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Last Update - 5/5/2004

This is a photo of Lamberton School, Town of Caledonia submitted by Russ ---? (Sorry I didn't get your last name). His says his mother, Bernice Willette is in last row second from left.

Early photo of Hotel Racine

Early postcard of Racine Main Street

Early photo of Tichigan Lake

Early postcard of the Racine Harbor

Garage Sale Rescue

John Hewes writes:
I purchased an old 5x7 frame which turned out to contain both of these pictures. I purchased them on County KR, which is the road separating Racine and Kenosha counties.

The oldest of the pictures is of a young woman, possibly high school age. This picture is the one that originally went with the frame. I know this because on the back of the frame, the photographer wrote, "No. 3 C. Woodward". I believe this may be the name of the woman. The frame was originally attached to two other frames, one on each side. These other frames probably contained pictures of the woman's siblings.

The older picture is not professional. I date it in the 1930's due to the vehicle in the background. The older woman standing with the older man, is probably the same woman as in the earlier picture. They both have a prominent cleft in the chin. That would also explain why both pictures were kept in the same frame.

If you think the photos of these people are your ancestors, contact: John Hewes

Nancy Ellenson writes:
This photo was taken at Leonardt (sp?) Studio in Racine. Unknown people, unknown date. I received this photo from my grandpa's cousin, who passed away before I could find out who they were. nfortunately, my grandpa doesn't know, either. If you can identify these people, please contact me. Nancy Ellenson

Unknown wedding photo
Date unknown

This photo is from Dawn M. Knauft and was sent to the Racine GenWeb Project in 1999.
St. John's Lutheran Church, Burlington, Racine Co., Wisconsin confirmation class circa 1897. Perhaps someone can help identify the others in the photo. Dawn M. Knauft

This photo is from Joy Weber. Joy writes:
I wonder if there is anyone who could tell me who owned this refreshment/service station in Racine and where it was located? I believe it was either my great-great uncles, Andrew and Arthur Andersen (also shown as Anderson at times and even Andresen) or their sons. The child in the photograph is one of my grandmotheršs children. She was Margaret Jensen (daughter of Hans Peder and Anna Marie Jensen). Joy Weber

This photo is from Patti Bacon. Patti writes:
I'm sending a photo of Joe Horlick. I'm not sure if it is J. A. Horlick or the son of J. A. Horlick, Joseph.
It came from a Garrett Family Album. The Garretts were related to the Bacons through Lavinia Bacon, daughter of Thaddeus Bacon and Flavia (Doud) Bacon who lived in Racine beginning in 1842 or 1844.
I am related to the Bacons. I have other photos of the Bacons and Garretts. I saw the article on your site about J.A. Horlick and the picture of him when he was an older man. My picture and the picture you have look similar. Possibly father and son or same man, younger and older, I'm not sure which.

Log cabin originally built in 1791 by a French trapper and subsequently used as a stagecoach stop, destroyed in a tornado nearly a century later.

Racine County's second courthouse (1877-1931)

Captain Gilbert Knapp (1798-1887)

Racine Mayors (left to right): A. J. Horlick (1907-1911), Martin M. Secor (1884-5 to 1888-9), David G. Janes (1895-1897), Adolph Weber (1890-1891), Peter B. Nelson (1903-1907), Frank Mitchell (1889-1890), Michael Higgins Jr. (1889-1903), Ernest Hueffner (1879-1880).
Photos above are in the publication: Racine: Growth and Change in a Wisconsin County edited by Nicholas C. Burckel. (Racine: 1977)

Secor, M.M., Trunk Company, Industrial Bldg., 427 Lake Ave., Racine, Racine County, WI

Residence of Hon. J. I. Case, Main St., Racine, WI

F. Harbridge Chemist, Drugs and Family Grocer, No. 148 Main St., Racine, WI

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