Marriages Records for

Shawano County

Marriage Records for

1919 and up

This project is just getting started so check back often....

These are some records available from our County. It is not every Marriage during these years just the ones we have available.

These records contain valuable information about the couple, their ages, their parents names, prior marriages, maiden names, occupations, birth places and nationalities.

Please keep in mind of various spellings as we KNOW they are not spelled right! We record information as it is in the record. We can not change that with transcription.

These are separated by Groom and Bride

(just in case you did not know grandpa was married before)

Copies can be made but are for GENEALOGY PURPOSES only. They will be stamped as not for Identification


If you would like a copy of these records send me your name and mailing address in the email link. We would appreciate that postage and copy expenses be considered since we have to pay postage and copy fees.

Copies are $1.00  each.



Bride                                  Groom                             
1919-1924 1919-1924
1924-1929  1924-1929
1929-1933 1929-1933
1933-1936 1933-1936
1936-1939 1936-1939


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