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Phillips' Early History


Phillips began as a small station of the Wisconsin Central Railroad, established on the banks of Elk Lake.  The settlement was platted on September 23, 1876 and named in honor of the General Manager of the railroad. It quickly became the headquarters for supplying the surrounding logging camps with supplies.


The first settlers in Phillips were:



First Name Occupation
Alexander A.  
Barry M.  
Bartoe George W.  
Brown Walter  
Burns Tim  
Callahan Thomas  
Campbell (Mrs.)  
Dardis Chris  
Farrell J. H. Established the first general store
Farrell W.  
Gumaer W. D.  
Halnerson Edward  
Hand Willis  
Henan (Mrs.)  
Jackson Allen  
Lingren J. H.  
McConnell (Mr. & Mrs.)  
McKinley James  
Murray E. W.  
Myers George  
Nicholson M.  
O'Brian David  
OBrian John  
Quail James  
Roser Charles H. Established the first hotel with Mr. Allen Jackson, named "The Lake View House"
Sackett F. W.  
Sheehan John  
Silvernail Charles  
Smith (Mr.)  
Thompson (Mr.)  
Turner W. F. Established the "Turner House" hotel.
Waddel William Established the second hotel.
Wyatt J.D., Dr.  
    List of names found in the Historical and Biographical Album of the Chippewa Valley of Wisconsin; A, Warner, Publisher; 1891-2; pg 366


The first Post Office was established in September, 1876 and the postmaster was Edward H. Alverson.


The first religious services were ministered by Reverend Henry Galloway from the Methodist Episcopal Church of Medford in 1876.


On May 20, 1877 a disastrous fire consumed all but seven buildings in the new settlement, but the industrious residents quickly rebuilt.


The first school in the County was established in Phillips on June 11, 1877 with Miss Hannah Widdell the first teacher and C. H. Roser the first president of the school district. A second schoolhouse was established in 1884 with W. F. Owen it's principle.


The settlement's first newspaper was the "Times" and began publication in January 1877 by W. F. Sackett. It was a weekly newspaper with democratic principles. The "Badger" was first published on July 5, 1881 by Charles H. Darlington. This paper was also a weekly publication but held a 'republican' point of view. The "Bee" began in 1884 by George Osterman and is still published today. It originally held a republican view point and became the official paper for the County.


In March of 1879 Phillips became the County Seat and in 1882 the only manufacturing industry incorporated as the the Phillips Lumber Company. It employed about 400 men.


An opera house was established in 1885 by the gentlemen Sackett, Sullivan and Bartoe.


The settlement continued to grow and on April 10, 1891 it was incorporated as the City of Phillips. The first Mayor was B. W. Davis; W. H. Wilson was the City Clerk; C. C. Kelleher was the City's Treasurer; T. J. Meredith was the City Assessor and F. W. Sackett was the Police Justice.


By 1891 the City of Phillips was progressing and growing with the Nation and the residents and business in the city had electric lights.


For more information about the history of Phillips: Link: History of Phillips, WI



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