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Outagamie County Land Records

Outagamie County
Land Records

Land Patents - Outagamie County








State of Wisconsin
Board of Commissioners of Public Lands
P.O. Box 8943
Madison, WI 53708-8943
608-266-1370 Fax 608-267-2787

The Board of Commissioners of Public Lands was created by the Wisconsin Constitution in 1848 to manage land granted to the state by the federal government. The funds from these lands continue to be used for the support
of the state's common schools. Although the majority of these lands have been sold the Board continues to maintain the records associated with the disposition of these lands.

* Certified copies of patents issued to the original land purchaser by the Board since 1848.
* Certificates of Patent issued in lieu of a missing patent.
* Photocopy of patent for genealogical purposes.
* Field notes and plat maps of the original government survey:
* Photocopies of field notes for small areas.
* Microfilm of field notes for areas larger than a township.
* CD-ROM of plat maps - organized by county.

Patents for the two-thirds of the state not granted to Wisconsin may be obtained from:

Bureau of Land Management - Eastern States
7450 Boston Boulevard
Springfield, VA 22153

Federal patents are online and may be searched at the following website:

* All requests for land records must be in writing.
* An exact legal description is required. Include the section, township, range (E/W), quarter-quarter section or government lot, county, and civil township name.
* Indicate the type of record you are requesting. Specific information such as interior or exterior township survey notes is necessary for your request to be satisfactorily filled. Photocopies of patents will be issued for genealogy requests, unless certification is requested. All other patents will be certified.

Requests for land records will be billed upon completion. A research fee of $10.00 will be applied to each order, plus $20.00 per hour beyond the first hour required to complete the order.
Certified Patent/Certificate of Patent $15.00 each
Photocopy of Patent 5.00 each
Field Notes 0.50 per page
Plat Maps 50.00 each CD (county)
Certified Plat Map 25.00 each (township)
Microfilm 15.00 per roll
Other photocopies 0.50 per page

Land records on microfilm are available for inspection during normal business hours. Please call or write to arrange for public viewing of microfilm. Original land records are not available for public access.

Original Plat Maps on CD

Color plat maps produced from the original government survey of Wisconsin are available on CD-ROM. The plat map CDs are part of a comprehensive effort by the Board of Commissioners of Public Lands to complete the electronic imaging of historic land records, including the original field notebooks of the surveyors and 345,530 land patents. The images, one county per CD, are recorded in TIFF CCITT Group 4 ("TIFF-4") file format and are supported by a viewer program that indexes the images by township and range. Each CD contains the software to view and print the images but requires Windows 95/98 or Windows NT 4.0 and a CD-ROM drive to
run. A Pentium/Pentium II or equivalent CPU, 32 Mb of RAM, and a 6x or greater CD-ROM speed are strongly recommended.
The original plat maps are a valuable resource for surveyors, people interested in natural history, those involved in genealogical research and others interested in reproducing the original survey boundaries. In addition to showing the measurements of township and section boundaries, and the meanders of rivers and lakes, the maps also illustrate contemporary settlements, trails, Native American villages, extensive windfalls in forests, and other natural features. The maps were drawn from records kept by field surveyors as they laid out the Public Land Survey System (PLSS), beginning in the southern part of Wisconsin in the 1830s and progressing to the north by the 1860s.

The plat map CDs are available for $50 per county from the Board of Commissioners of Public Lands, P.O. Box 8943, Madison, WI 53708-8943. To order, call 608-266-1370.

Board of Commissioners of Public Lands
125 S. Webster St., Rm. 200
P.O. Box 8943
Madison, WI 53708-8943
(608) 266-1370 Fax (608) 267-2787

Outagamie County Land Records


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