Eheler Family photo


Eheler Family photo


Left to Right

#1. Margaret Marie {Eheler} Shaw with white purse in her hand.

#2. Martha Manella {Eheler} Fandry, Everroad with glasses back row.

#3. Elizabeth Ann {Eheler} Hays, Glass,  shortest one in front white earrings. {My Mother}

#4. Chester Alvin Eheler, back row with black bow tie. 

#5. Pearl Pauline {Hennagir} Eheler, Rozelle  {My Grandmother}

#6. Herbert Hoover Eheler,  back row plaid shirt.

#7. Gerrtrude Izola {Eheler} Soward.  White pin on sweater and white earrings.

#8. Dorothy Prudence {Eheler} Premeau, Goody. with glasses.

      Picture taken  August 23, 1959 at Grandpa's house in Kennedy, Price Co. Wisconsin,
      Funeral of Warrel Daniel Eheler {My Grandfather}

If this person is connected to your family, please contact the contributor: Betty J. Hays Woods.


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