Early and Late Mosinee

Early and Late Mosinee. Written by Edgar LaDu and published in 1907.

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Civil War Veterans

John Keefe

William W Mitchell

Eugene Roberts

Jackson Keefe

Stephen Pauquett

Jack Doud

O. A. Priest

Amy Rancour

2 or 3 unnamed Indians

Henry B. Gardner

Lewis Potter

William G. Blair

Battees Brabant

Edward Conner

Micheal DeJardin

Joseph Robbins

King Young

Tunis Guyett

Peter Mitchell Sr.

Bazil Guyett

Peter Mitchell Jr.

Ole Oleson

Joseph Pashe

William G Gilbert

James Mitchell

People with Biographies

Joseph Dessert 25 years old in 1844 Owner of Lumber Co. and Mill. Married Mary Sanford (d. 7/1/1881) In Waukesha County 1862. Daughter of William (N.Y.) and Lavina T Sanford (Con.) Children Marion M died in infancy. Stella married Henry M. Thompson, Secretary and Treasurer of mill. 1898 built the J. M. Dessert Library. 1905 donated library to town. President of incorporated Mosinee, County Commissioner, Chairman town board of supervisors.

Robert Freeman Land Cruiser Roman Catholic 1850 came to U.S. from Ireland. October 1851 came to Mosinee Married Ellen McShara 1850 Children Margart Ann, William, Mary Jane, and Ellen. 1883 partnered with Frank Fellows in a sawmill for 14 years.

Orin Elliot d. 9/1889 Millwright 1867 Came to Mosinee 1853 When his wife died he moved in with his daughter Mrs. Ellen R. Gardner.

Orin Alonzo Elliot (son of Orin Elliot) b. 12/13/1835 Cattar, N.Y. Methodist Episcopal Enlisted 7/16/1861 fought at Gettysburg and Iron Bridge under General Bragg. Came to Mosinee 1854 Married Julia A. Robbins of Mosinee 4/29/1857 Children Henry A. b. 2/6/1858, Oscar E. b. 3/11/1861, Ester E. b. 4/26/1866, Anna M. b. 7/26/1871, Mary E. 10/26/1876

William G Blair (Scotland) & Cornelia Blair (Glasgow, Scotland) Hotel Owners Came to Mosinee in 1852 Children 2 born in Mosinee Helen M. b. 5/29/1853, Clitus S. b. 3/29/1856. They had 8 children in all three died before they came to Mosinee, 2 boys that came to Mosinee with them drowned along with D.W.C. Mitchell’s son in. 1861 joined army. Was wounded and taken prisoner at the battle of Pittsburgh. Held prisoner for 3 months. Died in hospital after release. Is buried in the National Cemetery Chattanooga, Tenn.

Hon. Sebastian Kronenwetter. B. 1/20/1833/ d. 4/27/1902 son of Micheal and Francisca (Funk) Middle of the road Democrat, Roman Catholic Hotel owner, Logging and lumber Emigrated from Germany with father in 1846 Married Mary Biri (Alsace, France) 1855 in St. Mary’s, Penn. Came to Wisconsin in 1857 Children Micheal b.2/2/1857 St. Mary, Penn. Died in infancy, Helen O. b. 6/22/1860 Mosinee (married Micheal Lutz), Francis M. b. 6/26/1861 Mosinee d. 11/18/1863, Karl A. b. 8/2/1862 Wausau, George S. b. 9/15/1864 Mosinee, Clara F. b. 10/16/1866 (married Eugene Wirth), Henry M. b. 4/1/1869, Frances M. b. 2/21/1872 d. 2/10/1874, Mary I b. 9/25/1874 Mosinee, Anna O. b. 3/31/1877 Chairman town board of supervisors, Supervisor town board, Chairman county board, Supervisor County board, served one Term State Legislator.

Micheal DeJardin d. 1904 (buried at Catholic Church Mosinee) Served 3 years during Civil War Full Chippewa Indian

Samuel Hinkley b 10/15/1822 Mercer, Maine d. 10/9/1904 Son of Josiah & Sarah (Works) Foreman Dessert Lumber Co. Was a Seaman until 1849. 1850 moved to Alexandria, Missouri. Worked as Butcher. Spring 1851 moved to Mosinee. Worked Lumbering. Married Hattie M. Johnson in Mosinee 9/25/1882 Children Sabra Almeda b. 5/27/1888 Known as "Uncle Sam" to town’s people. He was always willing to give a helping hand. Most loved person in town.

David Roberts b 6/6/1831 Montreal, Canada. Son of Constant & Flavie (Laplainte). Only surviving child of nine. Republican, Catholic Lumbering and General Mercantile business Married Jane Morey at Steven’s Point 1863 Children Marion b. 2/14/1873 d. 3/3/1883, Jane and Infant son died 1878 Married Elizabeth Lemmer 6/15/1881. Daughter of John & Elizabeth (Dahlem), from Germany, early settlers of Marathon County. Children Nelson D. b 3/3/1884 d. 5/1/1906, Emelia E. b. 11/21/1885, Constant C. b. 7/1/1888 Chairman board of supervisors, Postmaster, School Treasure,

H.A. Bean d. 1/2/1881 (age 60 years 11 months and 13 days) Republican, Universalist Book Keeper for Joseph Dessert Came to Mosinee early 1850’s Married Triphena A. Moore, School Teacher Waukesha d 8/5/1895 Was most educated man in town. Town Clerk until death, elected Justice of the Peace

Frank Demers (Canada) Republican, Roman Catholic Came to U.S. in 1855 Came to Mosinee 1856 Mercantile business, Fruit, confections and Grocery business, Farmer Married Adelia Moyer from Stockton, WI 11/14/1871 Children Zelda G. (Solon), Frank L. Jr. d. 1/3/1889,

Clarence Osgood, Edward N Justice of the Peace, Notary Public

John Keefe b. 3/25/1809 Roscommon, Ireland d.9/25/1901 Roman Catholic Married Mary Higgins from his home town 1883 Emigrated in 1883 In 1859 he moved his family to the land he had purchased and built a cabin on 12 miles outside Mosinee. Enlisted 1/8/1862 Company G 14 Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry. Wounded at the battle of Shilo 4/7/1862

Peter Sicard (Canada) Republican, Roman Catholic Came to U.S. 1855 Mercantile business Worked for Joseph Dessert, Worked for David Roberts one year. Married Charlotte Jane Mitchell 2/1887 Children Alfred N., Lester G., Laurena M

William Daniels b. 12/3/1845 Mellenville, N.Y Came to Northern WI 1855 Came to Mosinee 1884 Married Jane S. Leach 6/26/1866 d. 2/26/1903 Children William C. d. age 4, Edna J. d. age 20 Married Hattie Kettering of Minneapolis, Min. 5/19/1904 Enlisted 3rd Wisconsin Calvary at 17 years of age, discharged after almost 3 years. Studied Medicine at Rush College, graduated 1878

Bert Worthington b. 10/1876 Janesville, WI Congregationalist Merchant Came to Mosinee in 1905

Charles A. Bernier b. 5/10/1861 Grand Rapids, WI. Son of Louis A. & Clementine (Blenchette) Both from Canada. Democrat, Catholic Store manager, clerk, book keeper for David Roberts for 8 years General Mercantile, 1892 entered partnership with W.F. LaDu Married Margret Keefe 5/13/1885 Children Eva Marie b. 10/22/1889, Charles Alexander b. 2/22/1892, Willis Owen Francis b. 12/2/1894

Francis McRynolds b. 9/24/1859 Batavia, N.Y. Son of James and Marianne Republican, Episcopal Book keeper for Joseph Dessert until he went out of business 1905 9/1904 Mosinee Land and Timber Company Came to Mosinee 7/31/1878 Married Marie Florence Martin of Mosinee 4/13/1887 Children Helen O. b. 10/17/1888 School board member, town Trustee

Dr. Edward Fish b. 8/16/1858 Orangeville, Mich. Son of Isaac F. & Eliza (Livermore) Doctor Graduated Medicine University of Michigan 1883 Came to Mosinee 1884 Married Jennie Clark of Mosinee10/20/1886 Children John b. 11/5/1891 Coroner, Justice of the Peace

J.P. Kanter b. 2/29/1868 Hilbert Junction, WI son of Peter and Mary Ann (Baer) Blacksmith 1890 went into business for self Married Emma L. Rondeau of Rudolf, WI 4/26/1892 Children Mabel b. 3/3/1893, Pearl E. b. 8/9/1894, Laura M. b. 8/9/895, Lina b. 4/29/1897, Gertude b. 6/19/1898

Willis Fremont LaDu b. 7/2/1856 Richmond, PA son of Edgar and Sarah J. (Ayres) Grocery and Notions, 1880 entered into partnership with Frank Demers for two to three years Built Temple Hall and went into business for self Moved to Dancy in 1888 1893 returned to Mosinee, bought James O. Paup property and went into the mercantile business with C.A. Bernier Came to Mosinee 1866 Married Helen Keefe of Mosinee 5/28/1884 Children Sarah Jane b. 3/30/1885 Supervisor of Village, President of Village four terms, 1880 chairman Democratic assembly district Marathon County, 1894 Postmaster, 1896 delegate to State Democratic Convention, 1902 elected to first assembly district Marathon County

Arden Pronto b. 8/6/1875 Steven’s Point, WI son of Alfred & Mary (Treu) Episcopal Starting at age 17 taught school in Marathon County for 6 years Started own business 1/1902 Married Kittie Bell Coye from Missouri 9/25/1902

Adolph Knoedler b. 6/15/1861 Gmund, Germany son of Jacob & Rosa (Egnder) Catholic Saddle Maker Came to Mosinee in 1888 for 6 months returned 10/1892 and started business in his trade. Emigrated in 1880 Met Mary Alice Keefe of Hadler, WI in Fonda, IW. Married Mary Alice 5/10/1886 in Fonda Children Daisy Mary b. 6/10/1887, Jacob b. 9/9/1888, William H. b. 9/17/1890

Other Notes:

Edgar E. LaDu came to Mosinee 9/26/1866 was town assessor 1867

John L. Moore operated a saw mill 1839-1849

Joseph Dessert, William Pencast, Henry Cate, and James Ethridge took over mill in 1849 Joseph Dessert became the sole owner in 1859

First wedding was Robert Smeaton to Ann Keefe

People Of Mosinee Business in 1907

A. vonBerg Bank President

Walter vonBerg Bank Cashier

C.S. Blair Druggist & Postmaster

S.L. Smith Owned Times

D.W. Baker Editor Times

Joseph Homier Store Owner

Joseph Hanus Clothier & Tailor

L. Lamere Barber & Jeweler

Slip O’Conner Saloon Owner

Charles Blake Saloon Owner

Frank Beste Saloon Owner

J.Hanowitz Department Store Owner

Milo Crawford Repair Shop

John Wagner Wagon Shop

Zastrow Brothers Cigar Manufacturers

Mr. Spangenberg Shoe Repair

Kathrine Blake Bakery

David Doherty C.O.D Store

Others mentioned that lived in Mosinee

Nathan Blake (Merchant)

J.R. Bruneua (Grocery store owner)

Will Gilbert (Shoe shop)

Alexander Erwin (Post office & Grocery)

William Cuer (River Pilot) and his sister Electa

George Drake

George La Count

Henry Ward (Tanner)

Mr. Schwalbe

Celia Keefe

Mrs. Edstrom

Louis Vachreau

Peter Tenetti

Mrs. B. Brabant

Hon. Justice George Partridge

Joseph Tanguauy

John Prain

C. A. Gardner

Mr. Horan (Mail Carrier)

Jno. La Barge

Mrs. Brand

Mr. Hay


Phelix McGuire

Thomas O’Conner

Edward Fitzgerald and Brothers

James Murry

Timothey Kennedy

William Hays

Patrick Burns

Garret Hughs

Henry Thompson

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