Richland County, Wisconsin Death Index

Thompson's Richland County, Wisconsin
Death Index (To 1998) - "Q"

Quackenbush, Chauncey Melvin              1936-11-27   11b-240
Quackenbush, Francis                      1882-03-08   B-178
Quackenbush, Jennie                       1916-01-06   02A-809
Quackenbush, John Aldro                   1905-01-12   G-083
Quackenbush, Wallace G.                   1908-04-14   01-540
Quackenbush, Walter Ray                   1911-01-28   01-726
Qualy, Julius Marion                      1969-03-14   25c-067
Qualy, Orliee G.                          1945-03-23   16a-062
Quast, August C.                          1915-04-15   02A-620
Queen, Benjamin W.                        1981-06-21   30b-098
Queen, Elizabeth Melvina                  1944-05-13   15b-110
Queen, Glen James                         1949-02-24   17b-052
Queen, James B.                           1906-11-05   G-142
Queen, Mona A.                            1898-04-29   F-034
Queen, Phebe G.                           1898-11-09   F-034
Queen, Raymond L.                         1930-12-21   09-230
Querhammer, Benjamin Franklin             1978-05-14   29b-087
Querhammer, May A.                        1964-03-15   23b-061
Quick, Harry B.                           1953-08-14   18c-169
Quick, Leona                              1954-12-17   19c-013
Quigne, Amanda Patricia                   1970-03-02   26a-045
Quigne, John                              1965-06-30   24a-127
Quigne, Susan                             1902-03-19   G-005
Quinlin, Ann                              1900-03-09   F-097
Quinn, Julia                              1931-01-13   09-248
Quinn, Peter Henry                        1941-06-29   14a-118
Quinn, Virgie                             1906-09-17   G-137
Quist, Alex                               1938-08-17   12b-139

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