Jailhouse Records

Shawano's Second County Jail built in 1882 on 4th Street. This was also the Sheriff's quarters where the Sheriff's wife was expected to cook and do laundry for the prisoners.

Jailhouse Records

These records are very informative for knowing your BLACK SHEEP of the family. Information was taken about the person's physical condition, where their parents were born, if they were naturalized, if they were literate, their residence and occupation, besides the crime they were found to have committed and the sentence or fine they received. Not all records will be criminal, there were mothers and children taken in, along with people who's sanity was questioned. For personal reasons we have kept out some of the details of why they were arrested. These ledgers are very large and contain two pages.

This is an ongoing project we started 6 Mar 2013

Copies are $2.00 of which you get 2 Legal size pages.

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Shawano County's First Jail


Shawano County Courthouse & Jail 1953