Pierce County, Wisconsin in the Civil War
This page will contain the list of all men from Pierce County who served in Wisconsin units in the Civil War.  Click on the link for each regiment to go to an off-site history of each.  Click on the link to each individual company to find a list of men who served in each from Pierce County.  These following are NOT complete rosters, only the men who served from Pierce County, with the exception of the few full rosters that were already online.  To view full rosters, please click on the link given above.  This list will probably never be 100% complete as some men did not list a residence, and some did not serve from their hometowns.  Others still, if I understand correctly, were hired by different townships to serve from their town, not their place of residence.

If you are aware of any units or men not listed here, please let me know and I will add them to the list.

Diaries and Letters of Soldiers with the 12th Wisconsin.  These materials were brought to my attention by Gretchen Levings from Russell Scott and reprinted here with his permission.

  • Letters of Edwin D. Levings, Co. A, 12th WI Infantry
  • Letters of Corporal Alonzo Miller, Co. A, 12th WI Infantry
  • Letter of Private John McCallum, Co. A, 12th WI Infantry
  • Letter of Pembroke Gilson, Co. D, 12th WI Infantry
  • Diary of Corporal Alonzo Miller, Co. A, 12th WI Infantry
  • Diary of Private Miles L. Hawley, Co. A, 12th WI Infantry
  • The Great March by Edwin D. Levings
  • Civil War Veteran Photo (use your browsers Back button to return here)

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