Marathon County Wisconsin Gen. Society Heritage Certificate Program

The Marathon County Genealogical Society has authorized a new program for issuing Heritage Certificates. There are three different certificates - Pioneer, for persons whose ancestors were residing in Marathon County prior to 1861, Early Settler for persons whose ancestors were residing in Marathon County prior to 1881, and Century for those whose ancestors were residing in Marathon County at least 100 years ago. Certificates may be issued in the name of another person, other than the applicant, such as a sibling, child or grandchild.

An application will be required and proof must be provided in the form of copies of documents establishing the facts claimed. A complete list of authorized documents will be included with the application, along with instructions and tips for completion.

To obtain an application packet, send a large self-addressed envelope, stamped with 60 cents postage, with your request to: MCGS, PO Box 1512, Wausau, WI 54402-1512, or pick one up at one of our regular monthly meetings. The fee is $5.00 payable with the submission of the application.

This program is separate from the Pioneer and Century Certificate Program operated by Wisconsin State Genealogical Society's program that is for the entire state of Wisconsin. However, the documentation that is gathered for Marathon County's certificates will also assist you in obtaining a state certificate if you wish to apply for one.

For further information you can contact me, Shelley Green.

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