WIRock--Early Marriages

Early Rock County Marriages

Taken from "Rock County, Wisconsin, Vol. I"
by William Fiske Brown, (c)1908, pp. 264-269.
Courtesy of Carol

Rock County, Wisconsin

"[The First Congregational Church of Beloit's] first pastor, Rev. Dexter CLARY, kept a register of marriages and deaths. As there is no record elsewhere of these facts his account for those earlier years is given here, so as to help preserve a valuable record. The original book, with the consent of Dr. CLARY's grandson, R. J. C. STRONG, M.D., of Beloit, Wis., will be deposited in our new state historical library building at Madison, Wis."






July 12, 1841 BOILVIN, Wm. C. BIRD, Juliette (Pecatonic, IL) $5.00 -----
Sept. 1, 1841 HILL, Hiram (Beloit) CHENEY, Caroline (Beloit) $2.50 -----
Sept. 2, 1842 HERSEY, Saml. (Pecatonic, IL) COLE, Hannah (Beloit) $1.00 -----
March 20, 1842 MERRILL, David (Whitewater) FONDA, Agnes (Beloit) $3.00 -----
June 30, 1842 FISHER, Lucius J. (Beloit) FIELD, Caroline E. (Beloit) $5.00 "This was undoubtedly Lucius G. FISHER. Mr. CLARY made a mistake as to his middle initial. - Ed."
Sept. 1, 1842 CONRAD, Chs. H. (Rockford) BRADLEY, Harriet (Roscoe) $5.00 -----
Sept. 26, 1842 BICKNELL, Edwin (Beloit) FISHER, Jane A. (Beloit) $5.00 -----
Oct. 26, 1942 BICKNELL, Dr. Geo. W. (Patosi) RAWSON, Abigail (Mendon, Mass.) $5.00 -----
March 6, 1843 WELLS, Saml. O. (Michigan) HOLMES, Lucinda (Janesville) $5.00 -----
May 27, 1843 ROAHRIZ, Joseph (Indiana) DAYTON, Arabella (Beloit, late of Milwaukee) $1.00 -----
June 5, 1843 TALCOTT, Thos. B. (Pecatonic, IL) WILLARD, Sophia (Pecatonic, IL) $5.00 -----
Oct. 11, 1843 WRIGHT, Chas. C. TALCOTT, Harriet (Pecatonic, IL) $5.00 -----
1843 HAYES, Eli (Beloit) CURTIS, Naomi K. (Beloit) $2.00 -----
Feb. 8, 1844 BLACKINTON, Mr. (Rockford) SMITH, Lydia (Rockford) $4.00 -----
April 2, 1844 CARRIER, Lawson CARRIER, Amelia A. (Illinois) $2.00 -----
June 3, 1844 SMITH, Peter (Rock Grove, IL) CHAMBERLIN, Julia (Clinton) $5.00 -----
Nov. 27, 1844 SAXBY, John B. (Beloit) WARNER, Harriet (Beloit) $3.00 "Sent the certificate to KIMBAL, Dec. 17, by Rev. Mr. BUCKLEY"
April 6, 1845 ALBEE, George C. (Pecatonic, IL) MILLS, Susan C. (Beloit) $1.50 -----
Aug. 15, 1845 HINMAN, Saml. (Prairieville) WHITE, Eliza M. (Beloit) $5.00 -----
Nov. 22, 1845 STEVENS, Rev. J. D. (Platteville) HUMFREY, Esther (Victor, NY) ----- "Sent the 3 above certifts to the office by H. HONBART."
Dec. 9, 1845 BENEDICT, John HERICK, Sarah Ann (Turtle) $3.75
Dec. 11, 1845 RIVER, Abram (Beloit) STENHOUSE, Agnes (Beloit) $3.00
March 10, 1846 CLARKE, Dr. Dexter G. (Beloit) MOORE, Sarah Jane (Beloit) ----- "Sent certificate by J. M. KEEP, June 6, '46. D.C. (His initials. - Ed.)."
April 27, 1846 FIELD, Sd. C. COOPER, Mrs. Marthan A. ----- "Sent certificate, June 6, by Mr. KEEP"
Aug. 11, 1846 CARR, Joseph CHENEY, Azuba L. $3.00 "Sent the 2 last certificates by G. L. BECKER."
Sept. 28, 1846 CASTLE, William WASHBURN, Martha L. $5.00
Dec. 10, 1846 JAQUISH, John ABERNATHY, Betsey (IL) $1.00 "Married at Beloit"
June 29, 1847 WADSWORTH, Edwin R. EAMES, Emiline $5.00 "Gave certificate myself to KIMBALL's clerk, Augt. 3d."
Aug. 20, 1847 JEROME, Hon. J. H. (Mantins, NY) MURRAY, Charlotte J. (Clinton) $10.00 "Sent the last 3 certificates to KIMBALL by A. B. HOWE."
Aug. 24, 1847 CHAMBERLIN, Philip F. (Niles, MI) HILL, Harriet (Beloit) $2.00
Nov. 6, 1847 GILLETT, Geo. W. (Clinton) MURRY, Sarah (Clinton) $2.00
Dec. 9, 1847 WORKS, James M. (Rockford) HERSEY, Selvina $5.00 "Gave the 3 last certificates to KIMBALL's clk. myself, Feb. 22, '48."
Dec. 29, 1847 KINCAID, Arthur L. PERKINS, Murial H. $3.00
Jan. 20, 1848 MANCHESTER, T. C. PARISH, Julia E. $10.00
May 18, 1848 PARKER, Abram W. (Janesville) HOWE, Sophia (Beloit) $5.00 "Sent the last three certificates to KIMBAL by G. L. BECKER, July 19."
May 28, 1848 ANTISDAL, Clark G. NEWELL, Harriet $2.50
July 13, 1848 SPENCER, Lewis (Union) NEWTON, Maryann (Rockton, IL) $5.00
Oct. 24, 1848 MITCHELL, Geo. W. (Beloit) PIERSON, Lucy (Beloit) $5.00 "Sent by A. L. F., Dec. 26."
Jan. 3, 1849 HOSKINS, Thos. CLARK, M. J. $2.50 "Sent Ths H's certificate to Janesville, Mch. 26, by B. FISH."
Jan. 11, 1849 THOMPSON, Lyman S. KINCAID, Julia A. $2.50 "Sent ... to Jno. NICHOLS by S. HINMAN, July 28."
April 25, 1849 WILLIAMS, David (Mount Zion, WI) BELOIT, Jane (Beloit) $2.00 "Sent the license by him to Recorder same day."
May 30, 1849 GRAY, H. H., Esqr. PEET, Harriet M. $10.00 "Sent the 4 preceding certificates to Jno. NICHOLS by S. HINMAN, July 28."
June 15, 1849 KENT, Benj. A. BROWN, Elizth. W. $5.00
July 29, 1849 CONANT, Abram (Roscoe, IL) FREELAND, Cath. E. $2.00 "Sent the two last by G. L. FOWLER, Oct. 29, to J. NICHOLS."
Oct. 28, 1849 THOMAS, John L. GOSS, Caroline E. $5.00
Dec. 26, 1849 THOMPSON, Chelsea HYATT, Cynthia $5.00 "Sent these two to J.ville by Revd. H. FOOT, Jan. 21."
Jan. 2, 1850 WADSWORTH, Jasan C. (Jefferson, WI) MOORE, Isabella (Beloit) $4.00
Jan. 24, 1850 ALLIS, Franklin (Beloit) GORDON, Elizabeth D. (Turtle) $5.00 "Sent the certificate to J. NICHOLS, Esq., Feb. 22, by mail."
Feb. 25, 1850 KIRBY, Capt. Edward (Jefferson, late from London) REED, Lucy Jane (Beloit) $5.00 "Witnesses, Mr. and Mrs. REED, parents; Sent to J. NICKLES by Mr. EMER, Mc 14, '50."
Oct. 9, 1850 WOODWARD, Geo. Henry HOLLISTER, Mary Caroline (Beloit) $3.00 "Witnesses, H. T. WOODWARD & Cornelius HOLLISTER; Mailed ... to C. C. TOWNSAND, Nov. 8th; also two from A. L. CHAPIN, & paid $1 for fees. D. CLARY."
Oct. 16, 1850 TIFFANY, Nelson (Manchester, IL) BENEDICT, Mirian Elizabeth (Beloit, late of Perrington, NY) $2.00 "Witnesses, Chs H. WARREN, Caroline HANCHETT; Mailed ... to C. C. TOWNSAND, Nov. 8th; also two from A. L. CHAPIN, & paid $1 for fees. D. CLARY."
"Although Dr. Clary's pastorate ended in 1850, July, when he became an agent of the American Home Missionary Society,
his home continued to be Beloit for the rest of his life. A few later items of this record are added as being of special interest. - Ed."
March 1, 1853 BEADLE, John W. MORESE, Phebe F. (Rockton, IL) $3.00 -----
Oct. 16, 1854 JAMES, Washington (Beloit) MACKLEM, Cornelia (Sharon) $5.00 "Witnesses, Orlando MACKLEM, George IRISH"
Oct. 31, 1854 ANDERSON, Chs. Lewis, M.D. (St. Anthony Falls, MN) HOWE, Marial H. (Beloit) $5.00 "Witnesses, Sarah M. CLARY, Lucy BROWN"
Jan. 1, 1856 HUMPHREY, Noah Stephen BEEDLE, Harriet Marion $2.50 "Witnesses Stephen O. HUMPHREY, John W. BEEDLE"
July 23, 1856 SHERWOOD, Jesse M. (Manitowoc) DURGIN, Jane D. (Beloit) $10.00 "Witnesses Ezra DURGIN, S. C. FIELD; Certificate mailed same day to the Register, Janesville."
Sept. 18, 1856 ROSENKRANS, John (Beloit) PERKINS, Mary W. (Beloit) $5.00 "Witnesses, Sarah M. CLARY, Sophia FIELD; Sent certificate same day to register by mail."
Oct. 2, 1856 BIGELOW, Rev. Warren (Black River Falls, WI) WOODWARD, Lucy ----- "Witnesses, Benj. DURHAM, Henry HOLLISTER; Sent my certifte same day to Janesville by mail."
Sept. 8, 1857 STRONG, Henry Partridge CLARY, Sarah Mary (Beloit) ----- "Witnesses, Mr. STRONG (James), Mr. FOWLER (James); Sept. 23 mail certificate for Janesville."
Nov. 30, 1859 HAMILTON, Henry Edwd. (Chicago, IL) RAYMOND, Caroline Jane (Beloit) $10.00 "Witnesses, Horatio J. MURRY, John HAMMOND"
Jan. 26, 1865 CROSBY, Geo. H. (Turtle) HAMMOND, Adelaide L. (Turtle) $6.00 "Witnesses, Thos CROSBY, John HAMMOND all of Turtle. Sent certificate to C. C. KEELER, by mail, Jan. 28."

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