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Rusk County, WI Plat Book

Rusk County, WI

Plat Book Images

These images are from a Plat Book of Rusk County, Wis. published by W. W. Hixson & Co., Rockford, Illinois. The date of this plat book is unknown. However, other Wisconsin County Plat Books were published by the same publisher in 1915-1920.

These images are at a very high resolution, which allows you to read the specific detail of land ownership. High resolution graphics take a long time to load on the screen. Please use care when choosing a map you would like to view. You'll want to make sure you get the right one on the first try.

Some townships cover more than one plat. These townships are:

  • Atlanta
  • Hawkins
  • Hubbard
  • Lawrence
  • Murry
  • Richland
  • Stubbs
  • Thornapple

All of the plat maps print out very nicely. Due to their size, you may wish to save the image, and then bring the image file into an image editor. With the image editor, you may resize the image in order to fit it on one sheet of paper for printing purposes.

View Township List (by name)
View Township List (by location)
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Listings By Township Name

Atlanta: T35N R7W  Atlanta: T35N R7W
Atlanta: T35N R8W  Atlanta: T35N R8W
Big Bend: T33N R8W  Big Bend: T33N R8W
Big Falls: T36N R5W  Big Falls: T36N R5W
Cedar Rapids: T36N R4W  Cedar Rapids: T36N R4W
Dewey: T35N R5W  Dewey: T35N R5W
Flambeau: T35N R6W  Flambeau: T35N R6W
Grow: T34N R5W  Grow: T34N R5W
Hawkins: T34N R3W  Hawkins: T34N R3W
Hawkins: T35N R3W  Hawkins: T35N R3W
Hubbard: T36N R6W  Hubbard: T36N R6W
Hubbard: T36N R7W  Hubbard: T36N R7W
Lawrence: T34N R3W  Lawrence: T34N R3W
Lawrence: T34N R4W  Lawrence: T34N R4W
Marshall: T33N R5W  Marshall: T33N R5W
Murry: T36N R7W  Murry: T36N R7W
Murry: T36N R8W  Murry: T36N R8W
Richland: T35N R3W  Richland: T35N R3W
Richland: T35N R4W  Richland: T35N R4W
Rusk: T33N R9W  Rusk: T33N R9W
South Fork: T36N R3W  South Fork: T36N R3W
Strickland: T34N R9W  Strickland: T34N R9W
Stubbs: T34N R7W  Stubbs: T34N R7W
Stubbs: T34N R8W  Stubbs: T34N R8W
Thornapple: T34N R7W  Thornapple: T34N R7W
Thornapple: T34N R8W  Thornapple: T34N R8W
Thornapple: T35N R7W  Thornapple: T35N R7W
True: T35N R4W  True: T35N R4W
Washington: T33N R7W  Washington: T33N R7W
Wilkinson: T35N R9W  Wilkinson: T35N R9W
Willard: T33N R6W  Willard: T33N R6W
Wilson: T36N R9W  Wilson: T36N R9W
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Listings By Township Location

T33N R5W: Marshall  T33N R5W: Marshall
T33N R6W: Willard  T33N R6W: Willard
T33N R7W: Washington  T33N R7W: Washington
T33N R8W: Big Bend  T33N R8W: Big Bend
T33N R9W: Rusk  T33N R9W: Rusk
T34N R3W: Hawkins  T34N R3W: Hawkins
T34N R3W: Lawrence  T34N R3W: Lawrence
T34N R4W: Lawrence  T34N R4W: Lawrence
T34N R5W: Grow  T34N R5W: Grow
T34N R6W: Grant  T34N R6W: Grant
T34N R7W: Stubbs  T34N R7W: Stubbs
T34N R7W: Thornapple  T34N R7W: Thornapple
T34N R8W:Stubbs  T34N R8W: Stubbs
T34N R8W: Thornapple  T34N R8W: Thornapple
T34N R9W: Strickland  T34N R9W: Strickland
T35N R3W: Hawkins  T35N R3W: Hawkins
T35N R3W: Richland  T35N R3W: Richland
T35N R4W; Richland  T35N R4W: Richland
T35N R4W: True  T35N R4W: True
T35N R5W: Dewey  T35N R5W: Dewey
T35N R6W: Flambeau  T35N R6W: Flambeau
T35N R7W: Atlanta  T35N R7W: Atlanta
T35N R7W: Thornapple  T35N R7W: Thornapple
T35N R8W: Atlanta  T35N R8W: Atlanta
T35N R9W: Wilkinson  T35N R9W: Wilkinson
T36N R3W: South Fork  T36N R3W: South Fork
T36N R4W: Cedar Rapids  T36N R4W: Cedar Rapids
T36N R5W: Big Falls  T36N R5W: Big Falls
T36N R6W: Hubbard  T36N R6W: Hubbard
T36N R7W: Hubbard  T36N R7W: Hubbard
T36N R7W: Murry  T36N R7W: Murry
T36N R8W: Murry  T36N R8W: Murry
T36N R9W: Wilson  T36N R9W: Wilson
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Township Map

Wilson Township Murray Township Murray Township Hubbard Township Hubbard Township Big Falls Township Cedar Rapids Township South Fork Township Wilkinson Township Atlanta Township Atlanta Township Thornapple Township Flambeau Township Dewey Township True Township Richland Township Hawkins Township Strickland Township Stubbs Township Stubbs Township Thornapple Township Grant Township Grow Township Lawrence Township Lawrence Township Hawkins Township Rusk Township Big Bend Township Washington Township Willard Township Marshall Township
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