First marriages of Shawano County


taken from the Shawano County Journal

Researched by Kenneth Salzman 1980-1981

There are many issues of the paper missing during the 1850's and 1860's.

Also missing are the following

26 Jul 1888- 26 Sep 1889

10 Oct 1894- 28 Mar 1895

Jan 1899- Jan 1906

Transcribed From  Kenneth's papers by Editor  Jim Glasheen and Cathe Ziereis 2009

15 Apr 1876

Married - In the village of Seymour, April 2d, 1876, by the rev. S. H. Chouch. Mr. George L. Cole of Belle Plaine to Miss Lida Lathrop, of Angelica.


22 Apr 1876

Wm. Kennedy has finally gone and did it. He was married last Sunday to Miss Sarah Jennings, a sister of the popular landlord of the Jennings House.


29 Apr 1876

John H Park, of Shiocton, who has many friends in this vicinity, was married on the 13th inst., to Miss Eva Jewett, of Marshall, Minn., a niece of George Parks, and who spent a summer in this city a year or two ago.


17 Jun 1876

Married - At Appleton, May 29th, 1876, by Rev. Father Stearn, of St. Maria church, William Smith, Esq., of Menasha, to Miss Anna Thressia Schnich, of Pella.


29 Jul 1876

Lessor - Mr. Abraham Oleson was united in wedlock to Miss Maria Gulickson last Wednesday, George H Frasier, Justice of the Peace of the same presiding.


9 Sep 1876

Married - At the residence of the bride's father, D. J. Jones, on the 3d inst., by H. M. Loomer, Court Commissioner, Mr. Thomas Simons, of Oshkosh to Miss Arvilla Jones, of the town of Waukechon.


16 Sep 1876

Married - Jackson - Chrystie - In Shawano, Wis., Sept. 14, 1876, at the residence of Dr. W. H. Titus, by Rev. J. Bensen Cole, Mr. Robert W Jackson, of Oshkosh, and Miss Lucy A Chrystie, of Toledo, Ohio.


28 Oct 1876

Married - In the city of Shawano, at the M. E. Parsonage, Oct 16th, by Rev. J. B. Cole, Mr. George W Stevens to Miss Ella Fuller, all of Shawano, Wis.


18 Nov 1876

Miss Dora Spencer, daughter of John Spencer, of Belle Plaine, was married this (Saturday) morning to a gentleman from California. The happy couple started immediately for their home in the Golden state.


Married - Olmsted - Crosby - In Oakland, Cal., Nov 5 at the First M. E, Church, by the Rev. Robert Bently, Ralph Olmsted and Miss Jenny Crosby, all of Oakland.


25 Nov 1876

Married - At the residence of the bride's father, John Spencer, Esq., Nov. 18th, by Rev. J. B. Cole, Mr. M. H. Wells of Yankee Hill, Cal., to Miss Dora Spencer of Belle Plaine.


2 Dec 1876

Married - In the Pearl School House, town of Lessor, Nov. 21st, by the rev. T. H. Dahl, of Fort Howard, Mr. Herman Hilgeson to Miss Annie Erickson, both of the town of Lessor. The most remarkable thing about it is that she is 10 years his senior, age 29 years.


30 Dec 1876

Married - In this city on Christmas Eve, Dec 24, 1876, by H. M. Loomer, Court Commissioner, Mr. Henry E. Brauer, of Shawano (formerly of Oshkosh) to Miss Nellie Quinn, of Bear creek, Waupaca county, Wis.


20 Jan 1877

Married - Burgess - Morris - In Belle Plaine, Jan 13th 1877, by Rev. Thomas Magee, at his residence, Mr. Lester Burgess to Miss Elizabeth Morris, both of Embarrass, Waupaca county, Wis.


17 Feb 1877

Married - At the residence of Mr. C. R. Klebesadel, in this city, Mr. Wm. Reinke of Pella to Miss Augusta Plageman, of Belle Plaine, on the 15th of Feb. 1877.


17 Mar 1877

Seneca - Mr. Carl Steinberg was married last week to Miss Bertha Nordwig, eldest daughter of Wm. Nordwig, Esq., former Chairman of the town.


24 Mar 1877

Married - Saturday, March 17th, 1877 at the residence of Robert McLaren, Angelica, by the Rev. Mr. Crosbie, of Seymour, Mr. E. W. Hogaboom and Miss Nettie Closser, all of Angelica.


14 Apr 1877

Married - Mills - Mawhiney - At the residence of John Baxter, near Weyauwega, by Rev. Mr. Bennett, Mr. Seymour Mills of this city to Miss Agnes Mawhiney, of Weyauwega.


21 Apr 1877

Married - In this city, April 18, 1877 by H. M. Loomer, Court Commissioner, Mr. Phineous C Morrison, of Waukechon to Miss Maria M Richmond, of Angelica.


28 Apr 1877

Married - At Shiocton on Tuesday, the 24th day of April, 1877, by Elder Baker, Mr. Erva Hamlin to Miss Belle Franklin, all of Shiocton.


23 Jun 1877

Married - At the residence of the bride's father, in the town of Washington, Shawano Co., Wis., by Joseph Maurer, Esq., Mr. Gustav Kesler to Miss Minnie Kruger, both of the town of Washington.


28 Jul 1877

Married - At the residence of the officiating Officer, in the town of Washington, July 23d, 1877, by Aaron Springstead, Esq., Mr. Harry Preston and Miss Margaret E Vert.


18 Aug 1877

Married - Perkins - Fosdick  At the residence of the bride's father, W. J. Fosdick, in the town of Waukechon, Aug 15th, by H. M. Loomer, Court Commissioner, Mr. Joseph G. Perkins and Miss Rose M Fosdick.


25 Aug 1877

Married - Heissinger - Mueller - At the residence of the bridegroom, in the city of Shawano, August 19th, 1877, by Edw. Schoenfeld, Esq., Mr. Moritz Hessinger, of this city to Miss Bertha Mueller, of Bear Creek.


6 Oct 1877

Hartland - Married at Bonduel, Sep 22, 1877, by George Olmsted, Esq., Mr. Talbot Prickett and Miss Rosa Van Kleeck, both of Angelica.


12 Jan 1878

Married - In the town of Hartland, Jan 1st, 1878, Mr. John Beilfutz, of Hartland to miss Hannah Krutzmaker, of Washington, by G. Olmsted. May they live long to enjoy each other's happiness.


26 Jan 1878

Married at the residence of the bride's parents in this city, Jan 13, 1878, by Rev. A. Masscheline, Mr. E. A. King and Miss Marian Bennett, both of this city.


16 Feb 1878

Maple Grove - Again I have to record the marriage of another couple in this town, Mr. Danile Dillett, was united in marriage to Miss Selia Curren, of Laney.


23 Feb 1878

There was a good time at the residence of Henry Luecke, esq., in the town of Hartland, Feb 13th, on the occasion of the marriage of his daughter, Katie, to Mr. Charles Muck, a young farmer of the same town.


9 Mar 1878

Town of Herman, March 5th, 1878 - Last Friday, a gay time was had in the town of Pella, the occasion being the marriage of Mr. Herman Zahn and Miss Theresa Braun. The wedding took place at the bride's home, Mr. Johan Braun's, an old resident of the town. The bride was his youngest daughter, who was about three years old when she came to reside in Pella. Mr. Zahn is the youngest son of Mr. Carl Zahn, who first lived in the town of Belle Plaine, but for the last fifteen years has been a resident and worthy farmer of the town of Pella. The groom, who is good-hearted, and a strong and healthy youth, also owns a farm in the same town. The marriage ceremony was solemnized by Rev. G. Barth, of the Lutheran congregation, of which they are all members. The wedding was largely attended by relatives and friends of the youthful couple, whose teams fairly blocked the premises. About 2:00 p.m. the large company partook of a delicious wedding dinner, comprising all the delicacies which female ingenuity could device for the occasion. After the dinner, the company were entertained by a lecture from Rev. Theme, of the Reformation, who also read a poem, showing how farmer John, a drunkard and a wicked man became a Christian, and how he persuaded all of his friends to abandon intoxicating drinks and become Christians. A few German songs filled up the time so pleasantly that the afternoon was gone before we knew it and the evening brought out some other music to which young and old kept time in the merry waltz. among the guests which the dance brought out from their imposed duties as "general manager" and "superintendent of the vitiating department," were our esteemed friends C. R. Klebesadel and lady, who won the friendship and admiration of all present by their pleasant ways and good management. Mrs. Klebesadel is a sister of the bride and like all older sisters at a wedding, took great pride in having the feast faultless in variety and abundance. H. Tonne, clerk for Upham & Russell, was also a guest, and contributed much to the enjoyment of the company by his humor and entertaining qualities. The Germans all like Tonne, because he is ever the same sociable and pleasant fellow. The bride and groom were elegantly dressed and many handsome presents accompanied the compliments and good wishes showered upon them by relatives and friends. They left for their new quarters last Monday, where they may live long and happily is the sincere wish of the writer.


21 Apr 1878

Hartland - Mr. August Boettcher and Miss Mary Stern, both of Hartland, were united in holy matrimony on Friday last, March 29th at residence of the bride's father, Rev. H. H. Stute officiating.


25 May 1878

Fairbanks, May 29th, 1878 - Miss Augusta Hohn left her home to visit some friends at Perry's Mill, in Waupaca Co., promising to return the next day, but instead of returning she was joined in the bonds of Holy Matrimony to Charles Cary, of DuPont. we expect that Augusta's father and mother will raise the dust about Charles' ears but we think he will be able to hold his own with them. A long life and a merry one is our best wishes for them.


1 Jun 1878

Married at the residence of Ed Schoenfeldt, Justice of the Peace, in the town of Richmond, Mr. John Kehoe, of Shawano and Margaretha Moll, of Belle Plaine.


22 Jun 1878

Married at the Sommer's House, in the city of Shawano, June 15th, 1878 by H. M. Loomer, Court Commissioner, Mr. Patrick Ferguson of Shawano to Miss Della E. McArthur, of the town of Richmond.


29 Jun 1878

Married in the town of Dobbston, June 24, by T. D. Kellogg, Justice, at the hotel of Chris. Wheeler, Mr. Frank B. Getchell to Miss Eva A Austin, all of Langlade, Oconto County, Wis. Many of our friends will remember Miss Austin, who will join us in the wishing her a long and happy life.


6 Jul 1878

Married in the town of Green Valley, at the residence of Joseph Tibbetts, July 2, 1878, by D. H. Pulcifer, Justice, Mr. Edward W. Dropp and Miss Ella M Tibbetts.


20 Jul 1878

Married at Belle Plaine, July 1, 1878 by Wm. Jones, esq., Mr. Eugene Kesuton and Miss Mary A Doty, all of Belle Plaine.

Wm. B. Felker, a prominent lawyer of Oshkosh, formerly a resident of this county, was married last week to Miss Clara Fornham, of Oshkosh.


10 Aug 1878

Married at the residence of the bride's parents in the town of Richmond, on the 4th of Aug, 1878, by Rev. B.F. Sanford, Henry G Lutsey, of Clintonville to Maggie B Winans.


24 Aug 1878

Married at the M. E. parsonage, Brockette Bridge, NY, Aug 11th 1878, by Rev L. B. Gray, Mr. Andrew McFarlan, of Philadelphia, Pa., and Miss Ally Loomer, of Little falls, NY. Ally is a foster sister of ours, and we wish her a long life and a happy one.


9 Nov 1878

Married in this city at the Jennings House on the evening of Nov 2, 1878, by Rev. B. F. Sanford, Mr. Richard S. Decker to Miss Lavina M Hill, all of this city.


23 Nov 1878

Married in the town of Pella, on the 21st inst., by John Quinn, Justice of the Peace, Mr. Joseph Luniak, of the town of Lessor to Miss Annie Knoble of the town of Grant.


4 Jan 1879

Married in the town of Pella, on Christmas day at the residence of the officiating clergyman, Rev. G. A. Barth, Mr. Herman H Tonne, of this city to Miss Eliza Schulz, of the town of Pella.

In the village of Jenny, Lincoln county, Wis., Dec 24th, 1878 by Rev. J. S. Wescott, Mr. John W. Kline and Miss Matilda Gorham, all of that village.


25 Jan 1879

Hartland - Aug. Suring, feeling "that it is not good for man to live alone," has taken unto himself a wife, Miss Ida Hoeff, of Belle Plaine.


1 Feb 1879

Married by Rev J. A. R. Rogers, at his house, Nov. 8th, 1878, Mr. August G Schmidt to Miss Augusta H Hahn.


15 Feb 1879

From the Oshkosh Northwestern

Miss Calla Wright was married yesterday to Mr. Calvin How of Shawano. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Kerr C. Anderson. Mr & Mrs. How left on the evening train for Shawano, their future home.

Married, in the lecture room of the M. E. church in Shawano, on Thursday evening, Feb 13th 1879, by Rev. B. F. Sandford officiating, Mr. Arthur M James to Miss Jennie R Hill, all of Langlade.


22 Feb 1879

Herman Items - Mr. Ferdinand Jung, of this town was married last week to Augusta Stargardt, from Dodge county. She is the sister-in-law of Wm. Noy, of Pella.


17 May 1879

Married at the home of W. N. Upham, in Marshfield, Wis., on May 8th, 1879, by the Rev. Jacob Patch, Mr. William Gumaer, of Weyauwega, and Mrs. Charlotte Kellogg of Marshfield.


26 Jul 1879

Married - Perry - Jenkins. At the residence of L. Achten, on the 19th day of July, 1879, Edward Schoenfeld, Justice of the Peace, officiating, Mr. John Perry and Miss Lucinda Perkins, both of the city of Shawano.


1 Aug 1879

Married - Pool - Phillips At the residence of the bride's mother, on the 27th day of July 1879, Mr. Eugene Pool of Plymouth, Wis., to Miss Lorena Phillips, of this city.


18 Aug 1879

Married - Roix - Buck At the home of the bride by Rev. J. A. R. Rogers, Mr. George Roix to Miss Nettie Buck, all of Shawano.

Gumaer - Maurer - At the residence of the bride's father, by A.M. Andrews, J.P., Mr. Howard Gumaer of the town of Richmond to Miss Josephine Maurer, of Shawano.


5 Sep 1879

Married - Louis - Gardner - At the office of Ed. Schoenfeld, in the town of Richmond, on the 25th day of August 1879, Jackson Louis to Nancy Gardner, both of Stockbridge, Shawano County.


19 Sep 1879

Double Blessedness - Last Friday there occurred in Hartland one of the grandest weddings ever held in this county. The two daughters of Mr. Genzke were the same day to be married to young men of that town, and great were the preparations for the grand "hoch geitsfeirer" of these happy couples. The wedding hour was set for ten o'clock, but owing to the absence of the minister who was to unite them, the Rev. Mr. Koontz, of Belle Plaine, the ceremony wasn't performed until afternoon. Long before the appointed hour however, parties began to gather from all the neighboring towns, as well as from the more immediate circle of acquaintance, and by twelve o'clock the house and grounds were crowded. At two o'clock the first couple, Fred Jensen and Augusta Genzke were married at the house by Rev. J. H. H. Bierbaum, whose services were solicited when it was found that Mr. Koontz would not be there. Soon after this the wedding party moved to the Methodist church, where Martin Zernicke and Louisa Genzke were also married by Mr. Bierbaum. Returning to the house, the wedding festivities were begun, and were kept up without thought of stopping until the net morning. The tables groaned with good tings, and every face wore a smile. The rooms were toward evening cleared, the music started up and the dance commenced, to end only with the appearance of daylight, when the wearied dancers started homeward, wishing the young people a long life and a happy one.


7 Nov 1879

Gilkey - Loud - there has been in the minds of all lumbermen on the river since cold weather set in an anxious inquiry for Geo. Gilkey. except to those let into the secret, it was a great mystery that he, of all others, should be tardy. Lat Friday, however, explained they mystery. In the evening of that day he was married to Miss Elma Loud at the residence of the bride's father, about nine miles southwest of Oshkosh, by rev. Mr. Vesey. The sisters of the bride, Misses Jennie and Annie Loud, acted as bridesmaids, and Messrs. Fred Morgan and Henry Ross as Groomsmen. after the ceremony, the happy pair received the congratulations and good wishes of their host of friends. A handsome display of costly and beautiful presents evinced the sincerity of the good will of the party. The newly- married couple moved into their house on Church street which Mr. Gilkey has lately purchased and fitted up for his residence. If not too much entrance with the delights of the honeymoon, George may be expected sometime next week, when his host of friends here may have an opportunity of joining in the congratulations and good wishes of his friends everywhere.

Hume - Scott - On Wednesday evening the residence of Hon. T. E. Craine, on Elm street, was the scene of a brilliant gathering, being the occasion of the marriage of John W. Hume to Miss Nettie A Scott, daughter of Mrs. Craine. The ceremony took place at seven o'clock, there being present the relatives and a few friends of the bride and groom. Rev. Kerr C. Anderson, of the Congregational church officiating. Miss Mary Washburn was the bridesmaid and Mr. Hanson of the firm of Cottrill & Hanson. lawyers of Milwaukee, was the groomsman. G. V. Croft and B. J. Musser were the ushers. Shortly after the ceremony, invited guests in the number of several hundred began to arrive, and congratulations were in order. During the reception refreshments were served under the supervision of that well-known caterer, E. E. Finnery, which was a sufficient guarantee that there was plenty for all, and the quality that would cause the mouth of an epicture to fairly water, and were partaken of with relish. The house was brilliantly lighted and decorated, the decoration being mainly furnished and placed in position by the bride's young lady friends in this vicinity, and everything passed off in the most pleasant manner, and party separating about 11 o'clock. Oshkosh Times.


5 Dec 1879

Married - Melindy - Stanke. In Belle Plaine, Nov 25th, 1879, at the residence of the bride's parents, by L. B. Rouse, esq., Mr. J. Alfred Melindy and Miss Louise Stanke, all of Belle Plaine.


12 Dec 1879

Married - Bohman - Dick. At the residence of Dennis Callaghan, in the city of Shawano, Dec 9th, 1879. A. M. Andrews, J.P. officiating, Mr. George Bohman to Miss Louise Dick, all of Shawano.


6Feb 1880

Married in the town of Pella, by Rev G. A. Barth, Carl Buss to Hanna Wichman.


14 May 1880

Married - in this city, May 9th, 1880, at the residence of the bride's father, the Rev B. F. Sanford officiating, Mr. Seymour Mills to Miss Diana Frisbie, all of Shawano.


4 Jun 1880

Married - Jones - Kast. At the residence of the bride's father, on Sunday, May 30th, Rev. J. A. R. Rogers officiating, Wm. Jones and Ernestina Kast, all of Shawano.


18 Jun 1880

Married - Allender - Tap. At the residence of Rev. Thomas Magee, Belle Plaine, June 6th, 1880, Mr. John Allender of Waukechon, to Miss Eliza Tap, late of Germany.


2 Jul 1880

Pella - There was a wedding in the town of Pella on the 24th of June at the house of Mr. Moldenhauer. Mr. August Braun and Miss Mary Moldenhauer were united in the bonds of Matrimony.


9 Jul 1880

Married at the residence of the bride's father, in Shawano, on the 26th day of June, by Rev. J. A. R. Rogers, Mr. William H Ainsworth to Miss Elizabeth Magee.


16 Jul 1880

Matrimonial - The people of Langlade last week were all on tiptoe over the marriage which was announced to take place at the residence of Chas. Larzclerc on the 5th. Four couples started from this city to see these two united, and when the party all gathered at 8:30, there was nearly, if not quite, a hundred persons present. At half-past nine Mr. Springer led his bride expectant, Miss Austin, into the room and in a few moments they were united as man and wife by Squire Kellogg. After the congratulations, which were heartily and frequent, the party adjourned to the supper room. where the hostess, Mrs. Larzclerc, had outdone herself in preparing a feast. The appetites of the company had not been impaired by the long journeys and majority had taken to be present, and they did sample justice to the vilands. After the supper the party returned to the large room up stairs, which had been cleared for the purpose, and there tripped the light fantastic well into the morning. Finally the guests began to depart, each one wishing the newly married pair a prosperous and happy life, and for themselves the opportunity to be present at many as pleasant events as that one.


6 Aug 1880

Married - Bauerfeind - Milke - At the M. E parsonage in Nashua, Iowa, on the 10th onst., by Rev. H. H. Green, Mr. Wilbur Hedges and Miss Carrie J Thayer, all of Williamstown, Chickasaw Co. Iowa.


3 Sep 1880

Mr. Thomas O'Connel and Miss Rosa Stroniski, both of this city, were quietly married at Clintonville on Wednesday of this week.


1 Oct 1880

Married - Hill - Nekett - At the Jenning's House, in the city of Shawano, on the 27th day of Sept., 1880, by B. F. Sandford, Mr. Edgar Hill of Embarrass, Wis., to Miss Clara Nekett, of DePere, Wis.


8 Oct 1880

Married - McDonald - McKay - by rev. J. A. R. Rogers, Sept 23rd 1880, at the home of the bride, in Waukechon, Mr. Dougald McDonald and Miss Ida M A McKay.


26 Nov 1880

Married at the Presbyterian church in this city, Nov 22d, by Rev J A R Rogers, Mr. J. J. Williams and Miss Anna Charnley.

At the residence of the bride's father, in this city on Nov 24th, Mr. E. E. Breed and Miss Leona Grimmer.


3 Dec 1880

Married - Breed- Grimmer in Shawano, nov 24th, 1880 at the residence of the bride's father, Henry Grimmer, Esq., by Rev. J A R Rogers, Edward Everett Breed, Esq., to Miss Leona Minerva Grimmer, all of Shawano.

Whitehouse - Cole In Shawano, on Oct. 27th, 1880, by rev. J A R Rogers, Mr. James L Whitehouse, Jr. to Miss Mary F Cole.

Brei - Ott At the residence of the bride's father, in the town of Herman, Mr. Charles Brei to Miss Bertha Ott, by Wm. Jones, Justice of the Peace.


10 Dec 1880

Married - Bennett- Norton - At the residence of Ed Schoenfeld, Justice of the Peace, in the town of Richmond, December 5th 1880, Albert Bennett of the city of Shawano to Miss Miranda Norton, of the town of Richmond.