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News Stories featuring Historic Racine

Buried railroad ties puzzle historians
Racine Journal Times By Joe Buttweiler, Aug. 17, 2000

2 buildings dedicated during Norway festival ( Eielsen homestead )
Racine Journal Times BY MARCI LAEHR TENUTA Sunday, June 11, 2000

Underground railroad remembered
Racine Journal Times, By Rob Golub, Sunday, Feb. 18, 2001

Racine County had significant role in helping runaway slaves
BY ABE WINTER, Journal Times Burlington Bureau, Feb. 3, 2002

Markers subtle reminders of areas' ties to the past
Racine Journal Times BY JEFF WILFORD, March 8, 2000

List of Area Historial Markers
Racine Journal Times, March 8, 2000

Lost in Racine: Discovering Olympia Brown
Mary Beth Danielson, Racine Journal Times, June 8, 2001

Five women who helped shape area
Sarah Milligan, Maria Anna Bauer (Maria Benedicta Bauer), Nettie E. Karcher, Marguarite Davis, Olympia Brown Willis
Racine Journal Times, BY PEGGY ANDERSON, March 5, 2001

St. Mary's by the Lake begins sesquicentennial celebration
Racine Journal Times, Aug. 19, 2002

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Racine Journal Times
Racine Labor 1941-1942 P73-4976
1943-1944 P73-4977
1945 P30602
1946-1947 P30603
1948-1949 P30604
1950-1951 P30605
1952-1953 P30606
1954-1955 P30607
1956-1957 P73-4978
1958 P73-4979
1959 P73-4980
1960 P73-4981
1961-1962 P73-4982
1963-1964 P73-4983
1965 P73-4984
1966 P73-4985
1967:Jan 6-Dec 29 P73-4986
1968:May 2-1969 P73-4987
1969:May 9-1970 P73-4988
1971-1972:Jun P73-4989
1972:Jul-1973 P73-4990
1974:Jan 4-1975:Jun 27 N75-132
1975:Jul 4-1976:Sept 24 P80-3254
1977:Jan 6-Dec 30 N77-1699
1978 N80-58
1979 N80-59
1980 N81-323
1981:Jan 9-1982:Jun N82-432
1982:Jul-1983:Sept P88-821
1983-1984:Aug P88-822
1984:Sept-1986:Mar P88-823
1986:Apr-1987:Sept N87-1044
1987:Oct-1989:Mar N89-169
1989:Apr-1990:Dec P94-715
1991:Jan 11-1992:Dec 25 P91-3602
1993:Jan 8-1994:Dec 30 P95-1095
1995:Jan 6-1996:Dec 27 P98-1099
2000 P01-326
Shoreline Leader 1965:Mar 25-Apr 1; 1965:Apr 8-1966:Aug 29 P75-4779
1965:Apr 22-1969:Dec 25 P73-4326
1966:Sep 5-1967:Nov P73-4327
1967:Dec-1968 P73-4328
1969 P73-4329
1970:Jan-Oct P73-4330
1970:Nov-1971:Jul P73-4331
1971:Aug-1972:Apr P73-4332
1972:May-Dec P73-4333
1973:Jan-Jul P73-4334
1973:Aug-Dec P73-4334
1974:Jan-Oct 24 P74-3366
1974:Oct 31-Dec P74-3367
1975:Jan-Nov 13 P75-4777
1975:Nov 20-Dec P75-4778
1976:Jan-Sep P77-594
1976:Oct-Dec P76-595
1977:Jan-Oct 6 P77-3412
1977:Oct 13-Dec P77-3311
1978:Jan-Sep 21 P78-2189
1978:Sep 28-Dec P78-2188
1979:Jan-Sep P79-2555
1979:Oct-Dec P79-2556
1980:Jan-Jul 3 P80-4044
1980:Jul 10-Dec P80-4045
1981:Jan 8-Aug 13 P81-3023
1981:Aug 20-Dec P81-3024
1982:Jan-Aug 12 P82-3315
1982:Aug 19-Dec P82-3316
1983:Jan-Sep 8 P83-2663
1983:Sep 15-Dec P83-2664
1984:Jan 5-Aug 9 P84-2677
1984:Aug 16-Dec 27 P84-2678
1985:Jan 3-Sep 26 P85-1825
1985:Oct 3-Dec 26 P85-1826
1986:Jan-Aug P86-3275
1986:Sep-Dec 25 P86-3276
1981 N81-1668
1983:Jan-Jun N83-1765
1983:Jul-Dec N83-1766
1987 N90-946
1988 N90-947
The Communicator News 1985:Nov-1988:Dec 5 P91-1922
1987:Jan 2-Dec 16 N87-1163
1989:Jun 2-1990:Nov 14 P92-4960
1991:Jan 23-Dec 31 P93-643
1992:Jan 8-Aug 26 P92-5043
Racine Star
Star Times P69-2859 5n
Racine Examiner 1934:Apr 6 - ? 81-4542

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