They called it the Upper Osceola Prairie, and that’s about all it was in the early 1850’s, a peaceful meadow of tall grasses….


The first settlers, the Charles Willis Clark family were from Vermont. Their son, Oscar Allen was a surveyor in Polk County in 1851 and probably influenced the move of his parents. Charles and Eliza and their family are reported to be living in the Osceola area around 1852.


Eliza Clark took deed to the Clark property in the Upper Osceola Prairie, some 80 acres, October 2, 1854 and another 40 acres in 1855.


Charles and Eliza had 7 children: Charles W., Leamon G., Cornelius, Oscar A., Amanda, Andrew J., and George S.. Charles and Eliza died in the spring of 1867. 


George S. had land south of the homestead and was married to Eunice Godfry, daughter of John S. Godfry. When George S. died in 1876 another brother, Cornelius, married his widow. The childless Cornelius and his wife donated a lot of land to the railroad.


Amanda, the only daughter of the Charles Clark’s, married Barnabas Pitman in 1855. Barnabas and Amanda had 6 children.


Andrew J. Clark worked with his parents in their store in Osceola and lived at home. In 1862 he married Emily Salsbury, and had 2 sons. Andrew died in 1873 at age 35 years. In 1875, Emily married David W. E. Mears. This marriage bore one daughter, Emily. This is the Emily Olson, whose historical home, owned by the Osceola Historical Society, is named after.


Charles and Eliza’s son, Leamon G. has his name on the abstract next, so he must have taken over after his parent’s died. Leamond G. had a trading business on the river near St. Croix. He was married to Elizabeth Ivory Wood. Leamon and Elizabeth had 11 children. Elizabeth succumbed to T. B. in 1876 at only 47 years of age, her husband died four years later, at age 54, of inflammation of the heart.


Four of the children of Leamon and Elizabeth married four McClean siblings, George F. Clark to Ida McLean, Mary Clark to Isaac McLean, Katherine Clark to David McLean and Joseph to Mira McLean.





At age 20, George Fremont was left in charge of the farm and the rest of the family.

Two years later George married Ida McClean and they had 9

children: Elizabeth, Guy Lehman, George F., Eugene, Glenn, Fred,

James, Charles, and Admiral, nick named “Dot”. The present home on the farm (picture page 1) was built about 1903 for Monte’s large family.

Monte served as a member of the county board for about 30 years and as a member of his school district board for over 40 years. He was keenly interested in civil and political affairs. His cheerful personality won him thousands of friends.

In 1973 Monte’s grandson, Lehmann bought the farm.



The farm is now owned by Robert Eugene Clark and his wife, Connie (Larson) Clark. Robert is the sixth generation of the patriot, Charles, who came from Vermont, one hundred and fifty years ago. Bob’s father, Lehman Otis Clark passed away in 1993. Bob’s mother, Juanita Lucille (Reiter) Clark owned a dress store in Osceola for years. Her health is well and she now lives in St. Croix Falls.


Bob has two brothers and one sister as follows:

Steven Lehman married Nancy Hoverman, Steve and Nancy live in Dresser.                 Randall Willis Guy married Sandra Jackson, Randy & Sandy live north of St. Croix Falls. Phyllis June Clark is single and lives Albania and works at the U. S. Embassy.    


Bob and Connie have two children: Daniel Robert married Tracey Joy Luchsinger, Dan teaches fourth in St. Croix Falls and coaches wrestling. 

Monica recently married Mike Carlson and they make their home in Tucson, Arizona.