Poplar Hill Cemetery Stone Inscriptions


The Rock Elm Poplar Hill Cemetery Association was established about 1870. Cemetery records show the members were holding meetings as early as 1871.  The organization purchased two acres of land to be used for a cemetery from C.A. Hawn in 1875.  Prior to establishment of this cemetery burials were made in the Rock Elm Township Cemetery (often referred to as the Condit Cemetery), or on private burial grounds on the land where the family lived.  Many of these bodies were later moved into the Poplar Hill Cemetery.

The Poplar Hill cemetery Association fell apart after the Bank of Elmwood folded in 1933. Records were not maintained during the depression years and the old record book was mislaid. The Association reorganized about 1938.  The old records were later found and donated to the Area Research Center at the University of WI-River Falls.

The grave markers were transcribed and indexed during the summer of 1985 by Robert Holcomb, Reta Sanford and Jennifer Haupt.  Some information was taken from the cemetery records, obituaries or Pierce County Death Records

This cemetery is very large and has been split into four pages


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