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Rusk County, WI Tote Roads

Rusk County, WI

Tote Road and Stopping Place Listing

"Toting" is the term used to describe the hauling of goods or freight by oxen and wagon. Tote roads were the roads created in the early history of the county which provided a way for these goods or freight to be transported to and from lumber camps and small settlements.

At frequent locations along the route travelers were able to find "stopping places." These were places where they could get food, lodging, and a place to rest their animals. Some of the earliest settlements grew up around the stopping places.

The following information was derived from the pamphlet, "Historical Rusk County - A Guide to the Past." The complete pamphlet can be obtained (for a cost of $1.00 as of Fall 2000) from the Rusk County Historical Society. Their mailing address is:

Rusk County Historical Society
N2754 Dicus Rd
Ladysmith, WI 54848
101 Tote Road 
101 Tote Road
Battle Slough Tote Road  Battle Slough Tote Road
Big Bend House Stopping Place  Big Bend House Stopping Place
Bruno Vinette Stopping Place  Bruno Vinette Stopping Place
Burpee's Stopping Place  Burpee's Stopping Place
Chippewa Tote Road  Chippewa Tote Road
Grand Rapids House Stopping Place  Grand Rapids House Stopping Place
Hackett Farm Stopping Place  Hackett Farm Stopping Place
Ice Road Tote Road  Ice Road Tote Road
Johnson's Stopping Place  Johnson's Stopping Place
Knapp-Stout Tote Road  Knapp-Stout Tote Road
Murry Homestead Stopping Place  Murry Homestead Stopping Place
Murry Stopping Place  Murry Stopping Place
Oak Grove Stopping Place  Oak Grove Stopping Place
Old Ducommun Stopping Place  Old Ducommun Stopping Place
Serley Camp  Serley Camp
Soft Maple House Stopping Place  Soft Maple House Stopping Place
Tom Kelly's Stopping Place  Tom Kelly's Stopping Place
Walker Stopping Place  Walker Stopping Place
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