History of Funeral Homes in Wausau and Marathon County, WI

This is a history of Funeral Homes in Marathon County,(mostly Wausau)  along with the addresses and whether or not records can be read there.  The idea for this page was given to me by Jerry Dalum. Any questions or comments, please contact me, Shelley Green.

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Please remember that most of the information available at those funeral homes which allow access to records is also at the Register of Deeds.

Brainard Funeral Home began its operations as Ritter and Deutsch in early Wausau. In 1884, the Ritter and Deutsch funeral directors began a furniture and undertaker's business on Third St., Frank Ritter and Fred Deutsch operated at that location until 1927 when Roman Deutsch, Ed Langenhahn and George Krueger took over. The furniture store was sold, and a building for funerals was constructed at 315 Jackson St. The second generation operated at that address until 1962 when the 3rd generation built a new funeral home at its present location at 522 Adams St. In 1970, after 24 years of ownership in the firm, the name of the business was changed to coincide the names of the new owners, Robert Brainard, president, Fred Gerlach, vice president, and James McCunn, secretary-treasurer and was known as Brainard, Gerlach, McCunn. (info from Wausau Daily Herald, June 30, 1972 page 15, Centennial Edition) Robert Brainard's son Scott is now the owner of Brainard Funeral Home and Cremation Center. It is located at 522 Adams St., Wausau, WI 54403. ph. 715-845-5525.  Brainard's has records dating to the early 1920's. They will look up records when and as time permits if you contact them. Thier web page is at www.brainardfuneral.com

John J. Buettgen  Funeral Home - . It is located at 948 Grand Ave., Schofield, WI 54476. Ph. 715-359-2828. It was originally called Jansens's Funeral Home and then  Hayden-Buettgen Funeral Home.. They will allow access to the requester's family records.

Email Addresses:

John Buettgen -john@jjbfh.com

John also has Mid-Wisconsin Cremation Society, LLC and Higgens Funeral Home in Wisconsin Rapids 



http://www.mwcs.ws ( Mid-Wisconsin Cremation Society) and http://higgensfuneralhome.net (Higgens Funeral Home)

Kraemer Funeral Home - Tom Kraemer started in the business about 1966, by buying funeral homes and furniture stores in Marathon City and Edgar. When he decided to get out of the furniture business, he built a new funeral home on Stewart Avenue in Wausau. (See information on Peterson Funeral Homes)

Helke Funeral Home began with the founding of the Helke Company by Charles Helke in the year 1874. The funeral home division has expanded over the years, and at one time (1972) there were two chapels in Wausau, one at 413 Jefferson St., and one on the west side of Wausau, at 302 Spruce St. (info from Wausau Daily Herald, June 30, 1972, Centennial Edition) Helke's currently is at the 302 Spruce St., Wausau, WI 54401 location. They do NOT allow any access to their records, as most of the information is at the Register of Deeds.

Peterson Funeral Home was founded by Mr. A. M. Peterson, who began his work in 1903. In 1910, he started the firm which bore his name, and which he conducted  the business until his death in 1935. His son, Melvin S. Peterson was the next managing director.  It was also called the Barden-Peterson Funeral Home for a time. Peterson-Kraemer has locations at Athens, Edgar, Marathon City, Wausau East - 1302 N. 6th St., 54403 - and Wausau West - 3400 Stewart Ave., 54401.  ALL locations can be reached thru a single phone number - 715-845-6900It is currently known as the Peterson/Kraemer Funeral Homes and Crematory Inc. To access their records, write to them. When time permits, they will look up records, or if you apply in person, they will let you look at the records under their supervision.

e-mail petersonkraemer@aol.com, www.petersonkraemer.com

Schmidt-Schulta Funeral Home serving Wittenberg, Birnamwood, Bevent, Bowler, Aniwa, Hatley, Mattoon, Tigerton, Galloway, Elderon, Eland, Ringle and surrounding areas in Langlade, Marathon, Portage and Shawano Counties has a wonderful website that has obituaries dating back 30 years.  Wonderful research tool.

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