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Kaukauna Times
December 1904


Selected excerpts from the Kaukauna Times, Appleton, Outagamie Co., Wisconsin, originally posted to the WIOUTAGA-L mailing list by Joyce.

Kauakuna Times, December 2, 1904

Miss Mamie FARRELL departed Thursday for Milwaukee to be absent two years 
where she will be employed as a nurse.

Roland OZBURN came home Saturday from Wausau having closed his season's work 
with Contractor George SMITH.

Mrs. Robert SCHOEPEL and daughter Miss Eda of Menasha were guests last week 
of Mrs. SHOEPEL's brother, Henry SCHUBERT.

Miss Loretta HORKMAN of Appleton visited miss Verna PEQUIN this week.

Mrs. Athol HUSTING, Miss Ann HAYES and Attourney J. A. KITTELL of Green Bay, 
were Thanksgiving guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. KITTELL.

Mrs. H. S. TOURTELOTT of Oconto Falls who spent the past threee weeks with 
her daughter, Mrs. Al. DORN, returned Tuesday from a two days visit with 
Oshkosh friends.

Mrs. George SMITH and her sister, Miss Margaret KNIGHT, are at Green Bay 
visiting their parents, Mr. & Mrs. John KNIGHT who have recently moved there 
from Seymour.

Engineer and Mrs. L. KITTELL departed Monday for Aurora, where they made a 
short visit, and returning to Chicago spent a day at the International Live 
Stock Exposition.

Mr. & Mrs. John BRILL left for Chicago Wednesday where they will be guests of 
his brother for a week, Joseph BRILL while attending the International Live 
Stock Show.

Frank DUROCHIA, wife and daughter, Miss Isabel, returned Monday from Green 
Bay where they had been guests since last Wednesday with Mrs. DUROCHIA's 
sister, Mrs. Paul LEFEVRE.

Miss Fannie O'CONNELL returned Monday from a months visit with her sister,
Mrs. C.E. WIGGINS in Chicago.

Mrs. Fred OTT and Miss Tillie LUDTKE went to Menasha Sturday to spend Sunday
to spend sunday with their sister, Mrs. Charles HASS.

Miss Ella KURTH, who spent Thanksgiving with her aunt, Mrs. Joe BORCHERDT,
returned to her home at Manitowoc Monday.

Mr. Allen PETERSON of Fond du Lac spent from Saturday to Wednesday with his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank PETERSON of this city.

A.E. PARTON and little son departed Monday morning for a several days visit
with his mother at new Lisbon, returning this morning.

Chilton Times--Peter LUDWIG and cousin, Miss Rosa LUDWIG, of Kaukauna, were
visiting relatives in South Stockbridge this week.

Sam MORSE has accepted a position as blacksmith with the shops at Fond du
Lac and left for that place to commence work Wednesday morning. He may remove
to that city later on.

Bishop J.J. FOX stopped off in the city Wednesday for a short time on his way
home returning from Morrison where he dedicated and blessed the new statues
and bells of St. John's church.

Dennis DALEY arrived Tuesday morning from San Frnacisco, California, to spend
a holiday month with relatives and old friends in and about Kaukauna. He has
been absent several years and to renew acquaintances is quite a treat.

Robert PLANK of Ashland was the guest of his parents from Friday to Monday.

Frank TICKNOR returned Monday from a three weeks absence at Mercury,

Miss Mayme MCCARTY returned Tuesday from a five weeks visit at Tomahawk.

Mrs. B. MEYER of Oconomowoc is the guest of her daughter Mrs. Al SCHRWELDE.

Chester WOLF of Breen Bay spent Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. L.C.

John DONAHUE of Madison, South Dakota, is here visiting his sister, Mrs. W.A.

Mrs. Ans JACKSON enjoyed Thanksgiving Day with her sister, Mrs. Ga JACKSON at

Misses Eva and Lottie KNICKERBOCKER returned Saturday from a week's visit at
Grand Rapids, Wisconsin.

Mrs. G. SCHWEBS of Hortonville is in the city spending three weeks the guest
of her daughter, Mrs. Henry JONES.

Mr. & Mrs. J.L. ANDERSON enjoyed their Thanksgiving turkey with Rev. Q.L.
DOWD and wife at Depere.


From the Kaukauna Times, December 4, 1904

Henry JONES was at Green Bay Tuesday to visit his parents.

Mrs. William FINDER left Thursday to visit Mrs. Thomas JACKSON at Depere.

James DRIESSEN has been appointed administrator of the D. J. BROTHERS estate.

Miss Margaret JACKSON of Depere was the guest of the Misses FINDER Wednesday.

Mrs. Henry KAHNERT entertained her mother, Mrs. MILLER of Appleton Sunday.

Mrs. Lew WANDELL left Thursday to visit her brother and family in Milwaukee.

Miss Ada BEALS of Appleton was a guest at Rev. and Mrs. F. H. BRIGHAM's

C.A. WALKER of Fond du Lac transacted business in Kaukauna Thursday afternoon.

Mrs. Kimball of Pine River was the guest of her daughter, Mrs. A. M. OLSON
last Friday.

Mrs. William DOHERTY left Saturday for Janesville to visit her sister, Mrs.

Frank RINK, Jr. of Milwaukee is spending two weks with his parents, Mr. &
Mrs. Frank RINK.

Jerre CALAHAN returned Tuesday from a three months absence at Wausau as mason
for George SMITH.

Mrs. George FARGO, Jr. had Mrs. Christ NELSON and Mrs. M. MEYER and children
for guests Saturday.

Miss Jennie SCHAUERS and her brother Joseph of Oconto spent Thanksgiving with
Miss Oneita KUDER.

Mrs. E. C. BABCOCK of Oconto arrived Wednesday for a visit of a few days with
her sister, Mrs. Walter LUNT.


Kaukauna Times, December 23, 1904

Storekeper A.E. JOHNSON was at Green Bay Monday on business.

Mrs. Herman SCHEIFLEGER and daughter Miss Augusta spent Monday afternoon with
relatives at Appleton.

Mrs. Fred HILLMAN of Boscobel is the guest of Mrs. Robert HAMILTON.

Miss Rose FIRNSTAHL of Colby who spent the past three months with her sister,
Mrs. W.C. WENDT, returned home Saturday.

Mrs. V.F. GRANT of Sniderville leaves tomorrow to spend a week with relative
at Shilling in Clark County.

Mrs. William HAAG and Mrs. George HAHNER returned Tuesday from Niagara where
they had been visiting friends and relatives.

John HAHNER departed Monday to visit his brothers at Delavan.

Mr. & Mrs. Edward NEFF were at Oshkosh Monday to visit Mr. and Mrs. George

Miss Lena GARLICH returned Monday from a three days visit with Oshkosh

Miss Lulu KLUGE of Appleton was a guest Sunday with friends in the city.

Will GEHRING of Hartford, who spent the past two months with his cousin, Joe
KRAMER, returned to his home Sunday.

Mayor SCHULTZ of Neenah spent Wednesday afternoon in Kaukauna calling upon
the trade. Mr. SCHULTS has been in the cigar business at Neenah for many

Mrs. Anna DELBRIDGE of Albion, Michigan, arrived Thursday to visit her son,
Bert DELBRIDGE and family.

Miss Fannie JASEN came home Wednesday from St. Catherine's Academy, Racine,
to spend the holidays.

Miss Irene BIDWELL arrived Thursday from Oconto Falls where she is teaching
school, to spend Christmas with her mother.

Miss Anna BERG of Waterloo will spend the holidays with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Joseph BERG.

Miss Rose CORCORAN of Marinette will arrive tomorrow to spend next week at

Miss Margaret KERR came home Saturday to spend her holiday vacation at home.

Mrs. R. P. OLIN returned today from a two weeks visit with friends at Chicago
and Milwaukee.

Mrs. Maude OWEN and daughter Florence of Albion, Michigan, are Christmas
guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bert DELBRIDGE

Mr. and Mrs. O.H.RUNTE and Dr. C.A. WHITNACK went to Hilbert this morning to
attend the funeral of Martin GAVIN, the engineer who was killed in the
railroad wreck at Lena.

Michael MCCARTY is down from Gladstone, Michigan, for a Christmas visit with
his mother.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank MAYBERRY of Milwaukee were in the city the latter part of
the week to visit their daughter, Mrs. A.E. PARTON.


Kaukauna Times - Kaukauna Wisconsin--December 30, 1904

Mrs. John GORES of Fond du Lac was a Christmas guest of her daughter, Mrs. 
Henry KLEE.

Mr. and Mrs. Ga. JACKSON of Wausau were down to dine with Mr. and Mrs. Anse 

Mrs. Thomas ERICKSON is spending the week at the home of her parents. Mr. and 

Attourney G.B. HUSTING hung up his stocking at the home fireside of his 
parents at Mayville.

Miss Kittie CARNEY of Green Bay spent Christmas with her father, Mat CARNEY 
of the south side.

Jos. WITTMANN and Miss Sarah JANSEN were at Fond du Lac Christmas to visit 
Miss Marie WITTMANN.

C.V. AXEN, foreman at the Northwestern shops, spent Christmas with his father 
at Kankakee, Illinois.

Mrs. Catherine PARTON and son Kenneth left Saturday to spend the holidays 
with friends in Milwauke.

Rev. Q.L. DOWD and wife of Depere came up Monday to spend the day with Mr. 
and Mrs. . L. ANDERSON

"Ed DONAHUE arrived Saturday to spend the holiday season with his parent,
Mr. and Mrs. Michael DONAHUE.

Miss Pearle A. TOWSLEY is home from Souix Falls, South Dakota, to spend the
holidays with her parents.

Mr. James Thomas of Milwaukee spent Christman season with his uncle and
aunt, Mr. and Mrs. E.C. GRISWOLD.

Miss Belle WARNECKE of Milwaukee arrived Saturday so spend the holidays with
her mother, Mrs. Mary WARNECKE.

Mrs. Frank TICKNOR and children departed Wednesday for Manitowoc to spend a
week with relatives.

George ELWORTHY of the Union Bag and Paper Company's office spent Christmas
at Batavia with his parents.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard LUNT of Appleton were guests at the home of their
daughter, Dr. and Mrs. C.D. BOYD.

Carl WAGNER, foreman for the Automatic Sprinkle Compamy was home to spend
his Christmas and returned Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. M. D. AHEARN came up from Green Bay to exchange Christmas
greetings with Mr. and Mrs. T.W. ARMSTRONG

Robert FECHTER of Marquette College Milwauke, is in the city spending the
week with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. G. FLECHTER.

L. E. Sargent and family enjoyed the day at the home of his parents at
Seymour and have remained to also spend New Years.

Mr. and Mrs. John D. THOMSON and children of Milwaukee were up to spend
their Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. D. J. CROWE.

Miss Kate MCLAUGHLIN and her nephews of Green Bay spent Christmas in the
city a guest of her father Patrick MCLAUGHLIN.

RISTAN Bros. commenced Thursday mornig on their job of mocing the Princess
bowling alley from Third Street to the rear of the Thompson Club. Owing to
the length of the building it will prove quite an undertaking.

The seven year old son of Mr. and mrs. Charles DREGET of the south side was
operated on last Monday by Dr. J. C. SCOTT at St. Elizabeth hospital,
Appleton, for abcess in the head. The little fellow passed thru the ordeal
successfully and is now on the road to recovery.

Sam MORSE, one of the old time members of Kaukauna Lodge, I.O.O.F. now
employed at Fond du Lac, and who is about to remvoe to that city, was waited
upon by a committee from the lodgelast Saturday evening and presented with a
very pretty fob-chain with a three links gold charm attached, as a Christmas
present and a farewll meal.

The firm of HENK & GEREND, dealers in wood, south side, has dissolved
co-partnership, Mr. HENK retiring from the business.

A wild cat weighing twenty pounds was shot by Michael GORAN in the Black
Creek swamp last Friday. GORAN collects a bounty of five dollars for the cat.

The postal telegraph company lines from this city have been out of commission
since Tuesday's terrible storm. The manager, Miss OZBURN, thinks that they
will be in good shape again by Saturday.

Jos, MCCARTHY started a crew of men at work this morning cutting his inter's
crop of ice. The ice is about twelve inches think at present at the point
where congealed aqua pura is sawed out.

The engagemtn of Miss May Emma KIMBERLY, of Neenah, daughter of President J.
A. KIMBERLEY of the Kimberley & Clark Paper company, to albert Walter SHIRK,
a wealthy young man of pery, Ind., has been announced.

Christmas has come and gone, we believe to the joy of every householder and parent and to the happiness of the children. We are one of those who believe that Christmas has been perverted in our county in the past seventy years from its original purpose and it has become not a religious festival, but a festival for the adoration of children. It is notorious that the uppermost thought is no longer the blessings which our Lord and Saviour conferred upon man-kind and for which we ought to be humbly thankful, but whatever will capture the fancy of the children of the household and gratify their wants and their
caprices. It thus seems to us that Chrismas has become rather the day of adoration for the children than of genuine and warm gratitude to the Giver of all Good for the blessings he showers upon his earthly children.
The consequence of this new fashion, for so we will call it, is that children re so much coddled by their parents and their relatives that it warps the tissues of their souls, and under this soft coddling both boys and girls so grow up that they rarely reach their full manhood and womanhood. It is the remark in all ages that boys and girls who grow up under a hardy early life and who are taught to expect and get little posses the real manhood and womanhood of the country.
Seventy years ago Chrismas was regarded as a good and holy day. The young were then provided with moderate but not excessive enjoyments. A multitude of presents were then sarcely know. children were thankful for what their fathers and mothers gave them but they did not grumble whe they got less than they thought they had a right to expect.

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