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Lost Found & Donated

If you have Found something, Lost it or want to Donate something Found please let us know.  I can post it here or you can send it to me for posting. It will be gently scanned and returned to you asap.

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Bossell Wives (Possibly) Mattoon Wittenberg Area - Bossell / Betts Family Collection

Joseph Bossell Sr with wife and Olive Bossell Betts

Mattoon / Wittenberg area Ladies possible ties to the Bossell / Betts Families

Unknown Lady Mattoon/Wittenberg area Picture taken in Antigo Bossell / Betts Family Collection

Unknown Elderly Gentleman - Bossell / Betts Family Collection

Unknown Family Group Photo Bossell / Betts Family Collection

Unknown Older Woman connected to the Bossell / Betts Family Mattoon & Wittenberg Area

  Meyers, Theodore w/possible Mathias Wagner (Bonduel Pioneers)

Named Pictures

  Rachals, Gertrude

Rickman, Myrtle & Rachals, Gertrude

Unknown Couple's Wedding, taken in Clintonville


Unknown Shawano Class of 1940-1950


Vorpahl and Braun Wedding picture Some unknown people

Vorpahl Men with some unknown men