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Teacher's Cabin

Welcome to the Teacher's Cabin. The teacher's cabin was built in 1915. It was home to teachers who taught in the Wilson State Grade School 2nd Class in the Town of Willard. It was last used in 1937.
Exterior of Teacher's Cabin
The cabin was donated to the "Dogville" community by Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ralston. They, in turn, gave it to the Rusk County Historical Society. The cabin was moved to its current location at the Rusk County Historical Society Museum grounds on August 24, 1989. This photo shows the exterior of the cabin.

A sign on the side of the teacher's cabin lists the families who lived in Dogville. The sign also indicates the number of miles each family lived from the school.
List of Dogville Residents
The date these residents lived in Dogville is not given.

Now let's go inside the Teacher's Cabin.
Interior of Teacher's Cabin-View 1
This picture shows the first of the two rooms inside the cabin. Notice how low the ceiling is.

This is also a view of the first room. Notice the wringer-washer.
Interior of Teacher's Cabin-View 2

The second room of the cabin was a combination living room/bedroom. There was a day bed for sleeping.
Interior of Teacher's Cabin-View 4

A radio and chair provide a place to relax after a hard day of teaching.
Interior of Teacher's Cabin-View 5

A rug loom provides a productive way to spend the evening hours.
Interior of Teacher's Cabin-View 3

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