The following is the family story

The following is the family story/family tree of the Heinrich (Henry Miller) Mueller family.  I got this information off the internet and from family members.  I would like to give a big thank you to Ken Wellens for sharing his research with us.  A lot of the early Mueller information came from Ken.


Heinrich (Henry Miller) Mueller


The Millers came from Gruenwald, Gramenz, Pommerania, Prussia, Germany.  Ken learned that the Millers originally came from Pommerania, which is a region in northeastern Germany, part of which is now Poland but historically German. (Hitler wanted that part back in WWII.) (Note: the Millers are German not Polish.)  The rest of Pommerania was located in East Germany (the former communist county, after WWII, but now part of united Germany).


Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm Mueller (Henry Miller): b. 22 Jan 1822, d. 28 Oct 1892

WIFE:  Wilhelmine Kobs: b. Oct 1826, d. 17, Jul 1888

Heinrich was born in Pommern, Germany and the cause of death was paralyzed.

Heinrich and Wilhelmine left Germany and came to the United States with five of their children.  There were probably additional adult children who stayed in Germany because they were married and had families.  The five children were Reinhold, August, Mathilde, Karl and Therese. 

Some of the research items Ken found are the departure and arrival ships records for the two ships that brought the Millers to America.  Reinhold came first on the “Prinz Albert” in 1871, and then everybody else came two years later on the “Ariadne”.  Ken has copies of arrival documents and ship manifests showing Reinhold arrived 16 Aug 1871, and the rest of the family on 14 Jul 1873.   Both ships sailed form Hamburg to New York, and were some of the last sailing ships.  Within five years everybody was traveling by steamship, which shortened the journey by several weeks. 

Ken found most of the Miller family members that immigrated changed their names while living in Appleton (Grand Chute to be specific) in that first year or so, prior to moving to Advance.  Heinrich became Henry, Karl became Charles, Therese became Sarah, and of course Mueller became Miller.

Heinrich and Wilhelmine are buried in Union Cemetery, also called Memorial Park, in Advance.


Henry Miller’s Children


1) Reinhold Albert Miller: b. 1 Mar 1852, d. 20 May 1911

WIFE: Caroline Schultz: b. 25 Nov 1847, d, 5 Dec 1899


Reinhold was born in the Providence of Prussia, Germany, in March 1852.  In 1872 at the age of twenty years, he came to America, to the city of Milwaukee, where he lived for two years.  In 1874 he went to Appleton, where he lived about a year, when he moved his family to his home near Advance, where he resided until the time of his death, except that during the last four years of his life he spent part of his time at his farm near mountain.  Mr. Miller was thus one of the pioneers of the town of Green Valley.

While living in Appleton he was united in marriage to Caroline Schultz.  Of this union there were born three sons and three daughters.  The children were Bertha, August, Charles, Herman, Emma and Anna.

Death was due to heart failure caused by dropsy, from which he had been a sufferer for the last two years of his life.  Reinhold and Caroline are buried in Union Cemetery, also called Memorial Park, in Advance.

Caroline was born in Prussia, Germany, and her father was Sigfred Schultz.



2) August Miller: b. 1860, d. 1936

He never married.


August was born in Pommerania, Germany in 1960.  At the age of 13 he came with his parents to Appleton, WI, where they resided for over a year, when they purchased a tract of land in what was

then almost primeval forest, out of which they developed a fine farm that was acquired by Robert Wutke, where August passed away.  He resided there with his parents until their death, hen he lived for some years at the home of his sister, Mrs. August Kobs.  After her death he made his home on the old parental homestead with his niece, Mrs. Robert Wutke.

He was thus among the earliest pioneers of the town of Green Valley, there being only two or three settlers in the township when his parents settled there.

Burial was in Green Valley Union Cemetery, also called Memorial Park.


3) Mathilda L. Miller:  b. 1856, d. 1920

HUSBAND: August L. Kobs: b. 15 May 1852, d. Jul 1931


Matilda and August were married in Appleton (Grand Chute) approx 1874.


August was born in Pommerania, and at the age of 18 years came to America to the city of Appleton along with the Millers.  There he was married to Mathilda in 1874.  In 1877 the family moved to the town of Green Valley where the father purchased eighty acres of virgin forest, later adding forty acres more to the homestead.  Only four families of early settlers came into the Green Valley ahead of Mr. Kobs, and they only by a matter of a few months.  He hewed one of the finest farms in his vicinity out of virgin hardwood forest.  He later turned the farm over to his sons Ervin and Leo and continued to make his home on the homestead with Leo. 

He was a man of sterling character and integrity and was prominent in the affairs of his town practically all his life.  He was one of the founders of the Green Valley Union Cemetery and held the office of secretary-treasurer from the time of its organization until his death.  The first one to be buried in this cemetery was the one-year-old son of this man who did so much to help found the burial plat.

He was known far and wide for the good roads he built.  He was road superintendent for over thirty years, and constructed fine roads through swampy areas where it was thought impossible to make anything other than a passable trail.  Before the days of universal good roads, non residents often made the remark they could tell when they were entering the township of Green Valley because of its good roads.

Mr. Kobs held the office of town supervisor for about eight years, the majority of which years he was town chairman and represented the town on the county board.  At the time of his death he was a member of Shawano County drainage commission.  He also held the office of treasurer of Advance school for twenty-seven years.

When he was a young man he was a zealous church worker, never resting until a house of worship was built upon the place where St. John’s Lutheran church was built.  Before the erection of the church building, church meetings and church services were held at his home and the homes of neighbors.

Mr. Kobs was a member of the Odd Fellows Lodge of Shawano for thirty-six years.  The Odd Fellow Lodge of Shawano assisted in the ceremonials with their beautiful and impressive funeral ritualistic service.

He was survived by eight children, Carolina, Mrs. J.P. Herning; Elsie, Mrs. Robert Wutke; Miss Edith Kobs; Arthur; Leo; Erwin; Roy, and Martha, Mrs. M. T. Cohrs.


4) Charles Ferdinand (Karl) Miller: b. 14 Oct 1863, d.13 Mar 1912

WIFE: Anna Mary Frances Wudke


Charles was born in the village of Grunewald, Providence of Prussia, Germany.  When he was ten years old his parents emigrated to the U.S. and settled in Appleton, Wis. where he resided for five years.  They then moved to Advance where Charles lived on the old homestead up to the time of his death.  He had been suffering from an incurable disease (lymghatic leukemia) for several years past, but was able to be about his work until a month before his death.  Charles was a farmer.   

He married Anna Mary Frances Wudke in Green Valley 4 Nov 1892 and divorced in 1901.  They had two children, Albert Orrin and Edward A.


5) Sarah (Threse) Miller: b. 4 Apr 1865, d. 12 Nov 1904

1st HUSBAND: Dexter W. Porter: b. 12 Dec 1859, d.16 Mar 1894

2nd HUSBAND: William Stroud: b. May 1866, d. ?


Sarah married Dexter W. Porter on 17 Oct 1882 in Green Valley.  She then married William Stroud in 1898.  She died in Green Valley, at age 39, from complication of childbirth with the birth of her son Earl Stroud


Dexter Porter was a farmer who died of typhoid fever.  Dexter and Sarah children were John Porter, Carrie Porter and Frances E. Porter.


Henry Miller’s Grandchildren


1a) Bertha Miller: b. Approx 1871

HUSBAND: Lorin (Lawrence ?) Stroud, b. 27 Jun 1857, d. 1933


Lorin was born in Sheboygan, and as a young man came to the town of Green Valley and resided in this vicinity for about 30 years, after which he lived in Mountain for a time.  For the next 18 years he was a resident of Green Bay.

He was known by nearly everybody and was liked for his jolly ways.  He served as bartender for many years and in that capacity met many people who invariably became his friends.  He was always ready with a joke and a pleasant word.  Their children were (Leila) Mrs. Michael Seroogy, Edwin and Lawrence.


1b) August Miller: b. 1874


1c) Charles Miller: b. 1878, d. Aug 1937


Charles was born on a farm near Advance, where he lived until about 1907 when he moved to Mountain.  He remained in Mountain until about 1936, he then lived in Gillett.  He died after a lingering illness caused by dropsy.


1d) Herman Hampel Miller: b. Oct 1879, d. 1931

WIFE:  Alice Hull, B. 28 Oct 1886, d. 22 Jul 1968


Herman and Alice married in Shawano on 16 May 1906.  At the time of his marriage his occupation was listed as a mason, and lived in Green Valley.  When they married they lived on the farm of Charles Miller.  He is buried in Mountain, WI.  They had eight children, Eli, Elwood, Wesley, Lenora, Sophie, Alden, Mildred, and Hugene.


Alice was born in Campbellsport, WI.   Her second husband was Julius Neuman.  Julius was born in 1890 and died in 1987 at age 96.  He worked for the railroad on a line section crew.  Alice died in Shawano, WI.


1e) Emma Miller: b. 30 Apr 1884, d. 21 Aug 1936

HUSBAND: John J. Morrow


Emma was born at Advance.  Emma married John Morrow in Shawano on 7 Nov 1905, and lived for most of their married life on a farm near her home where she was a housewife.  For approximately the last six months of her life they lived in Belle Plane.  She died of cancer of the liver.  They had two children, Dorothy E., Mrs. Albert Dixon and Thelma F., Mrs. Louis Peterson.


1f) Anna W. Miller: b. Approx 1888,  d. 31 Mar 1947

1st HUSBAND: Edwin (Edward) M. Hull b. ?, d. 27 Apr 1927

2nd HUSBAND: Boyd Marion Lake b. 4 Jun 1884, D. Nov 1961


 Anna was 18 years old when she married Ed in Shawano on 6 Feb 1906.  Seven children were born from this union, Genevieve, Mrs. Vernal Knope; Jeanette, Mrs. James McDonnell: Germaine, Bruce, Lloyd, Orville and Lucille who died in infancy.  There was also an adopted son, Roman Miller.

She then married Boyd Lake in 1930.


Edwin Hull was born in Campbellsport and lived on his father’s farm until he was about 15.  He died 27 Apr 1927 in the Gillett hospital from the results of injuries received in an auto accident.  He and Hans Mahl were driving along highway 32 near Gillett when suddenly out from behind a cheese factory, a second car came, and the car in which the Shawano men were riding ran head-on into the other car.  Mr. Hull was badly injured and was taken to the Gillett hospital with a badly lacerated scalp, concussion of the brain, and his right arm broken.


Boyd Lake was a life-long resident of the Shawano area.  Mr. Lake was born in the town of Belle Plaine on 4 Jun 1884 the son of Nathon Lake.  He was a logger in his early days and then was employed at Lauerman’s and at the Steinhart Cheese House.  He was married to Maggie Hoffman (d. 19 Apr 1911) who preceded him in death as did three children from the marriage and in 1930 was married to Anna Hull at Menominee, Michigan.


3a) Carolina Kobs: b. Jun 1875

HUABAND: J. P. Herning


3b) Edith L. (Ida) Kobs: b. Jan 1882, d. 12 Feb 1967


Edith died in Shawano.


3c) Martha A. Kobs: b. 17 Jan 1886, d. 1948



Martha was born near Advance, where she lived with her parents until 1908.  She moved to Chicago until her return to the area and stayed with her brother, Roy Kobs, at Bonduel and at the home of her sister, Mrs. J. P. Herning at Advance.  She was employed as dress designer for a concern in Chicago, Illinois, and had been ailing for four or five years prior to her death.


3d) Arthur Kobs: b. 28 Sep 1888, d. 1943


Arthur died at the home of Robert Wutke, were he had lived for the last eight years of his life.  Burial was in the Green Valley Union cemetery.

Arthur was single in 1930.  World War I Draft Registration   1917-1918.


3e) Roy Kobs: b. 26 Oct 1892, d. 3 Sep 1952

WIFE: Augusta Hempel


Roy was born in Green Valley, near Advance.  He was married to the former Augusta Hempel 15 Jun 1916.  Shortly after their marriage they moved to Bonduel where Mr. Kobs was an independent carpenter.  He was named manager of the Bonduel Feed Mill in 1922. 

He had been in ill health for about six years.  He was an active church worker and for 20 years was a   trustee of the U. B. Church.  Kobs was a charter member of the Bonduel Rotary Club and the Bonduel Fire Department.  A daughter preceded him in death.  World War I Draft Registration 1917-1918.


Augusta Hampel made her home with her grandparents until her marriage.



3f) Erwin August Kobs: b. 26 Dec 1893


World War I Draft Registration 1917-1918.


3g) Leo Kobs: b.6 Oct 1895, d. 23 Oct 1932

Wife: Eloise S. Demeny: b. 13 Jan 1896, d. 9 Apr 1986


Mr. Kobs was born on the same farm in Green Valley that he met with his demise, and with the exception of the time spent in the army had been a continuous resident there.  Leo graduated from the Advance State Graded School and on 27 Sep 1922 he was united in marriage to Eloise Demeny in Green Valley.  They had two daughters, Kathryn and Betty Mae.  Kathryn was eight years of age and Betty Mae was 2 years of age when their dad died.

Leo was a World War veteran.  Immediately upon his arrival at Camp Hancock, Georgia, he was put into military training school and shortly thereafter was made a corporal, and drilled troops for a period of nine months.  The last three months of this time he did the work of a sergeant and was about to receive a sergeant’s stripes—had been called to headquarters for this purpose—when he became seriously ill with flu, and by the time he was again able to be out, the armistice had been declared.  He was a member of the Third Co. Development Group.  On 22 Feb 1919, he was honorably discharged with citation for excellent character.

Five years before his death, Leo purchased sixty acres from the old homestead.  At the time of his death he was a member of the town board of Green Valley, having served on same during the past five years.  He was also elected president of the Farmers Elevator and lumber Co., of Green Valley at the time of its organization and was a member of its board of directors at time of death.

Leo, who lived a mile east of advance, died at the Bellin hospital in Green Bay from a ruptured appendix.  A week before he had been taken ill while plowing in the field.  He went to the house and suffered intensely, but tried to hold out without the operation.  The rupture came before he could be taken o the hospital.

With the American Legion Post 217 of Bonduel present in a body, Leo was buried with military honors.

The 1930 census showed father, August (age 77), and brother, Arthur (age 42) living with them.  


Eloise was born in Morgan, WI and died In Shawano, WI., of arteriosclerotic coronary heart failure.  She was a housewife and a member of St. John Lutheran Church of Green Valley, charter member of the Ladies Aid, and a member of the Bonduel Legion Auxiliary.

After Leo’s death, she married Ernest Herman Tranget Gnuschke 17 Jan 1936 in Hartland.  Ernest was born 12 Oct 1909 in Angelica and died in 1960.

She died at Shawano Convalescent Center and is buried in Advance.


3h) Elsie Theresa Katherine Kobs: b. 14 Feb 1898

HUSBAND: Robert Wutke, b. 11 Aug 1899, d. approx 1951


Elsie was born in Green Valley.  She married Robert in Bonduel on 21 Dec 1921.  They had a daughter, (Jewell) Mrs. Douglas Bartels who lived on the home farm at Green Valley.


Robert was born in Green Valley and attended school at Advance.  He was the town of Green Valley chairman and longtime member of the Shawano county board.  He was a member of the county board’s welfare committee, and was a director of the Farmers’ Elevator, Green Valley.

Wutke was killed two miles southwest of Gillett when he was struck by a mechanical power shovel.  He was working as a trucker at Reimer’s pit near Gillett.  It was reported that the power shovel was working in a faulty manner.  Wutke walked under the bucket and it suddenly and unexpectedly came down on him.  He died shortly later.  Wutke had been driving one of Reimer’s trucks.


4a) Albert Orrin Miller: b. 26 Sep 1894,

 WIFE: Elsie Peterson (spelling ?)


Albert was born in Advance.  World War I Draft Registration 1917-1918.

Albert and Elsie were married in Green Bay on 8 Oct 1919.  They were both twenty-five years old when they married.  Albert was an auto mechanic and Elsie was a housekeeper.


4b) Edward A “Eddie” Miller: b. 18 May 1898, D. 25 Nov 1909


Edward died at age 11 of scarlet fever and is buried in the Union Cemetery, Advance, WI.


5a) John Porter: b. 1888

WIFE: Loretta Davis, b. 1886


Loretta was born in Oconto County and married John on 9 Apr 1917 when she was 31 and John was 29.  They married at Menominee, MI.


5b) Carrie Porter

HUSBAND: Edward Capelle


Carrie and Edward Married on 16, Apr 1917.


5c) Frances Eugene Porter: b. 25 Sep 1891

WIFE: Mrs. Ella T. Hankivtz Sorenson b. 1885


Frances was born in Green Valley, WI.  Frances and Ella were married 13 Jun 1916 at Menominee, MI.  Frances was age 24 and Ella age 37 when they married.


Ella was born in Merrill, WI.


5d) Earl William Stroud: b. 11 Nov 1904


Henry Miller’s Great Grandchildren


1a1) Leila Stroud: b. 1891, d. 14 Jun 1959

HUSBAND: Michael Seroogy


1d1) Eli Miller: b. 16 Jun 1907, d. 9 Aug 1972

WIFE: Madge Evelyn Downs, b. 29 Aug 1912, d. 23 Oct 2001


Eli was born in Green Valley, WI and Madge was born in Brighton, Iowa.  They married in Stephenson, MI on 18 Nov 1933.  They had 7 children, Jack, Delores, Yvonne, Gerald, James, Rosemary (Gail) and Dawn.

The following information was furnished by Yvonne, who said the following should be taken with a grain of salt because some stories have been passed down through the years:

Eli joined the C.C.C. (Civilian Conservation Corps) and while working in one of their camps at Clear Lake, near Mountain, WI he met Madge Downs at a dance. 

He was on probation for not paying child support and never asked his probation officer for permission to get married.  As a result he was put into the Milwaukee House of Correction in February 1934.  Madge was put to work, by the welfare, on a German’s couple’s farm near Cecil, WI. She also lived on the farm.

After they married, they lived with Elwood and his family.  Eli got a job working for the W.P.A. at $40 a month.  Later he got a job hauling milk from the farmer to the factory for $1 a day.

Eli was also put on probation two more times for non-support, after the third time he was sent to Waupun, WI State Prison for one year.  He served his one year time acting as the warden’s chauffeur and from the stories they told he spent more time on the outside than he did behind walls.

In 1937, when Delores was 9 months old, they moved to Long Lake, WI and lived above a saloon.  Eli worked as a contractor putting in a new road.  The saloon caught fire one night and they lost everything.  Eli went to Shawano looking for work and Madge (Jack & Delores) went back to live with her parents in Amberg, WI.

They went to Shawano when Eli found work.  He operated the projector and did Janitor work at the Shawano Theater for $20 a week.  Until about 1942 they lived in several houses on Bartlett Street in Shawano.

Eli and his cousin, Orval Hull, went down to join the service when WWII broke out, but Eli had too many children.  When Jim was a baby they moved to 219 S. Hamlin Street in Shawano.  It was a big old house for 2 families where the bath was shared.  Gramma Neuman lived in the other half for awhile.  Teenie Gramma lived with them before she was moved to the poor farm.  Afterwards, Florence Twa lived there with her three children.  Gail and Dawn were born while they lived there.

In 1948 they moved out to the West Shore on Shawano Lake.  Eli drove cab for Jim McDonald and Madge was the cab dispatcher.

In 1949 they joined the carnival.  Jack, Delores and Yvonne went along.  The other kids were farmed out to relatives.  Eli was the show electrician, Madge and Yvonne sold tickets and Jack and Delores worked the game joints.

At the end of the summer, Eli was offered a job in Florida by one of the guys who worked for Bodartes.  So with $700 in their pockets off the whole family went.  Eli drove one of the guys truck down.  The furniture and seven kids rode in the back with only one small window to look out.  The guy’s money ran out in Bessmer, AL so they stayed in a crummy motel until Eli got a job working in a steel mill.  Delores and Yvonne couldn’t understand the teachers there so Madge took them and the two younger girls by Greyhound Bus up to Amberg, WI.  She and the two youngest girls went back to Alabama and Delores and Yvonne stayed there for schooling the rest of that year.

In 1951 the family came back together when they all moved to Appleton, WI.  With no jobs and no money they all stayed in Elwood’s garage.  Eli got a job working as an auto mechanic.  Later they moved to Atlantic Street and Eli got a job working for Asplund Tree Company and Madge worked for Larry Schue at a restaurant, later she worked at Karras’ restaurant.

In the fall of 1954 Delores was married and her new husband and Eli were transferred by Asplund to Union Grove, WI.  In February of 1955 the rest of the family moved there.

After being laid off from Asplund, Eli and later Madge both worked for the Burlington Mills in Burlington, WI.  The mills moved out of town so they lost their jobs.  Eli worked at American Roller in Union Grove until he retired June 16, 1972 at age 65.  Two weeks later he started to work for his son-in-law (Dan Squires) at Meeter Bros. Kraut factory in Union Grove.  When Madge came home on August 9, 1972, after working the night shift, she found Eli dead on the bedroom floor.  Madge moved to Burlington and worked of one more year and retired at age 60.  She moved to Union Grove to live with Dawn at 1240 York Street.


Little Known Facts of Eli’s Early Years


He went to school through the fourth grade.

Self educated, taking various courses through the mail.

Was a voracious reader, passing that trait down to most of his kids.

During the prohibition years he drove cars with moonshine and directed John Dillinger up the Indian reservation and introduced Evelyn Plesceh to John.  She was the famous “Lady in Red” who turned Dillinger in to the Feds in Chicago.

Eli and Wesley rode the rails out to the state of Washington to pick apples.

In 1918 at age 11, he worked as a tail-sawer at a saw mill for 18 cents an hour working 12 hours a day, 6 days a week.

Eli played football for the Shawano Indians as a right tackle.

He played as a catcher in the Shawano baseball league.

Eli joined the Navy at age 14 and was in for 2 years before they found him out.  He served aboard 3 different ships.

He won the West Coast Fleet title in swimming (100 yards).

While living in the state of New York he worked as a movie projectist in Dunkirk and as a life guard.

Eli drove gas trucks out of Green Bay, and milk trucks out of Shawano.

In 1931 Eli wrestled for the Light Weight Title of the World in Winter Haven, Florida using the name “Tarzan Miller” and continued wrestling through the years.


Madge passed away at Mount Carmel Medical and Rehabilitation Center in Racine.  She was born in Brighton, Iowa to Clyde and Myrtle (nee: Koster) Downs.  She received her education in Amberg and Wausaukee schools and Normal School in Marinette.  She was a Homemaker and also worked at Burlington Mills for 11 years, Foster Forbes for seven years, and taught County School in Marinette.


1d2) Elwood Miller: b. 20 Jul 1909, d. 21 Feb 1968

WIFE: Esther Feltz: b. 19 Aug 1910, d. 20 Jun 1979


Elwood was born in Advance, WI and Esther was born in Shawano, WI.  Elwood’s birth record showed his name as Clifford.  They must have changed their mind after registering his birth. 

They had five children, Roger, Elizabeth (Betty), Charles, Catherine and Patricia.

Elwood was a man of many talents.  His various jobs included working as a construction worker, auto  mechanic, milk man, and he operated his own shoe repair business.  He ended up working as a Jack-of-all-trades in the Maintenance Department at the Appleton School System.  The School System assigned him his own Jeep to use, and He treated this Jeep like one of his kids.  The Jeep had a plow, and all winter he kept neighbors and friends plowed out.

Some of his construction projects included.

     A bridge in Oshkosh

     His first family home in Shawano

     Remodeling of his home on Brewster Street in Appleton

There were stories of how when he was young, he and his older brother went to whatever means it took to get food for his younger sisters and brothers.  This feeling for family carried on when he had a family of his own.  He had several nephews come and live with him to help them out.  He would always be there to give a helping hand when needed.

Money was always tight when they started raising a family, but Xmas was always special.  When the children were little, the company he worked for gave their employees a Xmas bonus.  The first thing Elwood would do with the bonus was buy a gift for Esther.  The rest of the money was spent on the children for Xmas presents.

He loved camping and drinking beer with his little shot of “tea.” 

When he went camping he had his station wagon full of tools in case anyone needed their camping equipment or their car repaired.


1d3) Wesley Miller: b. 8 Oct 1912, d. 13 Mar 1975

WIFE: Hilma Tillman, 9 Apr 1915, 1 Jun 1996


Wesley was born in Green Valley, WI, and Hilma was born in Phelps, WI.  They had eight children, Mayme, Anita, Wesley, Jr. (Sonny), Sandy, Earl, Barbara, Donna and Peggy.

Wesley had a very good work ethic.

He loved to talk about his early years, i.e., a passenger during nighttime moonshine runs north of Bonduel; his days as a payroll courier between the CCC camps in northern Wisconsin (which is how he met Hilma); how he hopped a freight train with his brother to Oregon to pick fruit, desperate for work in Depression-era times, though not actually getting as far as his brother eventually got.

He worked as a logger and he was away from a lot of people, which made him very comfortable.

Two of the jobs he enjoyed were a movie projectionist in his teens and later as a truck driver.  He was a semi-truck driver for Leichts Transfer & Storage out of Green Bay.  This included work as a furniture mover; and the miserable job of hauling sludge from Fort Howard paper in the dead heat and humidity of mid-summer.

His desire to drive gave the family the opportunity to see much of northern Wisconsin and to go on many picnics and outings. 

He retired at age 62 and shortly after was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  He was given six months to live, but with chemotherapy treatments, he went into remission for nearly a year.


Hilma was born in Phelps, on the northern Wisconsin family homestead in Vilas County.  On March 28, 1935 she married Wesley, whom she met at the Fin Hall community dance located just outside Phelps.  Hilma’s parents immigrated from Finland in 1903.


1d4) Lenora Miller: b. 27 May 1913, d. 6 Sep 1981


Lenora was born in Mountain and came to Shawano as a child and lived there the rest of her life.


1d5) Sophie Miller: b. 1916, d. 1916 in infancy


1d6) Alden Miller: b. 23 Sep 1917, d. 24 Sep 1982

WIFE: Margaret Pleshek, b. 10 Dec 1922, d. 1 Dec 2011


Alden was born in Mountain, WI.  He lived in Shawano until 1962, when he moved to Racine.  There he was employed in the engineering department of the J.I. Case tractor Co.  His job involved building experimental tractors.  He retired in 1980.  While working in Shawano, he was employed at Dey’s RediMix and Born (Goers) Buick.  He was a veteran of the army serving in WWII.  He was also a charter member and past commander of the Shawano Amvets Post, and a former member of the Clintonville National Guard.  He was married on 3 Jan 1947 in Shawano to Margaret Pleshek and they had six children, Edward, John, Ruth, Daniel, Maureen and Judith.


Margaret was born in Shawano.  She had worked for several years at the Shawano Convalescent Center and was the Kitchen Supervisor at Evergreen Health Care Center prior to her retirement in 1981.  She was an avid card player and for several years was the President of the residents committee at Parkside Apartments in Shawano.  Margaret enjoyed working at the Shawano County Fair.  She and Alden operated Milers Pub fair stand, where she was known for her chicken booyah, she also enjoyed baking pies and working at the Peace Church fair stand.  Margaret will always be remembered for being a caring and loving mother and grandmother, she had a special love for all of the babies in her family.  She was a member at Peace United Church of Christ and served as a member of the Ladies Afternoon Circle.


1d7) Mildred Miller: b. 1 Jan 1922, d. 18 Mar 1987

HUSBAND: Harold “Ike” Buell, b. Feb 1917


Millie and Ike had six children, Ervin, Karen, Ronald (Gunk), Nancy, Harold (Junior) and Richard. 

The following is Karen’s description of her mother:

Her family was her life, and she loved us all, more than she ever learned to accept and love herself.  Mom was very intelligent, self taught  person.

She had a love of reading, and never stopped learning.

She had a dry sense of humor.  She would say something out of the blue that made you drop your mouth open, and after a second you could not stop laughing.

She loved to play Bingo.


1d8) Hugene Miller (Bud): b. 12 Apr 1924, d. 18 Mar 1987

WIFE: Blossom Jessel, b. 2 Jan 1929


Bud was born and raised in Shawano, WI.  he quit school in the 10th grade.  He joined the Army in 1942 and got out for a few years.  He worked for Leichts in Green Bay.  While working at Leichts he met Blossom while she was babysitting for Wesley’s children.  They went out for four years, during that time he went back into the Army.  They were supposed to get married in 1949, but he gambled his paycheck away so they got married April 15, 1950.  That was the last time he ever gambled.  They got married at ST. Francis Cathedral in Green Bay, WI.  While in the Army he got his GED, so he did finish high school.  He served in 3 wars: World War II, Korea and Vietnam.  He was a medic in the Army.  He was one of three men that received three stars on his medical badge.  He was stationed in Seattle, WA; Sheridan, IL; Camp McCoy, WI; Anchorage, Alaska; San Antonio, TX; Heidlberg, Germany; Fort Benning, GA; and Fort Leonard Wood, MO.  In 1968 Bud got orders for Anchorage, Alaska, so Blossom and the children decided to move to Green Bay, WI where they bought a house.  Bud retired from the Army in January, 1970 at Fort Sheridan, IL.  He then worked for Gardner Denver in Green Bay as a Machinist Operator.  He retired from Gardner Denver in 1982.  In 1983 he got sick and had two surgeries for colon cancer.  He appeared to be doing well, but in 1986 it came back and it was too far gone to do anything for him.  He passed away in 1987.


Blossom and Bud were married for 37 years.  They had seven children, Patrick, Sue, Robert, Greg. Michael, Cathy, Edward.


1e1) Dorothy E. Morrow

Husband: Albert Dixon


1e2) Thelma F. Morrow

Husband: Louis Peterson


1f1) Genevieve Hull: b. 29 Oct 1919, 12 Nov 1980

Husband: Vernal Knope, b. 1917


Genevieve was born in Shawano and married Vernal on 2 Jan 1938 in Shawano.  She was a member of Trinity Lutheran Church, Merrell.  She died at Holy Cross in Merrill after an illness of five weeks.


1F2) Jeanette Hull: b. 1924

Husband: James McDonnell


Jeanette lived in Milwaukee.


1f3) Germaina R. Hull: b. 31 Aug 1927, d. 31 Jul 2001

Husband: ? Clark


Germaine worked for Wells Manufacturing, Fond du Lac Elks Lodge and the Milwaukee Hospital, from where she retired.  She was a graduate of Shawano High School and a member of AARP.  She enjoyed crossword puzzles and was an avid reader.  The children were Arthur “Butch” Schemmel III of Milwaukee, Donna Nicolaus of Milwaukee, Pamela Schemmel of Fond du Lac and Michael (Kerry) Schemmel of Beaver Dam.


1f4) Bruce Hull: b. 10 Sep 1906, d. 17 Mar 1987

WIFE: Ione M. Samp


 Bruce married Ione 18 Apr 1937 in Menominee, Mich.  Bruce died in Moses Lake, Wash.


1f5) Lloyd K Hull: b. 8 Sep 1910, d. 11 Nov 1992

WIFE: Agnes L. Zeuske, b. 4 Mar 1920, d. 12 Jan1998


Lloyd “Twisty” Hull was born in Advance and was united in marriage to Agnes on 10 Apr 1938 in Shawano.  Mr. Hull had worked for Iwens Box Factory, and then at Phenix Manufacturing until his retirement in 1965.  He was an avid baseball player and a member of St. James Lutheran Church.  Lloyd and Agnes had a son, Charles (Judy) Hull living in Shawano and a daughter, Penny Nett living in Clintonville.  Mr. Hull died in Shawano.


Agnes was born Agnes Laura Zeuske in Shawano.  She had been employed at the Iwens Box Factory and Eagle Knit Co. of Shawano.



1f6) Orville Hull: b. 20 Mar 1917, d. 10 Feb 1998


1f7) Lucille Hull: died in infancy


1f8) Roman Miller: (adopted), b. about 1928


Roman lived in Clearwater, FL.


3 g1) Kathryn Emma Kobs: b. 27 Sep 1923, d. 22 May 2004

Husband: Douglas Albin Folkie, b. 3 Jan 1916 d. 8 Apr 1997


Kathryn was born in Green Valley and died in Orland Park, IL.  She married Doug 8 Mar 1941 in Green Valley.  They lived in Oak Park, IL.  They had two children.


Douglas was born in Chicago and died in Palos Park, IL.


3g2) Betty Mae Kobs: b. 2 Aug 1930, d. 16 Dec 1978

Husband: Forest Helmer Hansen, b. 8 May 1925


Betty Mae was born in Green Valley and married Forest, 7 Aug 1948 in Green Valley.  She was a housewife and they had 3 children.  She died at Southern Nevada Memorial Hospital—ER in Las Vegas of hemoretroperitoneum, complete laceration L rental artery.


After Betty Mae’s death, Forest married Catherine L Wright on 8 Feb 1981. Forest died in Las Vegas of cardio-respiratory arrest, aspiration, pulmonary `emboli?, gastric dilatation.


 3h1) Jewel L Wutke: b. 7 Nov 1922, d. 24 Sep 1996

Husband: Douglas D. Bartels, b. 28 Sep 1924, d. 27 Feb 1996


Jewel was born in Chicago, IL.  She married Douglas on 8 Jun 1946 at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Green Valley.  They farmed in advance for 30 years, then purchased the Boozetown Tavern, which they ran for 20 years.  She also worked at the Oconto Falls Nursing Home for 5 years.  She was a generous and giving person, who loved her children and grandchildren very much.

Jewel and Doug had one son, Robyn Bartels and one daughter, Madge (Dennis) Walters.  Robyn lived in Iron Mountain and Madge lived in advance.  One son, Quentin and two grandchildren preceded her in death.


Douglas was born in the Town of Washington.  He worked for the Bonduel Schools for 18 years.  He served in many church and school offices, and enjoyed playing cards with his many friends