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Pre 1907 Indexes

12 Mar 2010

The following links are to PDF Files of every person listed on the Death Certificates for Door County Wisconsin gleaned from the Family History Library microfilm: FHL FILM #1310180 by Sue HOHNEKE for the PGS.  The information in this index is ALL the information found on the death certificates.  This indexing project is not complete to 1907 yet and will be added to in the future.  What is done at the present time is approximately to the end of 1897. 


Here is a how-to on using these indexes:


1.  Use the Deaths-Alpha to 1897 to find your names.


2.  Note the certificate number and date of death for each person.


3.  Use the Deaths-In Order to find the full death certificate with all persons listed.


Deaths-Alpha-to 1897  and  Deaths-In Order-to 1897


Please contact the PGS if you have questions or need help at


Door County Vital Records