Explosion at Gray's Mill, Town of Weston, Marathon County, WI

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From the Wood County Reporter

February 5, 1874, Page 4 Column 2

Grand Rapids, Wood Co., WI

Frightful Accident

Gray's Mill Blown Up

At noon today our city was thrown into intense excitement, caused by the

report that GRAY's Mill, situated 11 miles southeast of this city, in the

town of Weston, had blown up. Every available team to be had was soon on

the road, loaded with people hastening to the scene of the calamity. We

availed ourselves of a proffered seat, and were soon at the place. Here we

found quite a crowd of our citizens ahead of us, among which was Dr.s

SMITH, WYLIE and FROST, who were busily engaged in dressing the wounded.

The mill presents a frightful wreck, portions of the boiler (locomotive)

were scattered several rods from the mill. One piece about 150 yards

distance from where it stood, dropped on the blacksmith shop roof, directly

over the smith's head, while he was at work at the anvil. From Mr. J. GRAY,

the owner of the mill, we gather the following: The explosion took place

about 10 o'clock, there were nine men at work at the mill at the time. The

names of those killed are as follows:

KILLED: Henry LYNN, engineer; Edward ERICKSON, tail sawyer, and Oscar

ISAAC's, wood cutter.

WOUNDED: George HARNEY, sawyer, severely on the head; Alex JOHNSON, skull

fracture, breast and back severely bruised; B. DICKEY, head slightly bruised.

Mr. LYNN was a married man having his wife at the mill. He was about forty

years of age, and came to the mill from Stevens Point. ERICKSON and ISAAC's

were aged 22 and 24 respectively; they are both Swedes, who came from

Illinois to work through the winter in the pinery.

Mr. GRAY estimates his loss at about $10,000. This is the second explosion

that has attended this milling. About six years ago an accident of this

kind occurred two miles distant from the present catastrophe in which two

men lost their lives and several wounded.

---Wisconsin Pilot, Extra, January 31st, 1874

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