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*Bemm, Frank H.

Strenz, Anna S.

29 Nov 1891



Bradle, Joseph Rogne, Cordelia c. 1906-1909 Price County yamaram1@yahoo.com
Carlson, Martin Juline Hallstrand, Emma Christina 11 Apr 1896 Prentice  
Chrisler, Aloysias Heald, Carrie 26 Apr 1905 Price County  
Dahle, Kristopher Olson, Mary (Marie) 1894 Phillips klmhouse@sbcglobal.net

Fandry, Lenard

Eheler, Martha Manilla

28 Feb 1937

Park Falls


Ferguson, Henry

Rivers, Iantha

25 Dec 1891



Flicker, Conrad Burgmeyer, Rose 11 Feb 1896 Phillips  

Fox, Michael

Kroening, Milissa

30 Sep 2006

Luthern Church, Park Falls


Herbst, John Fred

Woodie, Katherine

20 May 1924

Park Falls


Hinton, Clayton Bernard

Zoesch, Laura Louise

11 Jun 1927



Hinton, Leonard Herald

Schmidtke, Laura Belle

01 Sep 1951

Park Falls


Hobe, Ole Karl

Adams, Helen Anita

10 Feb 1900

Knox Mills


Hoglund, John Nelson, Anna 13 Jul 1896 Hackett  
Kaugar, Wiktar Antilla, Alma 05 Jul 1901 Prentice  

King, Harry

Lowery, Norma

02 Sep 1918

Park Falls


Lind, Henry

Anderson, Hilda

20 Apr 1912



Lowery, Theodore Clifford

Hilgart, Dorothy Marie  

30 June 1947

Park Falls


McKeever, Lawrence Michael

Poetzl, Beatrice




Marsh, Byron J.

Eheler, Frances Pearl

17 Aug 1931



Nitke, Glenard Henry

McKeever, Rita Elizabeth

08 Oct 1947



Nystrom, Peter Sundberg, Anna M. 23 Feb 1904 Ogema  

Palecek, August Leroy

Herbst, Evelyn Frances

30 Oct 1948

Park Falls


Palecek, John Peter

Wallner, Anna

30 Jan 1905

Park Falls


Palecek, Wayne Joseph

Hinton, Lois Ann

15 Dec 1973

Park Falls


Pennington, Mathie Waddell, Amanda 28 Mar 1904 Price Twp.  

Premeau, James Francis

Lois Turney

28 Dec 1958

St. Anthony’s Catholic Church, Park Falls


Premeau, Violis Gambriel

Eheler, Dorothy Prudence

07 Oct 1937

St. Frances Catholic Church, Fifield


Schmidtke, Peter Albert

Smith, Ethelle

24 Oct 1929

Park Falls


Woodie, Joseph

Dums, Anna

26 Nov 1894



Yankee, Fred C. Schnur, Alice M. 05 Sep 1895 Fifield Ken Schnur

Zoesch, Charles B.

Schultz, Anna

28 Apr 1898

Park Falls


I want to thank the following individuals who have contributed to this index, with out them this page would not be possible:

Dan Jezeski; Ron Nitke; Betty J. Hays Woods

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The first wedding in the new Catholic Church here was celebrated January 30, 1905 at 9 o'clock when Miss Annie Wallner, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. Wallner of the Town of Eisenstein became the bride of John Palecek, also of Eisenstein. Rev. Father Klein performed the ceremony in the presence of a gathering which filled the church. There were no attendants.

The proceedings were tinged with a slight touch of pathos and excitement by the bride fainting before the altar. The strain and excitement of preparing for the wedding, together with the early morning drive through the cold air and the entrance to the warm building, seemed to overcome her momentarily.

After the ceremony the bridal party took light refreshments at Hotel Kollmer and from there proceeded to the home of the bride's parents where the event was fittingly celebrated. Here, with John Vogl, Charlie Zoesch, and Phillip Oesterreich, Jr. as a trio of musicians, the marry dance was continued through the afternoon, evening and until 4 o'clock the next morning and was resumed again Tuesday when the dancers had taken a rest. During all of this time the tables in the dining room were kept loaded with the best of good things while there was cigars and beer for those who wished them in abundance. All were profuse in their praise of the cooking and the hospitality manifested on every side.

The groom is a well-known and highly respected young man and his winsome bride has a warm spot reserved for her in the hearts of her host of friends. Mr. Palecek will work the farm for Mr. Wallner, who is suffering which rheumatic trouble and unable to do any work. The many presents of money and valuables received by the young couple are the best evidence of the esteem in which they are held by their circle of friends, all of whom wish them a long, happy and prosperous journey through life together.

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