Char was given census and city directory information.

Aileen was put in touch with another researcher of the same surname.

Tim was put in touch with some relatives.

Mary was given information on her relatives.

Char looked up some information for a friend and thru Gene Stark's Index on the "other resources" page, found her friends's gggrandfather's first wife's name and further generations.

Sue Ohde used the new Marriage Index and was able to find several G-G-Grandparents who had remarried.  She stated that she had solved several mysteries!

Thank you for the marriage index! I'm stuck in the Pacific Northwest trying to trace Midwest ancestors. Most of the fam is from the Chicago area, where I grew up, but my ggrandmother was born in Wisconsin. I found out from the census that her father's name was George and he had a second wife named Elizabeth and they lived at 441 Washington St, Wausau, in 1860. But I didn't know when they married or his wife's birth name. Now I do!! And I know who ggrandma's sister married. Thanks for making this research FUN instead of frustrating! Barbara Lindeman-Orr

SUCCESS!!! Thanks to the Marathon County Web Page, I was contacted by a woman who had the entire family tree for my maternal grandfather!! Saved me a lot of travel and also let us know about a bi-yearly reunion held in Athens!  Many Thanks,   Edward P. Lehman

Robin Smith had a person e-mail her about her listing of Kronenwetter on the surname page.  This person had lots of information about her family.

Nancie Willey found missing relatives, thru the Marriage Index, and also thru the Land Records link found some clues as to how 2 different families moved to WI.  She also sent a query to someone also researching one of her surnames.

Mary Beth has doubled the size of her Dad's family as she was telephoned by a half-uncle, and a cousin.  The family had been wondering what happened to her grandfather for 63 years!

Pat has found information on a name she is researching, thanks to the Marathon County WIGenweb page!

Dave Driscoll wants to thank Char Zaleski and her contacts for helping him trace his family in the Wausau, Schofield area.

Thanks, I found the GAR post for my ggguncle Jefferson Gennett, Cutler Post 55., and also his father, Frank Gennett, who enlisted in the same company. Cheryl Smith-Ehlers.

I have made contact with Judy Wittke (Sat Oct 11 14:08:30 1997) message. She has been very helpful on piecing together the Graebel clan for me. I plan to be in Wausau hopefully 15 Apr 98 to do more research. Thanks Again for this site

Ronald Graebel  [email protected]  Wind Lake, Wi

Thanks to the Marathon County Mailing list. A subscriber posted that he had found some books with my family's names on them. These books had been bought at an estate auction. He is sending me the books which TRACE MY FAMILY BACK TO THE 1600'S!!! Dick Yost

Michelle Laycock met someone who was also researching her family thru the Marathon County web page. It turned out to be a descendant of her ggggrandfather's sister! She has now met 3 others who are researching the same family.

To: [email protected]

Hello All,

Just wanted to report a simple success story! I have been researching the following names in Marathon County, off and on for 10+ years.


I decided to join the Wisconsin Marathon County Mailing List, on Saturday. Later that day, there was a posting for DRAKE. I replied and much to my surprise it was one and the same family! We have since been corresponding via email and sharing our info. It has led to other connections as well. I'm thrilled and grateful for the willingness of others to share their information!

Thank you!

Jodi Nelson

Boring, Oregon (yes, really)

Where the Snow is Liquid in the form of Rain! :o)

From: [email protected] (Jacqueline R. Harrington)

To: [email protected] (SDGreen715)

This is a success story. I found the death record for the man we believe is my great-grandfather's brother. His name was Eusebius Mugerauer. This is the record as shown on the index. Thank you. Jackie from New Jersey

Name: Eusebins Mugerawer

Death Date: 07 May 1903

County: Mara

Volume: 02

Page: 0454

Reel: 053

Image: 2905


I received this letter today, March 24, 2002. WOW

Hi, Shelley,

You have done such an excellent job, not only of organizing and transcribing

a vast amount of meaningful and valuable information for people in search

their family, geneological history and geographical roots; but, in addition,

the way you have organized and presented the various available resources

such as the libraries, archives, and resource people is outstanding. You

have provided exactly what those in search of answers need: the places, what

they offer, how to contact them and where they are located. Thanks so much

to you and all those in your group who have contributed such inspired time,

diligence and energy toward furthering the geneological effort in this very

fortunate area of Wisconsin.



April 15, 2002

Hi Shelley,

I have a success story for you ! Because of all the important information I gathered from your web site and the volunteers, I found the town my ancestors came from and I am communicating with a cousin who invited me to come to Germany and she'll help me with more research. It's a long long story, but so rewarding.

Thank you again for all the joy you have added to the lives of genealogy hunters.

Pat Hofer Cleveland

an e-mail from Georgie - July 7, 2002

Hi, asked if useful info was found at the WI Gen Web site. "Yes," in 1910 census was able to locate my ggmother & ggfather Grahn, verify (or question children's birthdates based on that census). Thanks for the infinite hours put into logging on this whomever that praise belongs. Georgie

Subj: MarathonCountyWI

Date: 7/13/02 2:09:06 PM Central Daylight Time

From: MugzMalone

To: SDGreen715

Hello Shelley,

I want to thank you for all of the wonderful information you provided about Marathon County. I was looking on the Internet and by happenstance I found the Knowlton census. I almost fell out of my chair when I found my great-grandfather, great-grandmother, and my grandfather's siblings. They are the Sturm family (there is a ? next to the name on the census, but it is correct: Sturm.) The Christie Sturm on the census is actually, Christian G. Sturm, my great-grandfather. I also found the names of my great-great-grandparents on the Sturm side, and my great-grandmother's parents and siblings, Baravetto family, who were also living in this town. Katie Baravetto was living in the same house as the Sturms. The Baravetto family is also on the census, though the "w" should actually be a "v" to reflect the correct spelling. And now, thanks to that information, I found the actual city in Italy where they came from and also some living relatives. All of this happened in a matter of about 1 1/2 hours of casual browsing. It just fell in my lap, but you can picture my surprise when I found their names on that census form, living in a town that I have never even knew of before today. So thank you!!!

Ernest Sturm, my grandfather, (born in 1913) moved to St. Louis from Wisconsin, which is where my parents now live. I live in Los Angeles. Again, thank you very much for all of your hard-work on the website. My family will be delighted to learn this information.

Best Wishes,

James Lamkin

============================================================================= Hello. Just would like to let you know that I was able to trace my family back to France, back some 240 years, in only 2 weeks. Your site contained information in the queries that I needed, and I was able to contact the right people to get the information I needed. I also obtained marriage records through the infomation on your site to confirm my findings. Thank You very much for a great geneology website. Wayne W. Wollslair


Dear Shelley, I've been trying to find my great uncle's second marriage. To confirm this I needed a marriage record. I have not been able to find a record thru Waupaca County where he is from. But I found her parents in the 1910 census in Marathon County, and because of your "Marriage Index" and the way it is displayed, I could find them even tho the names were misspelled. Thank you!

Gary Thorson