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The Rusk County Historical Society Museum /******

Rusk County Historical Society Museum

NOTE: The following information was taken directly from the pamphlet, "Rusk County Historical Society Museum," courtesy of the Rusk County Historical Society Museum. The Rusk County Historical Society Museum is a collection of buildings which house a multitude of artifacts related to Rusk County's past. I am in the process of putting together a web page which will walk you through the museum buildings and give you an idea of what you will find there.

-- R. Marie Mickalunas

The Rusk County Historical Society Museum is located on the Rusk County Fairgrounds in Ladysmith, Wisconsin.  Here you will find our handicapped accessible buildings which house thousands of fascinating, rare, historical artifacts.

OPEN WEEKENDS � 12:30 TO 4:30 P.M.

The Rusk County Historical Society was originally organized by O. J. Falge and a small group of volunteers. The Society remained relatively inactive until the early �70s when it was reorganized, spurred by the acquisition in 1974 of an authentic one-room school building located in Glen Flora. The school building was the first building to be located on the museum grounds at the Rusk County Fairgrounds. The building was moved in 1974 and after two years of restoration work, was dedicated in 1976.

Since then a teacherage (teacher cabin), originally located in Dogville, was added to the museum site. These exhibits afford young visitors a fascinating glimpse into the past, and bring back fond (or possibly not so fond) memories for the senior citizens who visit the buildings.

The Little Red School has continued to be the premier exhibit at the museum, particularly for the many children who visit to observe how the "3 Rs" were taught in great-grandma�s day.

Since the school house dedication in 1976, the museum has expanded with the donations of thousands of artifacts. Ten addition buildings were required to house the many artifacts that give a historical perspective of Rusk County.

Exhibits housed in the museum buildings include:
     � Governor Rusk�s desk
     � Dr. Lea�s dental office
     � Early medical exhibit
     � Turn-of-the-century kitchen
     � Barbershop, including a straight razor display
     � World Wars I and II photographs, weapons and uniforms
     � 19th century apparel including bridal dresses
     � Complete dining room
     � Logging equipment with large collection of log stamps
     � Glassware & china
     � Office furniture of Attorney O. J. Falge
     � Early photographs
     � Country store
     � Post office
     � Blacksmith shop
     � Logging camp bunkhouse
     � Drafting & survey equipment
     � Business machines
     � Early phonographs

Exterior exhibits include:
     � Horse-drawn logging and farming equipment
     � Glen Flora Jail
     � Weyerhaeuser railroad car house
     � Camp Rusk CCC entrance marker
     � 56-ton NATO Tank
     � Flambeau Mine Information Center

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