From History of Reedsburg and the Upper Baraboo Valley, by Merton Edwin Krug, Publ. February 1929 by the author. Printed by Democrat Printing Company, Madison, Wis., Page 462

Mr. and Mrs. N. T. Gill. Mr. Norman T. Gill, former Cashier of the State Bank of Reedsburg, now residing in Madison, was for twenty years one of the leading citizens of the city. He was born in Rock County, Wis., Oct. 22, 1876, son of Thomas and Susan H. (Freeman) Gill. His father was a native of England, born March 24, 1829, and came to America in 1838, the family locating in Oneida County, N.Y. In 1846, was a young man, he came to Wisconsin, where the rest of his life was spent. When the Civil War broke out he enlisted, and served four years during that struggle. Returning to Wisconsin, in November 1865, he married, and located on a farm in Rock County, Wis., where he resided until his death in 1906. His wife, Susan Freeman, was born at Floyd, Oneida Co., N.Y., April 26, 1846, and was the daughter of James and Sarah (Layton) Freeman. Her paternal grandparents, William and Rebecca Freeman lived and died in England; her mother's people, James and Elizabeth Layton, were natives of the region of Soham, England, where the mother was born, May 14, 1814. Mr. and Mrs. James Freeman came to America at an early date, locating in New York; but in the fall of 1846, when Susan was six months old, they came to Wisconsin, bought government land in Rock County, and made that their home until their deaths. Since the death of our subject's father, the mother has made her home at various places, but for the past fifteen years has resided with him.

Norman T. Gill grew to manhood in Rock County, attended a rural school there. Later he entered the Whitewater High school, graduating in 1896. He then engaged in teaching, but desiring to better his position he entered Whitewater Normal, and graduated in 1899. After teaching one year at Kurtz, Minn. He went farming in Rock County, later at Ableman, Sauk County, and in December 1903, entered the State Bank of Reedsburg, as Assistant Cashier. The following year he was promoted to Cashier, and served the institution in that capacity until his resignation in August 1928, to accept a position as Secretary of the Madison Trust Company, Madison, Wis., which caused the removal of his family to that city at that time. During his residence in Reedsburg, he was active in the life of the community, and held many positions of honor; he was President of the Board of Education, Reedsburg; President of Reedsburg Chamber of Commerce; President, Wisconsin Bankers Association; was a member of the Presbyterian Church, in which he was a deacon; member of the Knights of Pythias, and other social clubs and organizations of the city.

On Dec. 11, 1901, Norman T. Gill was united in marriage to Miss Winifred Stone, only daughter of John P. and Amy (Phillips) Stone, prominent bankers and townspeople of Reedsburg. Winifred Stone was born July 21, 1878, at Reedsburg, Wis., and until her recent removal to Madison, was practically a lifelong resident of the community. See Charles Harry Stone sketch. Mrs. Gill represents a number of the oldest families of America and traces her descent through paternal connections from James and Deborah Stone, James Stone, next in line of descent, and Thomas Stone. Through maternal connections she is descended through her grandfather Otis Phillips, from Roger Williams, through his daughter Mercy, who married Resolved Waterman, their daughter Waite, who married John Rhodes, their son Zachariah Rhodes, his daughter Rebecca Rhodes, who married William Shelton, whose daughter Rebecca, as the wife of Ruf Phillips, was the mother of Otis Phillips, father of Otis, the grandfather of Mrs. Gill. Mrs. Gill's paternal great-grandmother Mary Jenks, was likewise a descendant of Roger Williams, through a daughter Mary, who married in the Sayles family, of which Anna Sayles, mother of Mary Jenks, was a member. On the Jenk's side, the genealogy includes the Honorable Joseph Jenks, Governor of Massachusetts. Other lines of descent include Abraham Doolittle, Governor of Connecticut, Chadbourne Brown, founder of Brown University, and James Whitcomb, Jonathan Moss, David Stone, Thos. Treadwell and Benjamin Hall, all soldiers and officers of the Revolution.

Mrs. Gill was during the time of her residence in Reedsburg one of the most active members of the D.A.R., in which she frequently held office.

Mr. and Mrs. Gill have two children: John Kenneth, born June 10, 1904, and Charles H. Stone Gill, born March 7, 1912.

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