Ozaukee County Directory

Ozaukee County Directory

Krause's Port Washington Directory

City Government

Municipal election, first Tuesday in April.
City Hall, 318 Pier Street

Mayor - Chas. A. Mueller
Clerk - Wm. A. Tholen
Treasurer - Math. Mamer
City Attorney - H.B. Schwin
Marshall - Frank Delles
Street Commissioner - Henry Whalen
Health Officer - Dr. M.H. Hartwig

Common Council

John R. Dennett, H.W. Bolens, Henry Biever, Frank Wilson, Wm. Schmidler

Fire Department

Chief - John Bossler
Assistant Chief - Nic. Blong
Second Asst. Chief - Wm. Bodin
Treasurer - John Kaiser
Secretary - Nic. Krick
Fire Police - Peter Mamer, G. Fish, Anton Waldemeyer

County Government
Register of Deed - Wm. Ahlhauser
County Judge - L. Eghart
Circuit Judge - J.J. Dick
County Clerk - J.C. Schroeling
County Treasurer - M. Even
Clerk of Court - James Hedding
District Attorney - J.C. Collins
Sheriff - Peter Watry
Superintendent of Schools - P.R. Kunny
County Surveyor - L. Towsley

Board of Supervisors
Town of Belgium - John B. Dreis
Town of Cedarburg - Louise Schroeder
Town of Fredonia - N.E. Becker
Town of Grafton - Christ. Port
Town of Mequon - L.C. Kieker
Town of Port Washington - John M. Schmit
Town of Saukville - Peter Haan
City of Port Washington - Charles A. Mueller
City of Cedarburg - W.A. Horn
Village of Grafton - Wm. Weber


St. Mary's Catholic Church - Franklin and Johnson streets. Rev. C. Grobschmit, pastor
Evangelic Friedens Church - Dodge and Harrison streets. Rev. Dr. E. Seeger, pastor
Methodist Church - Washington and Wisconsin streets. N.L. Houghton, pastor
St. Johannes Lutheran Church - Milwaukee and Main streets. Rev. W. Horn, pastor
Congregational Church - Webster and Main streets. Rev. G.C. Weiss, pastor
Emanuel Church (Ev. Assoc.) - Jackson and Harrison streets. Rev. A.F. Wendorf, pastor


HEROLD (Dem. Ger.); issued Wednesdays; $1.50 per annum; W.B. Krause, Publisher, 222 Washington street
ADVERTISER (Dem.); issued Saturdays; $2.00 per annum; M.G. Bohan, Publisher; 305 Franklin street
PILOT (Rep.); issued Thursdays; $1.50 per annum; Henry Schoensiegel, Publisher; 114 Franklin street
STAR (Rep.); issued Saturdays; $1.50 per annum; A.D. Bolens, Publisher; 216 Pier street
ZEITUNG (Dem. Ger.); issued Thursdays; $2.00 per annum; C. Fehlandt, Publisher; 434 Grand avenue

Abbreviations used in this Directory
agt - agent
asst - assistant
ave - avenue
carp - carpenter
cor - corner
e - east
lab - laborer
mkr - maker
mfr - manufacturer
mfg - manufacturing
n - north
res - residence
s - south
trav. agt - traveling agent
w - west
wid - widow


Paape, Louis, lab., 111 Garfield
Paulin, J., carp., 810 Wisconsin
Paulin, J., res., 417 Johnson
Paulin, John, teamster, 114 S. Webster
Paulin, J.B., lab., 810 Wisconsin
Pelt, K., wid., 121 Franklin
Pelt, Katie, millinery, 121 Franklin
Pelt, Mary, millinery, 121 Franklin
Penkwitz, Chas., foreman foundry, Foster ave.
Penkwitz, Ed., lab., 511 Dodge
Penkwitz, F., lab., 532 Milwaukee
Pesch, James, lab., 310 Woodruff
Petermann, H., res., 126 Moore road
Peters, Emil, lab., 819 Wisconsin
Peter, Nic., Sr., res., 214 Wisconsin
Peters, Nic., Jr., carp., 304 Pier
Peters, T.H., lab., 522 Washington
Peterson, N., agt. Standard Oil Co., 134 Moore road
Pfeifer, Frank, carp., 432 Montgomery
Pfeifer, Frank, lab., 826 Wisconsin
Pilot, 114 Franklin
Pletz, Albert, lab., 644 Milwaukee
Poch, Frank, upholsterer, 928 Wisconsin
Port Washington State Bank, 207 Franklin
Post Office, H.L. Coe, P.M., 213 Franklin
Potulsky, John, mason, 207 Division
Poull, Geo., clerk, 220 Franklin
Poull, Nic., blacksmith, 311 Washington
Powers, Ed., carp., 139 Park
Powers, Ed., painter, Moore road
Powers, John, lab., 227 Divsion
Preiss, Jac., res., 800 Grand ave.
Preissler, M., wid., 510 Grand ave.
Pull, John Sr., res., 620 Washington
Pull, John M., Jr., photographer, 310 Franklin
Pull, John Jr., res., 510 Main
Putzenbacher, John, silver plater, 1303 Grand ave.


Ramsey, W.H., Jr., sec. and treas. factory, 1209 Grand ave.
Ramsey, W.H., Sr., res., 1209 Grand ave.
Reaver, Geo., foundry, 1315 Grand ave.
Reckinger, Frank, res., 713 Wisconsin
Reid, Jas., sewing machines, 901 Grand ave.
Reinhart, Wm., lab., 418 Franklin
Retzer, John, lab., 312 Grand ave.
Reuter, B.W., photographer, 411 Franklin
Reuter, B.W., res., 413 Franklin
Reuter, Henry, res., 117 Pier
Reuter, J., lab., 612 Wisconsin
Reuter, Nic., lab., 122 Prospect
Rock, Anton, lab., 607 Jackson
Roden, M., lab., 214 Pier
Roeser, D., wid., 910 Wisconsin
Roeser, Nic., lab., 406 Grand ave.
Roeser, Walter, lab., 314 Oconnor
Roob, John, lab., 201 Pier
Roob, Mike, moulder, 119 Park
Roska, George, Boots & Shoes, 102 Franklin
Runkel, John B., lab., 109 Madison
Runkel, Wm., res., 715 Chestnut


Salzer, Adam, lab., 209 Jackson
Sauer, L., atty., 318 Grand ave.
Schachel, C., 624 Milwaukee
Schaffner, J., lab., 617 Grand ave.
Schaeftgen, John, lab., 1021 Wisconsin
Schaftgen, Dom., mason, 516 Harrison
Schanen, Jos., mason, 912 Wisconsin
Schardner, A., janitor, Oconnor and Johnson
Scharf, J., lab., 414 Grand ave.
Scharl, Anton, engineer, 118 S. Webster
Schelekoski, Mary, wid., 1207 Chestnut
Schlau, Chas., lab., 116 Moore road
Schill, Math., lab., 422 Jackson
Schill, P., res., 604 Washington
Schils, Nic., saloon, 100 Franklin
Schlim, Wm., lab., 809 Wisconsin
Schmidler, Frank, saloon, 317 Franklin
Schmidler, Frances, teacher, 330 Grand ave.
Schmidler, Jac., res., 330 Grand ave.
Schmidler, Wm., saloon, 334 Grand ave.
Schmidt, Frank, lab., 112 Pier
Schmit, J.P., farmer, 1108 Wisconsin
Schmitt, Math., mason, 604 Jackson
Schnider, Nic., res., 601 Powers
Schomer, M., lab., 432 Milwaukee
Schommer, Nic., lab., N. Railroad
Schramke, John, brick mnfg., S. Franklin
Schreck, Henry, lab., 401 Harrison
Schreiner, Jacob, foundry, S. Spring
Schreiner, John, foundry, S. Spring
Schreiner, Wm., foundry, S. Spring
Schroeling, John, county clerk, 323 Pier
Schuder, J., bakery & confectionery, 123 Franklin
Schuknecht, John, lab., 206 Franklin
Schuknecht, Laura, clerk, 206 Franklin
Schuknecht, W., cigarmaker, 218 Pier
Schultz, Henry, lab., 516 Chestnut
Schultz, R., lab., 315 Owens
Schultz, Wm., lab., 145 Garfield ave.
Schumacher, Frank, feed store, 307 Franklin
Schumacher, Frank, Jr., clerk, 108 Milwaukee
Schumacher, Tom, stone cutter, 108 Milwaukee
Schumacher, Jac., crockery store & marble works, 301 & 303 Franklin
Schumacher, Jac., res., 534 Jackson
Schwartz, Gertrude, res., 312 Pier
Schwartz, M., wid., 202 Pier
Schwartz, Mary, res., 312 Pier
Schwin, Emily, clerk, 411 Wisconsin
Schwin, Helen, res., 411 Wisconsin
Schwin, H.B., attorney, 324 Main
Schwin, H.B., res., 411 Wisconsin
Schwin, Katie, res., 411 Wisconsin
Scott, W.F., physician, 322 Main
Seeger, Dr. E., minister, 430 Harrison
Siebert, Mike, lab., 415 Grand ave.
Sievers, Alex, carp., 304 Main
Sievers, John, res., 304 Main
Sievers, Chas., carp., 304 Main
Sievers, Minnie, res., 304 Main
Sievers, Otto, carp., 229 Division
Simmert, Henry, cigar maker, 917 Wisconsin
Sizer, Alice, dress maker, 200 Garfield ave.
Sizer, Julius, farmer, 200 Garfield ave.
Smith Bros., fishermen, Lake
Smith, D.H., res., 116 Pier
Smith, H., res., 116 Pier
Solmes, C., lab., 314 Prospect
Solmes, R., lab., 608 Milwaukee
Solto, Geo, carp., 611 Powers
Soule, Mrs. H.E., dressmaker, 312 Franklin
Spiesel, Jacob, lab., 614 Van Buren
Spiesel, Jos., lab., 614 Van Buren
Star, A.D. Bolens, publ, 216 Pier
Stieg, Herman, saloon, 202 Franklin
Steig, Ernst, res., 201 Park
Steineke, A., lumber yd., 809 Grand ave.
Steiner, Wm., miller, 410 Grand ave.
Stentz, John, lab., 206 Jackson
Stelling, Frieda, res., 814 Grand ave.
Stelling, Otto, miller, 814 Grand ave.
Stelling, R., general store, 208 Franklin
Stelling, R., flour mill, S. Milwaukee
Stelling, R., res., 814 Grand ave.
Steffen, T., harness shop, 823 Grand ave.
Stephany, John, barber shop, 500 Grand ave.
Stephany, John, res., 719 Chestnut
Stephany, W.J., livery, 429 Grand ave.
Stephany, W.J., res., 106 Milwaukee
Stoller, Math., lab., 1015 Grand ave.
Stoller, Peter, lab., 1011 Grand ave.
Stone, E.B., carp., 135 Park
Stranen, Nic., lab., 1023 Wisconsin
Sturdevan, Ed., lab., 311 Woodruff
Sturm, Matilda, res., 107 Franklin
Sturm, Otto, lab., 107 Franklin
Sturm, Peter, boots & shoes, 107 Franklin
Svengestal, G.N., res., 147 N. Spring
Swedick, Henry, lab., 209 N. Spring


Teske, John, lab., 816 Chestnut
Theis, Henry, moulder, 317 Oconnor
Theis, J., wid., 313 Owens
Theisen, Jacob, lab., Moore road
Thill, Aug., res., 325 Main
Thill, John C., carp., S. Spring
Thill, J.F., hotel & saloon, 325 Main
Tholen, Wm., A., city clerk, 514 Jackson
Thoma, Jos., foundry, 736 Grand ave.
Thoma, Math., lab., 502 Chestnut
Thomes, N., wid., 131 S. Wisconsin
Thommen, Wm., designer, 1211 Grand ave.
Thompson, R.C., teacher, 130 N. Spring
Thunack, Elsia, res., 719 Grand ave.
Thunack, J.H., res., 719 Grand ave.
Tietgen, Geo., trav. agt., Foster ave.
Tillepaugh, Sol., res., 309 Moore road
Tippmann, Fred., lab., 318 Prospect
Towsley, C.D., res., 201 Madison
Towsley, L., atty., 1000 Grand ave.
Treder, Chas., cigar mfg., 304 Grand ave.
Treder, Chas., res., 219 Pier
Tuerk, E., lab., 414 Johnson
Turner, E.S., atty., Court House
Turner, E.S., res., 209 Wisconsin


Ubink, Jos., mason, 214 Pier
Uhl, Geo., lab., 410 Franklin
Uselding, A., wid., 106 Pier
Uselding, J.E., attorney, 204 Franklin
Uselding, Peter, lab., 609 Washington


Van Der Voort, Harry, lab., 419 Franklin
Van Ells, A., fisherman, 605 Washington
Vn Ells, Annie, res., 416 Grand ave.
Van Ells, H., fisherman, 416 Grand ave.
Van Ells, W., fisherman, 416 Grand ave.


Wachter, Ed., moulder, 119 Park
Waldemeyer, Anton, lab., 500 Chestnut
Wagner, Robt., lab., 414 Jackson
Waller, Henry, printer Herold, 221 Pier
Wambold, Louis, res., 418 Washington
Watry, Andrew, lab., 823 Grand ave.
Watry, D., lab., 218 Prospect
Watry, Peter, sheriff, 425 Main
Watry, Peter, Jr., saloon, 918 Grand ave.
Weiss, Jos., res., 510 Main
Wellenstein, Hub., lab., 1009 Wisconsin
Wellenstein, John, lab., 827 Wisconsin
Weller, Louisa, res., 223 Franklin
Weller, Math., saloon, 223 Franklin
Weller, Lizzie, res., 223 Franklin
Weller, Rosa, res., 223 Franklin
Welter, Nic., lab., 1105 Grand ave.
Wendel, Sylvester, machinist, 432 Montgomery
Wentink, Albert, res., 608 Milwaukee
Wentink, M., wid., 311 Prospect
Wester, M., res., 217 Pier
Weyker, M.B., saloon, 214 Franklin
Weyker, M.B., res., 218 Franklin
Weyker, Nick., lab., 673 Milwaukee
Weyker, N.J., gents furnishings, 221 Franklin
Weyker, N.J., res., 316 Franklin
Weyker, Mrs. N.J., 316 Franklin
Whalen, Henry, st. com., 403 Franklin
Wilke, Emma, clerk, 420 Harrison
Wilke, W., lab., 211 Division
Wilke, Wm., lab., 420 Harrison
Wilke, Wm., moulder, 726 Chestnut
Wilson, Frank, hotel & saloon, 201 Franklin
Wilson House, Frank Wilson, pro., 201 Franklin
Wilson, N.E., justice, 201 Franklin
Wilzius, N., res., 100 Pier
Winger, Jos., res., 421 Franklin
Winkel, Math., lab., 417 Holden
Winter, John, lab., 210 Jackson
(correct spelling may be Werking), P., res., 200 Division
Wirbinski, John, engr., 518 Montgomery
Wisner, J.F., moulder, Foster ave.
Wittkopf, Gust., lab., 512 Dodge
Wittmann, C., wid., 611 Wisconsin
Wittmann, Ernst, carp., 611 Wisconsin
Wittmann, Geo., lab., 611 Wisconsin
Wittmann, John, lab., 520 Wisconsin
Wucher, Adam, res., 830 Wisconsin
Wucher, Jacob, painter, 830 Wisconsin
Wucher, Rudolph, painter, 830 Wisconsin


Young, Annie, res., 218 Franklin
Young, Emily, res., 218 Franklin
Young, Fannie, res., 218 Franklin
Young, Jennie, res., 218 Franklin
Young, Lizzie, res., 218 Franklin
Young, Misses, millinery & dressmaking, 108 Franklin
Young, Nic., druggist, 218 Franklin


Zastrow, A., ins. agt., 112 Milwaukee
Zastrow, A., res., 116 Milwaukee
Zastrow, Miss L., res., 415 Main
Zastrow, Walter, res., 415 Main
Zausch, A., wid., 514 Grand ave.
Zausch Bros., cigar mnfg., 116 Franklin
Zausch, Carl, res., 514 Grand ave.
Zausch, Herman, res., 514 Grand ave.
Zausch, Wm., lab., 512 Grand ave.
Zillier, Julian, res., 415 Holden
Zimmermann, George, moulder, 206 Pier
Zimmermann, M., saloon, 120 Franklin