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Kaukauna Times
January/February 1894


Selected excerpts from the Kaukauna Times, Appleton, Outagamie Co., Wisconsin, originally posted to the WIOUTAGA-L mailing list by Joyce.
Kaukauna Times, Kaukauna, WI, January 19, 1894

Regular hams 11 cents per pound and granulated sugar 22 pounds for $1.00 at Aug. MILL and Sons.

Mrs. H. BILLS and sister Miss Elta FLINT visited Ripon last week.

Conductor Thos. ARMSTRONG, of Oconto, was in the city Monday.

Mrs. Chas RISTAU visited Mrs. Nic. ADRIANS at Appleton last week.

Figured China Silks 35 cents, worth 49 cents; same at 49 cents worth 69 cents at Hammel's.

Miss Julia HEWITT went to Manitowoc Tuesday to attend the funeral of John HEWITT.

Mr. V. LANGLOIS, of Fond du Lac, visited with his sons on the south side last week.

Mrs. D. SOWMANS died at her home on the south side last Saturday evening at the age of 61 years. The remains were taken to Manitowoc for burial.

John EARLES was called to Manitowoc County Tuesday to attend the funeral of his cousin John HEWITT. The deceased was quite will known in Kaukauna.

During the past year the Brown County paid bounty on 13 wildcats which were killed within the boundaries of the county. The total amount paid was #39 or $3 for each cat.

This balmy spring weather doesn't make ice men smile by any means. Luther
LINDAUER who commenced cutting ice several weeks ago considers himself lucky to have half a crop in storage.

Kaukauna Times, Kaukauna, WI, February 2, 1894

Mrs. August WEISS, aged 86 years, died at the residence of her son on the north side last Sunday morning. The remains werer taken to Newberg, her old home, for burial.

The transfer of the Heindel block to John STEVENS occurred at 10 o'clock Wednesday morning, at which time Mr. STEVENS placed $16,000 in Mr. HEINDEL's hands and received a deed in return.

---Stevens Point Gazette: John WARD, a young resident of Kaukauna, was arrested at the Whiting paper mill, on Monday, by Sheriff WHEELOCK and turned over to the city marshal of that place, who came here after him. WARD was wnated for the willful destruction of property, including the smashing of windows in that city several weeks ago.

John CORCORAN desires to call attention to the fact that he has just taken out of bond and has on hand five barrels of the celebrated "C.S.G." whiskey from the government warehouse at Louisville, Ky., and will dispose of same at retail and whole sale. It is "A Noo. 1" liqour, of good age. Sample it.

Thos. WOODARD and T. E. MERRIQUE who were recently arrested for nailing hand
bills to the Kaukauna Electric Light company's poles and discharged, have commenced proceedings against the company for malicious prosecution, retaining lawyer BELL, of Milwaukee.

The marriage of Miss Anna SALES, of this city, and Mr. Robert Lee STEPHENS of
Fond du Lac, occurred at the old home of the bride in the latter city Wednesday last. The bride has, during her residence here, won a host of friends all of whom extend warm congratulations. She was the recipient of a large number of fine presents from Kaukauna friends.

Oscar THILMANY has recentlyput in a new machine at his mill which is quite a novelty in its way. it is an apparatus for printing the figures on the paper used for trunk linings, striped and figured paper bags, etc., and came from Germay. Mr. THILMANY saw the machine in operation at the world's fair, and was so impressed with it that he placed an order for one.

DUNBAR, the owner of the boarding house on Second Street, partially destroyed by fire last fall, the M L. s. & W. R'y company and the insurance company that paid the loss are engaged in litigation. The railroad company is sued for damages, as the fire is supposed to have originated from a spark from a locomotive which had been switching in the rear of the building.

The "Outagamie County chief" is the name of a new paper launced here last week, flying J. B. FLANAGAN & Co. at its masthead. Johnny evidently believes that "large oaks from little acorns grow," but let us add that it depends entirely on where the seed is planted. Acorns won't grow when shaded by giant oaks, neither will a newspaper under the circumstances. The Times would be pleased to see the new sheet prosper, but it is an utter impossibility. some small town that has no paper would be a much better field.

John STEVENS, the Neenah millionaire, made his second purchase of Kaukauna property today, having bought John HOBERG's square of three stores on the cornor of Main Avenue and Second Street, consideration $15,000. This makes $31,000 Mr. Steven's has invested here in the last two weeks and he is open for more business.

Joseph CHENEVERT, of the National Hotel of Menasha, is negotiating for the purchase of the Grand View Hotel property. Mr. CHENEVERT also desires to purchase the vacant cornor lots in the rear of the hotel, it being his intention if secured, to erect a large addition to the hotel, with stores on the lower floor facing main Avenue and Third Street. A slight difference in price is all that lays between the transfer and in all probablilty this will
be satisfactorily settled.

February 16, 1894

Although it has been demonstrated that the late Herman GROENKE, of Racine, was poisoned, the authorities do not seem inclined to exert themselves in investigating the case.

The Oskosh Electric Light Company has notified the city they will not furnish street lights at $52 a year any longer. They ask $75 and expect to get it.

Mrs. Phillip GREENING, aged 75 years, died at her home in Fond du Lac. She settled in Green Bay in 1849 and moved to Fond du Lac in 1859.

William LANE has been arrested at Oshkosh on a charge of obtaining money under false pretenses. The trouble grew out of a contract to dig a well. Herman E. BABR claims the work was incomplete.

The suit of Charles WOLF, of La Crosse, against the Burlington & Northern Railway Company has been settled, the plaintiff recovering $500.

No pupils will be admitted to the Marinette public schools after March 1 unless they can show a certificate of vaccination.

The 5-year-old son of Henry MILLER, of Appleton, was burned to death at the home of his grandmother in Neenah. The little fellow had gotten out of bed and went to the stove, where his nightgown caught fire. He died the same day.

Kaukauna Times, Kaukauna, WI, February 16, 1894

The team of Alezander MCCANN, a farmer living near Madison, while driving over a railway crossing, was struck by a train. One horse was killed and the wagon demolished. Mr. MCCANN escaped with slight bruises.

Dr. Henry PALMER of Jamesville, who was seriously ill for the past few weeks, has started on a trip to the Far West, including New Mexico and a visit to the Midwinter Fair.

Marie A. SCHROEDER, a LaCrosse young woman, died at Sioux City, Iowa, where she was visiting. The remains were taken to LaCrosse for burial.

Henry DAVIS and Cal RHODES, two Oshkosh youths, were arrested at that place on a charge of having robbed Quinn& Rogge's store.

Fond du Lac - Three robbers forced an entrance into D. A. ERBSTEIN's saloon, at Taycheedah, a small village three miles east of here, last night and beat the proprietor with an iron bar and left him for dead. They got away with $87 in cash besides a quantity of liquor and cigars."

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