Miscellaneous information pertaining to Marathon County, WI.

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Miscellaneous information ---

Funeral Homes in Wausau and area

Marathon County Post Offices - from the beginning!  

List of Postoffices in Marathon County in 1886 and 1939

List of Wausau Mail Carriers from 1890-1940

Railroads of Marathon County

Merrill/Wausau Flood of 1912

Pictures of the Flood taken in Wausau, July 1912

List of German to English words, common in the area.

 List of books for sale about Wausau

Postcard of Marathon County Poor Farm,  Wausau WI

A list of Newspapers in the state, around 1903, by county.

Marshfield Area Genealogy Group - Primarily for Wood, Clark and Marathon Counties, but with ties to Portage and Taylor Counties.

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