residence of B. Jewson in Birnamwood, Shawano county, Wis., by Aaron Springstead, J. P., May 23rd, 1883, Mr Almon Postalin and Mrs Rachel Miller.

Married - Phillips-Andrews.  In this city June 2d, by Rev J.A.R. Rogers, Mr John W. Phillips. of Shawano, and Miss Jennie Andrews, of Maple Grove.

Friday, 6 July 1883

Married - Haker-Priem.  Wm. Haker, of Washington and Amelia Priem, of Hartland were joined in the holy bonds of matrimony on Sunday last by Rev. Bockelmaun.

Friday, 13 July 1883

Married - Donaldson-Hedges, Alexander-Frye, Brooks-Brown.  Our matrimonial reporter chronicles three marriages the past week, as follows: Mr WM. Donaldson of this city and Miss Mary Hedges, of Belle Plaine; Mr John R. Alexander, of Waukechon and Miss Addie Frye, of Oshkosh; Mr Edward Brooks, of Kempster, and Miss Lizzie Brown, of the same place.

Friday, 20, July 1883

Married - Hoffman-Rindel.  Wednesday, at the Catholic church, Mr Jos. Hoffman and Miss Barbara Rindel, both of the town of Herman.

Married - Grignon-Corn.  At the Catholic church in Keshena Wednesday, Mr Jos. Grignon and Miss Mary Corn.

Married - Strehlow-Schumacher. In Shawano Tuesday, by A. M. Andrews, J. P., Mr Aug. Strehlow and Miss Mary Schumacher, all of the town of Herman

Friday, 17 April 1883

Married - Phillips-Ingersoll.  In Shawano, Tuesday, July 31st, Rev. J.A.R. Rogers officiating, Mr Chas W Phillips to Miss Anna M Ingersoll, both of Bear Creek, Outagamie county.

Friday, 14 Sept 1883

Married - Brady-Folkman.  At the residence of the bride's parents in Clintonville, on Saturday, Aug. 18th, 1883, Rev. J. Anderson officiating, Mr Frank Brady, editor of the "TRIBUNE" and Miss Carrie H. Folkman, both of Clintonville.

Friday, 28 Sept 1883

Married - Fredricksen-Fredricksen.  In this city, Sept. 19th, by the Justice Ed. Sommers, Mr Charles Fredricksen and Miss Matilda Fredricksen, all of Green Valley.  The bride and groom are hard-working Swedes of recent importation, and the fact that they did not know much of anything beyond their own happiness in getting married, exposed them to the humor of the Court House junta who are always ready for a little fun.  The J.P. appointed Treasurer Alex. Peterson "bridesmaid" and Clerk H.M. Loomer "bridegroom", while Miss Cora Porter and Miss Sarah Loan, school-marms present, gallantly supported the blushing bridesmaid.  The ceremony concluded, the J.P. ordered the bride to kiss the bridesmaid and bridegroom, and the way Matilda went for those official jokers they will remember for many a day.  Alex. is an old sailor and is used to all sorts of rigs, but he said it was the loudest "smack" he ever encountered, and the girls went into hysterics.

Married - Fredrich-Doepping.  At the residence of Gustav Sauler, in the city of Shawano, Sept. 19, 1883, Ed. Schoenfeld, J.P., officiating, Franz S. Friedrich and Miss Susanna Doepping, both of Shawano.

Friday, 5 October 1883

Married - Stearns-Hall.  On Monday last, Frank Stearns of Bonduel, and Miss Minnie Hall, of Angelica.

Married - Dean-Adams.  Also Mr Elmer J. Dean, of Bonduel,and Miss Lillian A. Adams, of Oshkosh.

Friday, 19 October 1883

Married - Gehrman-Leiskau.  At the residence of Mrs C. M. Upham, Shawano, Wis., by Rev. J.A.R. Rogers, Oct. 2, 1883, Mr Michael Gehrman to Miss  Louisa Leiskau

Friday, 2 Nov 1883

Married - McDonald-Smith.  At the residence of the Bride's parents in Morrisontown, Brown County, On Tuesday, Oct. 23rd, 1883, Mr D. H. Mcdonald, of this city, and Miss Mary A. Smith, of this town.

Friday, 16 Nov 1883

Married - Huntington-Jesse.  At the residence of the groom's parents in this city, on Tuesday evening, Nov. 13, 1883, Rev. J.A.R. Rogers officiating. Mr. Geo. Huntington, of this city, and Miss Matilda Jesse, of Mayville, Wis.

Friday, 23 Nov 1883

Married - Raddant-Spoerl. At the Lutheran church, Shawano, Nov. 21st, 1883, Rev. C. Ebert officiating, Mr.Emil Raddant of this city, to Miss Elise Spoerl, of St. Louis.

Friday, 21 Dec 1883

Married - Whitney-Jones.  In the town of Belle Plain, Shawano Co., Saturday, Dec. 15th, 1883, Mr. G. H. A. Whitney, of the town of Almon, this Co., to Miss Ella P. Jones, of Belle Plain, Mr Wm. Jones,J.P., officiating.

Friday, 28 Dec 1883

Married - Reed-Andrews.  At the residence of the bride's parents in this city, on Thursday, Dec. 25, 1883. Rev. Sanford, of Bay View, officiating, Mr Harry Reed, of Menasha, and Miss Dora Andrews, daughter of Mr & Mrs H. H. Andrews, this city.


Friday, 18 Jan 1884

Married - Hatch-Cronce.  At the residence of the bride's parents, in the town of Richmond, on Jan. 9th, 1884, Rev. J.A.R. Rogers officiating, Mr Frank Hatch to Miss Sarah Cronce.

Friday, 14 March 1884

Married - Stevens-Scherck.  At the residence of Lewis Slover, Kiowa, Neb., on Thursday, Feb. 21st, 1884, Rev Meyer officiating, Mr Chas. E. Stevens, of Guide Rock, Neb. and Miss Ottelia Scherck, of Appleton.  The bride will be remembered as a former resident of this city and for some years was a "trainer of the young idea" in Shawano county.

 Friday, 21 March 1884

Married - Fosdick-Bredson.  At the residence of W. L. Fosdick, this city, on Monday, March 17th, 1884, by Rev. J. F. Tubbs, officiating, Mr Geo. G. Fosdick and Miss Maria Bredson, both of this city.

Friday, 4 April 1884

Married - Krewalt-Quinn.  In this city on Friday, March 28th ,1884, Rev J.A.R. Rogers officiating, Miss Mary J. Quinn, of Pella, and Mr. Henry Krewalt, of Belle Plain.

Friday, 11 April 1884

Married - Krake-Wilkes.  At the residence of the bride's parents in Richmond, on Wednesday, April 2d, 1884, by Rev. J.A.R. Rogers, Mr Eldee Krake to Miss Ella Sophia Wilkes.

Married - Boenig-Hedges.  At the residence of the bride's parents in Belle Plain, on Sunday, April 6th, 1884, by Rev. J.A.R. Rogers, Mr J. F. Boenig to Miss Nettie Hedges.

Friday, 18 April 1884

Married - Stephenson-Burns.  Congressman Isaac Stephenson and Miss Lizzie M. Burns were married at Green Bay on Wednesday evening.

Married - Rosenow-Buss.  Justice Sommers united Wm. Rosenow, of Belle Plain, and Miss Bertha Buss, of Pella in the bonds of wedlock on Thursday last.

Friday, 16 May 1884

Married - Schweers-Finger.  Married, May 14th, 1884 at New London, Mr N.F.P. Schweers and Miss Augusta Finger, both of this city.

Friday, 27 June 1884

Married - Klunder-Schnoor.  At the residence of the bride's parents in Oshkosh, June 21st, 1884, Rev. Fischer officiating, Mr A. F. Klunder, of this city, and Miss Louisa Schnoor, of Oshkosh.  August's numerous friends in this city wish him and his bride a happy journey through life.  May their cup of bliss be filled to overflowing, is the wish of the journal.

Married - Koeppen-Winans.  At Oshkosh, on Thursday, June 19th, 1884, Mr. Emil Koeppen and Miss Effie Winans, both of this city.  The young couple have the congratulations and best wishes of a host of friends and relatives in this city and county.  May the brightness and happiness of their youth remain with them through a long married life, and may prosperity follow them to a ripe old age, is the editor's wish.

Friday, 11 July 1884

Married - Wallis-Farrow.  In this city, on Thursday July 3, 1884, Rev. J. F. Tubbs officiating, Mr James F. Wallis and Miss Ettie Farrow, both of Langlade

Married - Denny-Stannard.  At Black Creek, Outagamie county, Wis., Saturday, July 5, 1884, Mr Abe Denny, this city, and Mrs. Jane Stannard, of Black Creek.

Friday, 25 July 1884

Married - Strauss-Johnston.  In Richmond, this county, on Thursday, July 10th, 1884, Ed. Schoenfeld, J.P., officiating, Mr Henry Strauss and Miss Felicia Johnston, both of the town of Richmond..

Friday, 8 Aug. 1884

Married - Morgan-Bomp.  Mr Frank Morgan, of Belle Plain, and Miss Harriet Bomp, of Oshkosh, were married in this city on Tuesday of last week, by Justice Sommer.

Friday, 29 Aug. 1884

Married - Olmsted-Carter.  Mr George Olmsted, of this city, and Miss J. Cart, of Black Creek, were married on Tuesday last in this city, C. R. Klebesadel, J.P., officiating.

Friday, 12 Sept. 1884

Married - Schnell-Lade.  Mr Laurence Schnell and Mrs Augusta Lade were united in wedlock at the Lutheran church in this city on Monday evening last, Rev. C. F. Ebert officiating.

Friday, 17 Oct. 1884

Married - Wilson-Ford.  At the Catholic church in this city, Tuesday morning, Oct 14, 1884, Rev. Father Hugh Officiating, Mr James Wilson and Miss Mary Ford, both of Shawano.

Married - Trochlell-Engell.  At the residence of N. E. Wright in this city, Tuesday, Oct. 14, 1884, Rev, J.A.R. Rogers officiating, Mr John Trochlell, of Shawano, and Miss Emma Engell, of Waukechon.

Married - Potts-Clark.  At Shawano, Oct 12, 1884, Rev. J.A,R. Rogers officiating, Mr William Potts and Miss Ida Clark both og Embarrass.

Married - Klebesadel-Pitann.  Pella Items.  On the 9th inst., Mr G.A. Klebesadel and Miss Bertha Pitann were united in marriage, Rev. J.C. Schwan officiating.  The wedding was a large one, attended mostly by relatives and near friends of the married couple, and the amiable bride received many elegant and costly gifts.

Friday, 5 Dec 1884

Married - Wilt-Bohmann.  In the Catholic church in this city on Thanksgiving day, Mr Geo. Wilt, of Herman, to Miss Theresa Bohmann, of this city.

Friday, 26 Dec.1884

Married - Wurl-McLeod. Mr Gus Wurl and Mrs. Laura McLeod, of this city, were married on Monday last at Oconto by G. W. Wilcox, J.P.


Friday, 2 Jan. 1885

Married - Bishop-Andrews.  On Christmas day at the Presbyterian church the well know physician, Dr. Arch Bishop, was married to Miss Hattie Andrews by the Rev. J. F. Tubbs, all of this city.  The large crowd of invited guests assembled at the church at 4 P.M., soon after which the bridal party arrived.  The bride was supported by Misses Mary Andrews, Amelia Ham and Isadore Beach, and the groom by Messrs. Jno. Andrews, W. H. Cantwell and J. M. Rogers.  The party entered  the church and passed up the aisle to the wedding march.  The ceremony was performed according to the ritual of the M. E. Church, which was solemn and impressive; after which the party adjourned to the residence of the bride's father, where an elegant wedding supper was served.  The gifts to the bridal pair were both numerous and elegant and bespeak the high esteem in which the contracting parties are held.  The newly married pair are keeping house in the former residence of W. H. Murdock, where the doctor will have his office.  The best wishes of the community go with them in their newly established relations in life.

Friday , 16 Jan 1885

Married - Schmidt-Holm.  At Shawano, Tuesday, Jan. 13, 1885, Rev. J. F. Tubbs officiating, Mr A.G. Schmidt and Miss Mary L. Holm, both of Herman, Shawano Co., Wis.

Married - Upham-Judd.  Mr Fred Upham, formerly of this city, was married last Thursday to Miss Alice Judd, of Ripon, Rev. A. D. White, of Green Bay, officiating.  The wedding guests were all relatives of the contracting parties, and the affair is reported as pleasant and happy in the extreme.  The bridal pair started on a wedding tour, which will include New Orleans and other southern states.

Friday, 30 Jan. 1885

Married - Beedle-Ruddy.  Tigerton, Mr Chas. Beedle, Jr. wanted to avail himself of the tutorship of Miss Mamie L. Ruddy, from Black Creek, and therefore married her last week.

Married - Lichterman-Dillenberg.  Mr Theodore Lichterman of this city was married to Miss Lizzie Dillenberg of Richmond on Tuesday last.

Married - Milchart-Wheland.  Town of Fairbanks, Jan 25, 1885.  One of the few weddings which has taken place in this town occurred on the 22nd at the house of Wm. Arndt, a farmer living near Split Rock.  The name of the bride was Mrs. Teany Wheland, a lady aged 26 whose husband left her two years ago with 3 children and a farm of 80 acres.  The groom was a young man from Horicon aged 22 whose name was August Milchart.  Most of the farmers in the vicinity were invited, and those who were present in the evening were entertained with music and dancing, and refreshments were served several times during the evening, which consisted of many different kinds of eatables and beer.  The happy couple will live at the home of the bride.  Thus are we united in Fairbanks.

Friday, 19 April 1885

Married - Armstrong-McConley.  At the M.E. Parsonage, Tuesday, April 7th, 1885, Rev. J.F. Tubbs officiating, Mr Edwin Armstrong, of Shawano, to Miss Olia McConley, of Belle Plaine.

Friday, 24 April 1885

Married - Buck-Shuster.  In this city, April 18th, by Rev. J.F.Tubbs, Robert E. Buck to Adell Shuster.

Friday, 29 May 1885

Married - Reichel-Eberlein.  At the Lutheran church, May 26th, Rev. C.F, Ebert officiating, Mr. Wm. A. Reichel and Miss A. K. Eberlein, both of Shawano.

Friday, 19 June 1885

Married - Charnley-Grimmer.  Mr. John T. Charnley and Miss Eva Grimmer, both of this city, were united in marriage at the residence of J. H. Grimmer, on Sunday, by the Rev. J.B. Andrews, in the presence of only a small circle of relatives and friends.  The Misses Sadie Loan and Emma Sawyer supported the bride, and Messrs. Chas. Naber and Harry Hayter the groom.  The newly wedded pair have the congratulations and the best wishes of a host of friends, who unite in expressing the hope that their married life may be most happy and prosperous.

Friday, 3 July 1885

Married - Gorham-Andrews.  At the residence of the bride's parents in this city, Wednesday evening, July 1st, 1885, Rev. J. F, Tubbs officiating, Mr D Gorham, Jr., and Miss Mary M. Andrews.

Friday, 10 July 1885

Married - Munn-Merrick.  Dr. C. E. Munn of Antigo, whose visit east was chronicled in these columns a few weeks since, returned to Shawano on Thursday of last week, accompanied by a lady whom he introduced to his friends as Mrs Dr. Munn.  The lady in question was recognized as Miss Addie Merrick, of Washington, D.C., a niece of Mrs. D.E. Wescott of this city, and a young lady of many accomplishments.  The couple were married very quietly at Washington on the evening of June 30th.  On Tuesday morning they took their departure for Antigo, their future home, carrying with them the best wishes of a large circle of friends.

Friday 17 July 1885

Married- Bailey-Payzant. Mr. D. B. Bailey, of Appleton, and Miss Hallie Payzant, sister of Mrs D.P. Andrews, of Keshena, were married at the latter place on Tuesday last by Rev. J.B. Andrews.  The newly-wedded pair left on Tuesday evening for Minnesota, where they will spend their honeymoon.

Friday, 14 Aug. 1885

Married - Allison-Barber.  In Richmond, Wis. July 23rd, 1885, Ed Schoenfeld, J.P., officiating, Mr Allen Allison and Miss Emmeline Barber, both of Richmond.

Friday, 4 Sept. 1885

Marrried - Marsh-Kenyon.  In Belle Plain, Aug. 23rd, 1885, F.O. Perry, J.P., officiating, Mr Hiram Marsh and Miss Arville Kenyon, both of Belle Plain, Shawano Co., Wis.

Married - Barker-Miller.  In Belle Plaine, Sept. 2nd, 1885 F.O. Perry, J.P., officiating. Mr William Barker, of Belle Plaine, and Miss Mary Miller, of Shawano.

Friday, 2 Oct. 1885

Married -Brei-Smith.  In the town of Pella, Sunday, Sept. 24th, 1885, John Quinn, J.P., officiating, Mr Frederick Brei and Miss Matilda Smith.

Friday, 23 Oct. 1885

Married - Kuckuk-Pulcifer.  On Thursday afternoon at 4:00 Mr Antone Kuckuk and Miss Mary E. Pulcifer, both of this city, were united in the holy bonds of matrimony.  The ceremony was performed at the residence of the bride's parents by J.B. Andrews, of Appleton, and was a very quiet and unostentatious affair, only relatives and intimate friends of the family being present.  After the ceremony a bounteous repast was served to the guests, and in the evening the spacious parlors of the Pulcifer mansion were thrown open to callers.  The contracting parties are well known among us, the bride as the accomplished daughter of our esteemed townsman, Mr. D. H. Pulcifer, and the Groom as one of the most popular and successful business men.  A host of friends unite in wishing them a happy journey through life.  May they live long and prosper is the wish of the JOURNAL.

Married - Pulcifer-McLaughlin.  On the same day occurred the marriage of Mr John H. Pulcifer at Wilbur, Brule Co., Dak., to Miss Laura E. McLaughlin, of that place.  John is comfortably settled on a good homestead in Aurora Co., and is prospering.  He is an old Shawano boy, and has a host of friends here who wish his wife and he much prosperity and joy.

Friday, 18 Dec. 1885

Married - Corwith-Babcok.  Cards are out announcing the marriage at Merrill, Wis., on Dec. 9th, of Fred P. Corwith, and Miss Mamie Babcok.  The contracting parties are well known here, and have many friends who wish them a long and prosperous life.


 1 Jan. 1886

 Married - Farnsworth-Moody.  In Madison, Wi., on Dec 23, 1885, E.L. Farnsworth of this city and Miss Addie Moody of Madison.

15 Jan. 1886

Married - Semple-Scott.  Hon. P. Semple, of Waukechon, and Miss Julia Scott, of Butte des Mortes, were united in marriage at Menasha, on Saturday last, Rev. J.F. Tubbs performing the ceremony.  The bridal party have gone south on a wedding tour.  Miss Scott has taught school in the town of Waukechon for some years.  The bride and groom will please accept the Journal's congratulations and best wishes.

19 March 1886

Married - Cosmite-Philips.  Laney, March 9th, 1886.  Max Cosmite and Annie Philips were united in matrimony on Feb.28.  The groom is a well-to-do merchant of Hofa Park.  It seems to be the custom among the Polanders to shoot off guns and revolvers at a wedding.  At this wedding a lad named Tipinke shot John Kusta in his side, the Dr. not being able to find the ball.  He is expected to live.

2 April 1886

Married - Brodersen-Munn.  At the residence of Rev. J.P. Andrews in Appleton, on Wednesday, March 31st, 1886, Mr. B.T. Brodersen and Miss Maretta Munn.  Both parties reside in this city, and are well and favorably known among our people.  Miss Munn was a teacher in the high school of this city for several years and lately occupied the position of assistant principal in the Antigo high school.  Mr Brodersen hails from North Friesland, Germany.  He came to this country about five years ago, and followed his profession of civil engineer in the southern states, which ruined his health.  The pure and fever-free air of northern Wisconsin being recommended to him,  he came to the balmy and invigorating pine forests of the Badger state, and found all he sought and something more.  The young couple arrived here on the evening train Wednesday night, and will make their home temporarily with Mrs Munn, where they will be happy to greet their friends.  May they enjoy a long and prosperous marriage is the wish of all who know them.

9 April 1886

Married - Lehmann-Zerwas.  On Thursday afternoon at 2:30, Mr Fred Lehmann, of Bonduel, to Miss Bertha Zerwas, of this city.  The ceremony was performed at the residence of the bride's parents, the Rev. Mr Oepke, of Bonduel officiating, and was a very quiet affair, only the relatives and friends being present.  The contracting parties are well-known among the most of our citizens, The bride being the accomplished daughter of Anton Zerwas of this city, and the groom, as one of the most enterprising and successful business men of Bonduel.  May their lines be cast in pleasant places is the sincere wish of the Journal.

23 April 1886

Married - Darling-Van Orman.  Married by Rev. E.A. Wanless at Belle Plain, April 18th, Mr W. Darling and Miss Mary E. Van Orman.

30 April 1886

Married - McPhail-Howard.  At the residence of the bride's father, Wednesday, April 7th, 1886, F.O. Perry, J.P., officiating, Mr Duncan McPhail, of Eagle River, and Miss Hattie Howard, of Belle Plaine.

Married - Jung-Gentz.  At the residence of Ernst Jung, this city on Tuesday, April 27, 1886, Rev. Schwan, of Pella officiating, Mr Fred Jung, of Herman, and Miss Augusta Gentz, of Shawano.

2 July 1886

Married - Lathrop-Erb.  In this city, on Thursday, July 1, Rev. J.V. Hughes, officiating, Mr. Fred Lathrop, of Hartland, and Miss Ella A. Erb, of Angelica.

3 Sept. 1886

Married - Bruce-Crozier.  Sept. 1st, at 11:00AM, by Rev. E.A. Wanless, at the residence of the bride's parents, Mr & Mrs N.C. Bruce, in Angelica, Miss Edna J. Bruce to Mr Joseph A. Crozier, of Kansas City, Mo.

17 Sept. 1886

Married - Beall-Cochran.  On Tuesday the 14th inst., at the residence of the bride's parents in this city, Rev. J.V. Hughes officiating, Rev. Marion E. Beall, of Lardo, Mexico, and Miss Mary E. Cochran, daughter of M.B. Cochran.  Mr & Mrs Beall took the evening train Tuesday for Lerdo, Mexico, the home of Mr. Beall.

1 October 1886

Married - Martin-Porter.  At the residence of the bride's parents in the town of Waukechon, Tuesday evening, Sept. 28, 1886, Rev. J.V. Hughes officiating, Mr F.R. Martin, of De Pere, and Miss Cora A. Porter, of Washington.

24 December 1886

Married - Scutt-Gillett.  At the residence of F.H. Plumb, in this city, on Wednesday, Dec. 22, 1886, Rev. E.A. Wanless officiating, Mr Wesley Scutt and Miss Mamie Gillett, both of Gillett, Oconto County.


8 April 1887

Married - Grimmer-Lyons.  In this city on Sunday, April 3, 1887, Police Justice Broderson officiating, Mr. Leon D. Grimmer, of this city, and Miss Maggie Lyons, of Richmond.  The newly married couple have taken up residence in this city.

15 April 1887

Married - Merryfield-Culver.  In this city, April 8, 1887, Rev. J.V. Hughes officiating, Mr W.A. Merryfield and Miss Ella Culver.

20 May 1887

Married - Upham-Vedder.  Frank R. Upham of the Upham manufacturing co., Marshfield, well know in Shawano, was married on Tuesday to a Miss Vedder, of that place.

Married - Sprague-Merrick.  Cards are sent out announcing the wedding of Mr H.J. Sprague, of this city and Miss Belle Merrick of Washington, D. C.  The ceremony will take place in this city at the Presbyterian church, June 1st.

3 June 1887

Married - Sprague-Merrrick.  The marriage of Henry J. Sprague and Miss Belle Merrick took place at the Presbyterian Church Wednesday evening in the presence of a large concourse of relatives and friends, Rev. J.V. Hughes officiating.  Miss Nellie Merrick, sister of the bride, acted as bridesmaid, and Harry C. Hayter, as Groomsman.  The contracting parties are well known as members of our best society, and have the best wishes of a large circle of friends.

10 June 1887

Married - Krueger-Gorham.  In this city on Wednesday, June 8th, 1887, Rev. E.A. Wanless officiating, Mr Chas. F. Krueger, of Richmond, and Miss Julia A. Gorham, of this city.

Married - Gibbs-Vaughn. Mr Clinton Gibbs, of this city and Miss Alice Vaughn of Antigo were married at the latter place Wednesday.

8 July 1887

Married - Samp-Ainsworth.  In Shawano, July 2nd, Rev. E.A. Wanless officiating, Mr Edward Samp and Miss Georgina Ainsworth, both of the town of Waukechon.

15 July 1887

Married - Brazee-Wood.  Frazer, July 12th, 1887, John Brazee and Maria Wood. both of Angelica, were joined in holy bonds of matrimony last Sabbath, July 10th, by G.H. Frazer, Esq., at the residence of the officiating justice.

Married - Burger-Murdock.  Hymeneal.  The marriage of Mr B.E. Burger, of Merrill and Miss Luella Murdock, of this place, occurred at the Presbyterian church in the city Wednesday afternoon last, Rev. J.V. Hughes officiating.  The Misses Florence McCord, Grace Rogers and Hattie Hayter acted as bridesmaids, and the Messrs. W.C. Cantwell, Harry Hayter, and Earl Murdock as groomsmen.  The affair was a quiet though happy one.  A goodly company of relatives and friends were present and joined in wishing the newly-married pair the utmost happiness and prosperity.  At the conclusion of the ceremony the bridal party adjourned to the home of the bride's aunt, Mrs W. H. Murdock, and were there served with an elegant repast.  At 5:40 P.M. Mr & Mrs Burger took their departure for Midland Michigan, where they will visit some weeks with relatives of Mr Burger, intending to take up their residence at Merrill, their future home, about August 1st.  The contracting parties are too well known among us to need an introduction.  Suffice it to say that they are regarded with feelings of the highest esteem by all, and carry with them the best wishes of the entire community.  May their lot be always happy and prosperous.


5 August 1887

Married - Wescott-Frank.  From the Wakefield Bulletin we learn of the marriage at that place, on Monday of last week, of Mr J.A. Wescott, formerly of this city.  The bride in Miss Ella Frank of Wakefield.  John has a host of friends and relatives in this city who wish him and his lady much joy.

21 October 1887

Marriage- Black-Magee.  Cards were received the first of the week announcing the marriage, Monday, of Mr John Black, of this city, and Miss Mary, daughter of Mr and Mrs Chas. Mcgee, of the town of Richmond.  The ceremony took place at the pleasant home of the bride's parents north of this city, and was pronounced by Rev. J.V. Hughes and witnessed only by the immediate relatives of the contracting parties.  Mr Black is one of our most promising young lumbermen, and is well worthy the estimate bride he has won.  He is at present in the employ of Mr F. Graves,and will have charge of that gentleman's extensive lumbering operations the coming winter.  Mr and Mrs Black took the afternoon train for Milwauke, whence they will return in a few days to Antigo, where they will reside the coming winter.  They are expected to make Shawano their home after the present season, Mr Black having purchased the P.J. McDonald residence property in the second ward.

28 October 1887

Married - Ramsdell-Baily.  Mr E.C. Ramsdell, of Marion ans Miss Emma Bailey, of Oshkosh, were married at the latter place on Wednesday.  Both parties are well know here.

4 November 1887

Married - McCord-Gilbert.  Hymeneal.  Without question the greatest social event Shawano has ever witnessed was the marriage of Miss Emma McCord to Mr Charles Gilbert, of Wausau.  The ceremony took place at the residence of the bride's mother in this city on Wednesday at 12:00 and the services were rendered by Rev. J.M. Wolverton of the M. E. church in presence of relatives and immediate friends.  The bride is the eldest daughter of Hon. H.M. McCord of Merrill, and the association of the names of the contracting parties brings forth congratulations from all over the state.  Those witnessing the services were Mr and Mrs Bruno, Miss Helen Bruno and Mr Charles Gilbert, of Wausau, relatives of the groom; Mr Charles McCord, brother of the bride, Dr and Mrs Burger and Mr M. Wiley, of Merrill; Mr and Mrs H. Hayter, Mr Harry Hayter, Mr and Mrs D.E. Wescott, Mr & Mrs H.J.Sprague, Dr and Mrs C.E. Munn, Mr and Mrs W.H. Murdock, Dr and Mrs H.R. McComb, Mrs N.E. Wright, Mr and Mrs E.L. Farnsworth, the Misses Nellie Merrick and Mary Crowley, Messrs. G.C. Dickinson, Dr. Cantwell, C.C. Naber, W.W. McQueen, and James George, of this city.  A banquet followed congratulations, which was a specimen of elaboration hardly to be expected in a metropolis.  The table bore the elegance of tropical production in fruits and flowers, which were beautifully arranged, developing a rare harmony of color and symmetry.  The presents were many and costly, and portray in a limited manner the high esteem in which the bride and groom are held by their friends.  Congratulatory telegrams received from friends who were unable to be present.  At 3:00 the new couple, with Mr and Mrs Bruno, left in carriages for Clintonville, there to take the evening train for Wausau, their home, where a banquet was held in their honor.  Mr Gilbert is a book keeper in the Marathon Co. Bank, and while we must congratulate him we are compelled to recognize the loss of Miss McCord in our social and literary world.

18 November 1887

Married - Zingellmann-Westphal.  In the town of Pella, Nov. 11, 1887, Rev. Mr. Schwan officiating, Mr L. Zingellmann and Miss Bertha Westphal, all of that town.

Married - Schoenrock-Retzlaff.  In the town of Belle Plaine, Nov. 8th, 18878, Rev. Mr Huditoff officiating, Mr Albert Schoenrock and Miss Wilhelmine Retzlaff.

25 November 1887

Married - Kreuger-Kreuger.  In this city Wednesday, Nov. 23rd, Ed Sommers, J.P., officiating. Mr. August Kreuger, of Richmond, and Miss Bertha Kreuger, of Ahnapee, Wis.

2 December 1887

Married - Darrow-Conder.  The marriage of Mr Thomas Darrow, and Miss Rosa Conder, both of this city, took place last Saturday morning, the ceremony being performed at the Catholic church, in the presence of relatives and friends.  The wedding was quite an event for many of the old people of the city and vicinity, who have known the contracting parties from childhood up, and a merry time they had at the house of Mr & Mrs Michael Phalen over the wedding dinner, to which they were all invited.  Tom. had all he could do handing out cigars to his numerous friends and acquaintances that day, and directing them where to get more.  The worthy young couple received many presents.  A large circle of friends wish them all the joy and happiness of a long and prosperous married life.  They will make Shawano their home, Mr Darrow intending in the spring to put his dwelling in the 3rd ward in shape for occupancy.

Married - Hoffmann-Wichmann.  In the town of Pella, on Friday, Nov. 18th, at 10:00 A.M., in the brick church, Rev. J.C. Schwan officiating, Mr. William Hoffmann and Miss Bertha Wichmann, both of Pella.  After the Hymenial services and sermon, the guests assembled at the house of the bride's parents, where the tables were found all spread with a most excellent dinner.  The crowd was doubtless the largest that ever assembled at a wedding party in Shawano county, and a grand time was enjoyed by old and young.  The presents were numerous, and mostly very costly ones.  In the evening the party resolved itself into a dance, the Cox & Conklin Bros. string band, of Navarino, furnishing the music for the occasion.  Mr Hoffmann is one of the wealthiest and most industrious young farmers of this portion of the county, and in his lovely bride he has secured a life partner who will not fail to second his efforts to make the farmer's home prosperous and happy.  Their numerous friends wish the bright young couple a long and pleasant journey through life.

9 December 1887

Married - Ebert-Sumnicht - Graff-Fink.  Invitations are out announcing the coming marriage of Chas. Sumnicht's daughter and Mr Ebert of Washington.  Also Albert Graff and Hermine Fink of this place.

15 December 1887

Married - Ebert-Sumnicht.  Mr Wm. Ebert and Miss Johanna B. Sumnicht, both of the town of Washington, were united in marriage Thursday of last week.

22 December 1887

Married - Player-Knudsen.  In this city, Dec. 21st, 1887, by Rev. J.V. Hughes, Mr Benjamin E. Player and Miss Carrie Knutsen.


19 January 1888

Married - Phillips-Andrew.  On Saturday afternoon, Jan. 14th, 1888 at the residence of the bride's mother in Maple Grove, Rev. J. Scofield, Pastor of the Cong. Church at Seymour, officiating, Mr K.M. Phillips, of this city, and Miss Emma Andrew, of Maple Grove.

26 January 1888

Married - Stannard-Denny.  On Tuesday evening, Jan. 24, at the residence of the bride's father in this city, by Rev. J.N. Wolverton, Mr Harris Stannard, of Black Creek, and Miss Essie Denny, of Shawano.  The wedded pair left Wednesday for their future home in Black Creek.

9 February 1888

Married - Brauer-.  Pella, Feb. 7th, 1888.  As proof that the mind is not always influenced by its surroundings, it may be noted that Fred Brauer, who has worked several years for Wm. Smith, went away in the coldest weather and after some days returned with a companion - a helpmate, a bride, a wife.  The cold at over 40 degrees did not chill his affections,  The couple will reside in the town of Pella.  They have the good wishes of all.

29 March 1888

Married - Petatz-Miatke.  At the Presbyterian parsonage, March 22, 1888, by Rev. J.V. Hughes, Mr Charles G. Petatz and Miss Augusta Miatke, all of Richmond.

5 April 1888

Married - Safford-Burdette.  O.M. Safford was married to Miss Cena Burdette, of Pelican on Sunday last.  Mr Safford is foreman for the U. & R. Co. of Pelican.

12 April 1888

Married - Peterson-Johnson - Anderson-Amerson (Colburn).  Navarino Items, April 2d:--Services in the Lutheran Church by the Lutheran minister from Winchester.  After the services, a double wedding--that of Mr. Julius Peterson and Miss Mary Johnson, and also Mr Bent Anderson and the Widow Amerson, better known as the Widow Colburn.  The church was crowded to its utmost capacity, every family being represented by 2 or more members to witness the interesting affair.  Among those present were a step-daughter and a daughter of the last named bride.

Married - Robbins-McKenna.  At the residence of the bride's parents in Hartland, on April 7th, 1888, Mr Melvin Robbins, of Pulcifer, and Miss Hannah Jane MCKenna, Rev. O.P. Christian officiating.  The happy couple departed at once for their home in Pulcifer.

19 April 1888

Married - Dodge-Fink.  Bonduel, April 17, 1888, Mr Samuel Dodge, of Montana, and Miss Mary Fink, of this place were united in the holy bonds of matrimony, by Rev. Wolverton of Shawano, March 27th.

Married - Delimater-Right.  Rose Lawn, April 10, 1888.  Mr Wm. Delimater, of Maple Grove, and Mrs Geo. Right, of Seymour, were married at the residence of the bride.

Married - Gotea-Heise.  Mr H. Gotea, of Fort Howard, and Miss L. Heise, of Seymour, were married at her fathers.

Married - Benson-Vang.  Navarino, April 8, 1888.  In the items of last week I overlooked the 3rd wedding of the week, that of Mr John Benson and Miss Helen Vang.  They were married at the home of the bride on the 3rd inst., the wedding being a very quiet affair, none but the members of the family and one or two intimate friends being present.

3 May 1888

Married - Grant-Quinn.  Wedding Chimes.  Mr Fred D. Grant, of Glen-Rock, Wyoming Ty., to Miss Josephine J. Quinn, of Pella, Shawano Co., Wis., at the home of the bride's parents, April 30th, in the presence of a few of their friends, Rev. J.M. Wolverton officiating.  The young couple will soon start for their new home in Glen-Rock, where Mr. Grant is engaged in the livestock business. Mr Grant is well and favorably known here, he having formerly been foreman for the well known firm of Brown Bro., of Rhinelander, Wis.The bride is a young lady possessing every requisite to make him a good wife, and is known as one of the successful teachers of the county.  Our best wishes go with them, and we trust they will find many warm friends in their new home in the far west.

10 May 1888

Married - Curran-Caswell. Mr William Curran, and Mrs. G.H. Caswell, both of Pelican Lake, were married on April 23rd at Antigo.

7 June 1888

Married - Toepel-Schambeg.  Bonduel, June 5, 1888.  At the residence of Mr Clover, June 3rd, 1888, Miss Augusta Toepel, of Appleton, and Mr Frederick Schambeg, Of Osborne, were united in matrimony by Chris Bonnin, J.P.

5 July 1888

Married - Riley-Smith.  July 1, 1888, by Rev. J.V. Hughes, Mr William Riley and Miss Clarissa Smith, all of Shawano.

Married - Robbins-?.  A wedding took place in Frazer last Sunday.  The groom was a Mr Robbins.  We did not learn the name of the bride.

19 July 1888

Married - Brockmann-Klebesadel.  The marriage of Mr. Chas. Brockmann and Miss Anna Klebesadel, of this city, took place today at the Lutheran church, Rev. Ebert officiating.  A large number of relatives and friends witnessed the ceremony.  After the marriage the bridal party took carriages for the home of the bride's parents in Richmond, where a bounteous wedding feast was partaken of and the day spent in the usual marriage festivities.  Mr & Mrs Brockmann will dispense with the usual bridal tour and commence house keeping at once in the cozy house recently built by Mr Brockmann in the first ward.  They have the best wishes of a large circle of friends, the Journal included.

26 July 1888

Married - Kanz-?.  Bonduel, July 23d, 1888.  Bertha Kanz, of this town, went to Shawano one day last week, was married there, and left for Clintonville her new house.


10 October 1889

Married - Bey-Fullerton.  At the M. E. Parsonage in this city, on Wednesday, Oct. 9, 1889, Rev. E. Sherin, officiating, Mr Charles F. Bey, of Green Bay, and Miss Alpha Fullerton, of Hartland.

10 October 1889

Married - Ford-Kadletz.  Pat K. Ford and Miss Mary Kadletz, of this city, were married at the Catholic Church Monday morning.  Tuesday evening the young couple were given a reception at Music Hall by the members of the Hook and Ladder Co., of which organization Mr. Ford is a member.  The company passed several hours very pleasantly in dancing.

17 October 1889

Married - Hoffman-Moratz.  Pella, Oct. 10, 1889.  Mr A. Hoffman and Miss M. Moratz, both of Pella.  We wish the young couple many pleasures in their future life.

28 November 1889

Married - Lande-Schultz.  Pella, Nov. 26, 1889.  "So it was until the day Noah entered into the Ark; they were marrying and giving in marriage."  Miss Bertha, daughter of Carl Schultz, and young Mr Lande, have joined hands, and most likely hearts also, and have started on the journey of life together.

5 December 1889

Married - Loudy-Eckers.  Pella, Dec. 2, 1889.  Last week a wedding was hinted at but the dispatches as received and interpreted, changed the name of the parties.  We can now say that the affair was consummated on Friday the 29th ult., and that the happy couple were Mr Loudy and Miss Bertha Eckers.  They have the good wishes of all for a long, prosperous and peaceful life.

2 January 1890

Married - Bennett-Anger.  On Tuesday, Dec 31st, at the Murdock House in this city, Rev. R. Sherin officiating, Mr Willis Bennett and Miss Maggie Anger.  The young couple have the best wishes of the Journal.

18 September 1890

Married - Conklin-Wilson.  At Presbyterian manse in this city, on Sept. 16th, by Rev. J.V. Hughes, Mr J.W. Conklin and Miss Mary A. Wilson, both of Riverside, Shawano County, Wis.

25 September 1890

Married - Kuhl-Schroeder.  In this city, Sept. 20th, Samuel Howard, J.P., officiating, Miss Minna Kuhl and Mr Henry Schroeder, of the town of Herman

2 October 1890

Married - Wetzel-Pinsch..William Wetzel and Amanda Pinsch were married at Belle Plaine Sept. 14, Justice C.W. Leisman officiating.

23 October 1890

Married - Nickel-Ebert. Rev. Th. Nickel was married Sunday to Miss Lydia Ebert, of Berlin.

Married - Merrick-Carey.  Mr Fred. Merrick and Miss Aggie Carey were married at Oshkosh yesterday.  The Journal extends congratulations.

6 November 1890

Married - Beversdorf-Mansee.  In the town of Pella, Nov 6th, 1890, Rev. Schwan officiating, Mr August Beversdorf, of Richmond, and Miss Minnie Mansee, of Pella.

13 November 1890

Married - Brooks-Walker.  Mr Charles Brooks, of this city, and Miss Belle Walker, of Plover, were married at the latter place last Saturday.  The bride is well known in this city, being a sister of the late Mrs Mathews, and for some time a teacher in the district schools of the county.  She is an estimable young lady, and exceedingly popular among her acquaintances.  Of the groom it is hardly necessary for us to speak.  Everybody knows Charley as one of the best young men of the town, a faithful salesman in the employ of H.H. Andrews for several years, and all will join in wishing his bride and he the greatest happiness and prosperity.  The happy pair were the recipients of many nice presents from relatives and friends both here and at Plover.  They arrived home Monday evening and are now permanently settled in their cozy home on Main St., where a reception was given them by a large circle of friends on the night of their arrival.

27 November 1890

Married - Meetzke-Rockenbuck.  Mr Frederick Meetzke and Miss Maria Rockenbuck were married today, Thursday, by Justice Sam Howard.

11 December 1890

Married - Yoccum-Antone.  At the Presbyterian Manse, Dec. 10th, 1890, By Rev. J.V. Hughes, Adrian Yoccum and Lena May Antone, both of Gresham.

Married - Warrington-Davis.  On Dec. 2d, 1890, By Rev. J.V. Hughes, Mitchel Warrington, and Louisa J. Davis, both of Gresham.

18 December 1890

Married - Hopper-Loan.  At the house of John H. Loan, father of the bride, Wednesday afternoon, Dec. 17th, 1890, by Rev. L.D. Hopkins, of St John's Mission(residence Oconto), Mr Charles F Hopper, of Garden River, Ontario, Canada, and Miss Sara V. Loan, of this city.  The groom, Mr Hopper, is well known in this city, having resided here some years ago, and is regarded as an exceedingly worthy young man.  His bride is the daughter of one of our oldest residents and is one of Shawano County's brightest schoolma'ams.  The young couple took their departure for Grand River on the afternoon train Wednesday, amid the congratulations of relatives and friends.

25 December 1890

Married - Sears-Palmer.  Abram Sears and Miss Lizzie Palmer were married last Thursday by Justice Howard.