Marriages Pre 1907

Marriages Pre 1907

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Transcribed with diligence by Jean Barkow © 2010


Married Spouse Place of Birth Father Mother


Y-AH-SIEW, Madeline 23 Jun 1874 MA-CHE-O-PU-TAH       F1 C266
Yaster, Rosalia 11 May 1879 Strenskie, Thomas       F1 C529
Yaster, Rosalie 11 May 1879 Strenski, Thomas       F1 C583
Yeager / Taeger, John 1 Jan 1891 Kersten, Minnie       F3 42
Yeager, Bessie 22 Apr 1903 Knoble, Joseph Belle Plaine twp Spencer Yeager Lide F7 C48
Yeager, Charles Henry 11 Apr 1900 Jones, Nancy Eliza nee Jones Pennsylvania Spencer Yeager Lydia Yeager F4 C514
Yeager, Ella 5 Jul 1894 Buettner, William Pennslyvania Spencer Yeager Lydia Yeager F3 C576
Yeager, Henry C. 10 Dec 1901 Reinke, Bertha Germany John Yeager Caroline Zirbel F5 C197
Yeager, John 8 Jun 1903 Haermann, Ida Pennsylvania S. G. Yeager Lydia F7 C102
Yeager, Joseph 9 Oct 1882 Miller, Betty Germany J. Yeager M. Yeager F1 C760
Yoccom, Adrian 10 Dec 1890 Antone, Lena May Wisconsin   Clara Sprague F3 C29
Yordi, Anna M. 7 May 1902 Cronce, Charles Willus tn Richmond, Shawano Co. Fred Yordi Amelia Bergemann F6 C63
York, Bertha Luella 15 Apr 1900 Rollins, Claud Henry Lenark, WI Edson D. York Cordelia O, Pease F4 C572
Young, John Charlie 16 Sep 1891 Lübker, Maria Canada James Young Emma Young F3 C126
Young, Mary Matilda 22 Apr 1891 Gillett, Edwin Michigan James Young Emma A. Youne F3 C65
Yuenger, Johanna Friedrike 30 Aug 1894 Buelow, Johann Friedrich W. Mecklenburg Ludwig Yuenger Friederike Schurke F3 C624