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Kaukauna Times
8 Sep 1905

Selected excerpts from the Kaukauna Times, Appleton, Outagamie Co., Wisconsin, originally posted to the WIOUTAGA-L mailing list by Joyce.
Kaukauna Times, Kaukauna, WI, Sept 8, 1905

Adolph DELORME of Green Bay was the guest of friends here Sunday.

Ira DRUMM of Brillion spent Friday and Saturday with friends in this city.

John KLEE of Fond du lac is spending the week with his son, Henry KLEE.

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. ALWARDT spent Labor Day with friends at Namitowoc.

Mr. D. M. EGGLESTONS went to Appleton Tuesday to visit with friends

Mrs. Zella CLAPP of Chicago arrived Tuesday to visit relatives, a guest in
the family of F. A. TOWSLEY.

Louis BRILL departd for Prairie Du Chien Monday to commence his studies at
Sacred Heart college.

Mrs. Mary O'DEAL and Miss Ellen O'DEAL of Wrightstown spent Sunday with
friends in this city.

Miss Hattie LANGDON resumed her duties as teacher in school district No. 1
Sniderville, Tuesday morning.

Mr. and Mrs. Wallie LEPPLA took a run down to Milwaukee last Sunday to take
in the sights at Wonderland.

Miss Fannie JANSEN went to Depere Tuesday to spend a few days with her
cousin, Miss Maude RADAMACHER.

Miss Marge BREWSTER returned to Milwaukee Saturday after a two weeks visit
with her mother in this city.

Mr. and Mrs. L. A. HOWARD of Menasha were down Monday evening to attend the
machinist's Labor Day ball.

Anton ESSLER of the hustling little lumber town of Mattoon, is in Kaukauna to
visit his brother, Peter ESSLER.

Mrs. Catherine PARTON and son Kenneth returned Friday last from a five weeks
visit with friends at Oshkosh.

Mrs. J. W. KNIGHT of Green Bay is spending the week with her daughters Mrs.
Geo. L. SMITH and Miss Marguerite KNIGHT.

Erwin GALMBACHER went to Milwaukee Tuesday to take a three months course in
pharmacy at the Milwaukee Medical college.

Mrs. C. E. RAUGHT and daughter Grace returned Friday from a three weeks visit
with relatives and friends at Springfield, Illinois.

Pat CORCORAN, who is in charge of a dam buildingcrew at Crivitz for the
Crivitz Pulp and Paper company, was at home from Saturday to Tuesday to visit
his family.

Miss Margaret BURNS returned Friday from a two weeks visit with relatives and
friends at Neenah, Boyd, Stanley and Thorp, at which latter place she made
her home for several years.

Joseph SWARTZ of Greenville is the guest of Anton HEID this week.

Miss Nettie CZYZAK of Milwaukee is a guest in the family of Anton DERUS.

James PHELPS of Claywood is in the city visiting his sister Mrs. Joseph

Miss Mary STEMPER returned form a four weeks' visit Wednesday with friends in

Revenue Collector Robert BRAND of Oshkosh was in Kaukauna Thursday
transacting business.

Mrs. Al. MOORE of Menasha is a guest this week with her daughter, Mrs. Joseph

The Messrs. Ross, Gus and Dual GRIGNON, who were at Manitowoc fishing,
returned Saturday.

Thomas MALONE departed Monday on a business trip to Roscoe and Aberdeen, S.
D. and Bismark, N. D.

John MCNAUGHTON, son of Alex MCNAUGHTON, returns to Princeton College, N. J., next week Friday.

Miss Muriel PAYNE of Ottawa, Canada, is spending two or three months the
guest of Miss Amanda MCNAUGHTON.

Mich. HAHNER and wife are here from Charlevoix, Mich. visiting his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. George HAHNER.

Miss Ada BURDICK returned to her home at Milwaukee Saturday after a week
spent with her aunt Mrs. B. MAXFIELD.

Miss Nellie MALONE arrived home Saturday from a month's vacation spent with
friends at Chicago, Milwaukee and Oshkosh.

Miss Marie KONRAD departed Saturday for Waupaca where she is engaged to teach
the same school she taught last year.

Theo. ELWART of the Kaukauna Hand laundry departed Tuesday on a ten days
vacation trip to Niagara Falls, Buffalo, NY and vicinity.

Barney KEELAN and family who were here from Antigo spending two weeks the
guests of friends and relatives here, at Holland, Cato and Sniderville,
returned Monday.

George WINNINGHOFF returned to fond du Lac Monday after a three weeks
vacation spent with his wife at her mother's Mrs. R. HAMILTON, who is still
absent in the west.

Miss Della FALCK of Brillion visited here Saturday.

Sylvester BERENS was a Brillion visitor Thursday.

Christ ANDERSON was at Appleton Saturday on business.

George FULTON was the guest of friends at Manitowoc Monday.

Miss Olive NAGAN is spending the week with friends in Milwaukee.

Messrs. Joe and Jack MORAN spent Monday with friends at Manitowoc.

Miss Flora SELZER of Weyauwega spent Saturday with Kaukauna friends.

Miss Eva KREBS has been engaged to teach school at Manawa, Waupaca county.

Miss Barbara KRAMER returned Monday from a three weeks' sojourn in Milwaukee.

Mr. and Mrs. A. PLANK and family visited relatives at Manitowoc Sunday and

"Miss Mamie VAN ROY of Wrightstown is in the city the guest of Miss Rose

Mrs. John SINGER of Manitowoc arrived Saturday for a week's visit with south
side relatives.

Miss Nellie SADLIER returned Monday evening from a week's visit with friends
at Manitowoc.

Miss Marie PETTIWELL of Milwaukee, who was in the city visiting friends last
week, returned Friday.

Miss Marie FISHER of Chicago, who was visiting the Misses GRIGNON, returned
Monday to her home.

Warner WANDELL and Edmund NAGAN resume their studies at the Appleton Business
college this week.

Mrs. Mayme FARRELL, who has spent the past two weeks with her mother in this
city returned to Milwaukee.

Mrs. M. DUROCHIA departed Friday to make an extended visit with friends at
Chicago, Milwaukee and Janesville.

William A. LONG, fireman of a North-Western yard engine at Sheboygan, was one
of the crew of the steel steamer Sevona that was wrecked in Lake Superior
last Saturday. He was among those rescued.

Manager LAWE is having the interior of the opera house newly decorated this
week, the putting on of a new roof permitting of the very much needed
repairs. The theatrical season will open September 16, with Vogel's Minstrels.

The contract of putting the galvanized iron roof on the new Wirtz elevator at
Antigo has been awarded to Charles W. JOHNSON of this city. Upwards of
fifteen thousand square feet will be necessary to cover the structure.

Contractors James BLACK and Joseph HAMILTON have returned from the job of
stone quarrying they had at Byron which they did for UHL Bros. who are
increasing the size of their pulp mill there by the addition of three new

Frank WEINKAUF purchased a new home Saturday on Tobacnoir Street. It is the
dwelling formerly occupied by Gottleib SCHUBRING, recently deceased, next to
K. F. G. BRENNER on the west, and was purchased from Mrs. Mary WARNEKE.
Consideration $1200.

John JANSEN of the Kaukauna Manufacturing company, is having a cement wall
built along his residence property, corner of Lawe and Sarah Streets, on top
of which he will build a neat iron fence. Later Mr. JANSEN says he intends to
build cement walks on both sides of his property.

Miss Kate McCARTY re-opened her Wisconsin avenue dress-making parlors
September 5. On the 18th of September Miss McCarty leaves for Chicago to
attend the Dress Makers' annual convention. anyone wishing to leave orders
with her for goods to be purchaed in the city will please call before that

N. M. KETTENHOFEN, who has conducted a harness shop on Wisconsin avenue for a
number of years, has removed to Oshkosh. No one seemed to have known of his
plans until the shop was unexpectedly closed last week. C. FOEGEN of the
south side has moved into the building to succeed to the KETTENHOFEN business.

Mrs. Andrew JORDAN of New London died Wednesday morning in the Chicago &
North-Western station at Hortonville, where she had gone to take the 9
o'clock train for home. Death was due to [some]sort of an epileptic seizure.
She was accompanied by her young son, a boy of ten years or thereabouts, who
was almost beside himself with terror when he saw his mother's condition.

b. W. HAYES, the coal and wood dealer, is selling maple wood at $6 per cord
cas. The wood is in cordwood length, four fee, and is boy maple, sound and
was cut in the winter.

Notice is hereby given to all concerned that hunting or any other trespassing
on the property of William ROHAN, just east of the city on the Hollandtown
road, is positively forbidden, and anyone found in the woods or on the
property mentioned will be prosecuted under the laws of the state.

Mrs. Jacob HAMMEL, formerly of this city, died Sunday at her home in Appleton
at the age of 72 years. She was one of the first settlers in Jewish circles
in northern Wisconsin and had been a resident of Appleton for forty years.
The funeral was held Tuesday afternoon.

P. A. GOUDEMAN of Little Chute who runs a successful general store finds his
business increasing so rapidly that he will add another store in width to his
present building. Mr. GLOUDEMAN keeps two delivery teams running about his
own village, Kimberley, Combined Locks and to Kaukauna, and employs eight
clerks in his store.

Miss E. BIERMAN of Appleton has purchased the millinery store which has been
conducted for several years by Mrs. JEWELL on Second street and will continue
business at the same stand taking possession immediately, opening September
14 with a full line of new and up-to-date fall millinery and art goods. Miss
BIERMAN has been in business at Appleton for a number of years and has always
had a liberal patronage from among the Kaukauna ladies. With a desire to
please the Kaukauna trade and add to the list of patrons she now comes to the
city to conduct a local store. All the ladies are cordially invited to call.

James SULLIVAN of the united State recruiting ship Michigan, who was here
visiting his cousin, James CONWAY, left Saturday to again take up his duties
on board the ship.

The Recruiting ship Michigan is the same one on which James CONWAY enlisted
during the Civil War. It was built in 1844.

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