Buss Family Tree

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August and Fredericke (Karo) Buss and daughter Emilie emigrated with August Kickbusch on the ship America, and settled in Wausau, Marathon County in June 1867. August was a farmer, and both are buried in St. Peter's Lutheran Cemetery in Wausau. Most of the family remained in Marathon County, but a few did move to Lincoln County.

Generation 1

Gottliep Karow married Uka(?) Pommerania(?)

Generation 2

Fredericke Karow b. 3 Oct. 1845 Pommerania, married August Buss b. 6 Dec. 1843 Pommerania

Generation number 3

Emilie b. 1867 Pommerania m. William Prahl b 1858/9 Prussia

Amenia b. 1869 Wisconsin, m. A. J. Krueger b.1868

Emma (b. 1873) m. Richard Jaeger b. 1875 Pommerania

Anna b. 1871 m. Allan Mathias Green b. 1867 Indiana

Augusta b. 1875 Wisconsin, m. Carl August Julius Genz b. 1880 Germany

Otto C.b. 1879 m. Betty Klinghammer b. 1886 Indiana

John b. 1882 Wisconsin m ?

Lizzie b. 1885 Wisconsin m. Wilhelm Heschke

Bertha b. 1889 Wisconsin m. Albert Benx