Marathon County State Guard, WWI

These names are compiled from the service records of the men who enlisted in the 10th Separate Company, Company C, 10th Wisconsin State Guard.  The records were found in the papers of Captain Fred R. Becker and are at the Marathon County Historical Society. I asked the current National Guard of Wisconsin about the possibility of more records on these men being somewhere else, and they said perhaps they would be at the State Historical Library.  However, in my opinion, because these were the actual service records, and in some cases, the actual enlistment certificates, I think that these are the only records.  

If anyone finds any incorrect information, or if this page helps you in any way, please let me know!

(M. C. stands for Marathon County.)  The names with an * were found on enlistment papers only - there was no service record for them.


I have gotten more information about the State Guards from Tom Bruss,

"When the State Guard was first being organized during WWI, the companies in the various communities were not organized into regiments. Initially these units were organized as Separate Companies. Later, after many companies were organized, they were grouped into regiments. When that happened, their names were changed from 10th Separate Co. (etc) to Co. C., 10th Wisconsin Regiment (for example.)"

Tom got the above information from local newspapers at the public library.

Thanks, Tom.


E-mail me -- Shelley Green with any questions.

Names Born Age at



Date of





Alexander, Judd S. M. C., WI 40y 5m 9/25/1917 S Lumber
Altman, Robert M. Minsk, Russia 31y 3m 8/23/1917 M Office clerk
Becker, Frederick R. Oshkosh, WI 44y 8/23/1917 M Asst. Postmaster
Belanger, Ovid C. Wood County, WI 44y 5m 8/23/1917 M Manager - Wausau Club
Berres, Thomas L. Marathon, WI 24y 9m 9/23/1918 M Adr. Manager
Beste, Ray H. Mosinee, M.C.,WI 32y 3 m. 7/1/1918 M Laborer
Boehmer, Herman H. M. C., WI 25y 4m 8/23/1917 M Bookkeeper
Boerke, George H. Wausau, MC, WI 35y 8/23/1917 M Engineer
Braatz, Emil F. M. C., WI 40y 5m 8/23/1917 M Laundry man
Braun, Albert W. Marathon, WI 23y 11m 8/23/1917 S -
Brown, Levi H. Town of Texas

M. C., WI

44yrs-9 mo 4/1/1918 M Rural mail carrier
Bugbee, Leigh A. Wausau, MC, WI 28y 5m 2/18/1918 M Lumber grader
Cartwright, Louis Lavell, WI 36y 9m 7/21/1918 M Laborer
Christenson, David A. Oshkosh, WI 31y 6m 9/23/1918 M News reporter
Clements, Arthur L.(previously in the Ill guard from 1904-1907) Chicago, Cook Cty, IL. 37y 7 m 10/9/1917 M Office clerk
Columbo, Joseph L. Baden, Waterloo Cty, Canada 47y 8/23/1917 M Htg & sheetmetal contractor
Cook, Lewis H. Gravesville, Calumet Cty, WI 40y 9m 8/23/1917 M County Clerk
Coon, Fred B. Albion, WI 42y 8m 9/23/1918 M Tracher(sic)
Cote, John W.(served Co. M., 2nd Regt. Oconto, WNG, 1904-1913, Co G., Appleton Oconto, WI 43y 11m 2/25/1918 M Barber
Croymans, Irving J. Wausau, MC., WI 18y 9m 9/23/1918 S Clerical
Curtis, W. Del. Merrill, Lincoln County WI 29y 3m 10/1/1917 M Ins. Agent
Daniels, Frank Claud Ovid, MI 32y 10/25/1917 M Paper maker
Davis, Taber S. Menasha, WI 34y 8/23/1917 S Factory Sup't
Dawkey, Erwin C. Antigo, Langlade Cty, WI 33y 8/23/1917 M Lumber dealer
Dingle, John H.  * Wilmette, ILL 21y 10/9/1917 - Salter of Cucumbers
Dolloff, Forest  * Wausau, MC., WI 18y 7/15/1918 - Laborer
Drake, George H. Wausau, MC WI 42y 1/2 m 3/25/1918 M Millwright
Drew, Walter S. Lincoln Cty, WI 24y 5m 4/29/1918 M Electrician
Duncan, Myron G. * Wausau, MC., WI 19y 10/27/1917 - Stenographer
Duskey, Joseph Paul Wood County WI 31y 5m 8/23/1917 M Traveling Salesman
Earle, Thorne Daniel Plainwell County, MI 44y 6 m 8/23/1917 S Purchasing Agent
Edgar, Charles Lyson Brooklyn, NY 30y 7m 10/6/1917 M Lawyer
Evans, Albert M. Brooklyn, NY 26y 4 m 10/23/1917 M Office
Evers, Walter A. Chicago, ILL 30y 11m 8/23/1917 M Court Reporter
Flieth, Walter H. Wausau, MC,WI 35y 2m 2/18/1918 M Insurance Agent
Foubare, Michael Grand Rapids, WI 39y 7/20/1918 - Brick mason
Gile, Ray E. Merrillen, Jackson County WI 34y 8 m 3/25/1918 M Sales Mgr.
Goerling, P. L. Wausau, MC., WI 44y 6m 7/1/1918 M Hotel Mgr.
Gorman, Walter T. MC., WI 30y 11m 8/23/1917 M Lumber
Gorman, Edward P. Wausau, MC., WI 34y 5m 10/27/1917 M Lawyer
Hanson, Earl D. St. Louis, MO 18y 11m 923/1918 S Mul (sic) operator
Hochtrit, Robert E. MC., WI 32y 3m 2/18/1918 M Court Reporter
Hooker, Charles G. Castleton, Vermont 36y 7m 10/1/1917 M Mill Manager
Horne, Emery B. Big Suamico, WI 21y 10/8/1917 S Labor Inspector
Houston, Eber H. La Farge, Vernon Cty., WI 25y 3m 4/2/1918 M Collector
Howarth, John M. Oshkosh, WI 52y 8/23/1917 M Engineer
Hubbard, Ray R. Milwaukee, WI 25y 4m 4/30/1918 M District Agt., Life Ins.
Jamison, John C. Prophetstown, ILL 31y 4m 8/23/1917 S Order clerk
Johnson, Oscar Arthur Hatley, WI 37y 1m 4/1/1918 S - has daughter Cook
Jones, Leslie Clayton Wausau, MC., WI 25y 6m 8/23/1917 M Efficiency Engineer
Kane, Harrison P. * Antigo, Langlade County, WI 25y 2/25/1918 - Salesman
Kell, Ernest A. Town of Scott, Lincoln Cty, WI 27y 9m 2/18/1918 M Stone cutter
Kolter, Jacob H. * Wausau, MC, WI 38y 10/7/1918 - Dentist
Kroening, Carl W. Wausau, MC., WI 20y 4m 9/23/1918 S Claims agent
Kurth, Fred  * Wausau, MC., WI 18y 8/4/1919 - Cook
LaDusire, William J. Clintonville, WI 37y 8m 9/23/1918 M Millwright
LaPorte, Alfred B. Jamestown, Mich 36y 8m 9/23/1918 M Carpenter
Marks, Anton L. Germany 40y 5m 8/23/1917 M Barber
McDonnell, Leo J. Montello, WI 30y 0m 2/11/1918 M Stationary fireman
Meyer, George P.(served 3 yrs - Co I., 3rd Wis. Nat. Guard, then Co. L., 3rd Wis, served to Spanish American War Sparta, WI 42y 10/17/1917 M Commercial Traveler
Mitbauer, Julius H. Stitzer, Grant Co., WI 26y 7m 2/11/1918 M Granite cutter
Molter, Harry P. Chicago, Cook Cty Ill 29y 1 m 8/23/1917 M Plbg & Htg
Newell, Ralph A.

( served in Co. G., 3rd Wis. Vol Inf. in Spanish American War)

Carol, MI 39y 2/11/1918 M Rural mail carrier
North, James P. Beloit, WI 25y 10m 9/23/1918 M Clerk
Nuernberg, William A. Rochester, Racine County, WI 38y 2/18/1918 M Foreman, Curtis & Yale
Paquin, Edward T. Lincoln County, WI 36y 2m - M Sheet Metal
Pflieger, Joseph Moulhouse, Alsace-Loraine, Germany 40y 4/1/1918 M Laborer
Pier, Colwert George Fond Du Lac, WI 40y 8m 8/23/1917 M Lumberman
Pregont, John E. Wausau, MC., WI 24y 11 m 3/29/1918 S Laborer
Puchner, Rudolph E. Wittenberg, WI 29y 9m 10/9/1917 M Lawyer
Roller, Arthur J. Wausau, MC., WI 27y 8m 2/25/1918 M Chauffeur
Runkel, George A. Dodge County, WI 47y 9m 8/23/1917 M Register of Deeds
Ryan, Thomas H. Twn of Berlin, MC, WI 41y 8/23/1917 M Postmaster
Sandon, Antone J. Quebec, Canada 44y 7m 7/1/1918 M Cook
Schoenfeld, George R. Wausau, MC, WI 22y 0 m 8/23/1917 S Post Office Clerk
Sexsmith, Fred L. Fond du Lac, WI 32y 5m 10/15/1917 M Auto Supply Co. Mgr
Silverthorn, George P. Wausau, MC., WI 32y 9m 8/23/1917 S Northern Iron Co.
Single, Wesley A. MC, WI 40y 8/23/1917 S Office clerk
Sivert, William W. Phoenix, NY 41y 9m 9/23/1918 M Lawyer
Smith, Brayton E. Keokuck City, Iowa 43y 6 m 8/23/1917 M Lawyer
Smith, Henry E. Fond du Lac, WI 45y 11m 8/23/1917 M Secretary, Wausau Mfg. Co.
Sparbel, Fred * Mosinee, MC, WI 20y 8/4/1918 - Cook
Speer, Zeno M.(he served 3 prev. enlistments in Wi St. Guard in 1911, 1913, and 1916) Wausau, MC, WI 28y 2m 10/1/1917 S Architect
Stanke, Frank William Merrill, Lincoln Cty, WI 25y 2 m 8/23/1917 M Chief Electrician
Swartout, James Lynn(served 4 months in 6th Separate Co., Milwaukee) Hudson, MI 24y 6m 1/15/1918 M Insurance Inspector
Theisen, Edwin F. Wausau, MC., WI 28y 8/23/1917 M Htg & Plbg Engineer
Thorn, Walter Henry Oshkosh, WI 35y 3m 9/25/1917 M Retail lumber
VanDouser, Alton M. Clinton, Mich 32y 3m 8/23/1917 M Accountant
VanVechten, Philip V. O. Milwaukee, WI 55y 8/23/1917 M Auto Agent
Vehlow, Max W. R. Schofield, MC., WI 24y 6m 9/23/1918 M Bookkeeper
Wegner, Ben Henry Wausau, MC., WI 31y 1m 8/23/1917 S Postal clerk
Whitney, Wilbur Chilson Marathon County, WI 29y 5 m 4/29/1918 M Electrician
Williams, Claude R. Waupaca, Waupaca Cty, WI 30y 11m 9/16/1918 M Law Clerk
Willard, Lee M. Neenah, WI 49y 11m 9/23/1918 M Doctor
Wilson, Perry M. Manistee, MI 32y 10/1/1917 M Asst. Mgr, Paper Mill
Wiske, Albert P. Montello, WI 26y 1m 2/11/1918 M Railroad fireman
Woodson, Aytch P. Platte Cty, MO 35y 8/23/1917 M Lumber
Yawkey, Cyrus C. Chicago, Cook Cty, IL 54y 8/23/1917 M Lumber
Zahn, Walter M. Naugart, MC, WI 27y 4 m 9/23/1918 M Clerk
Zimmer, William W. Berlin, Germany 38y 5m 8/23/1917 M Decorator
Zochert, Robert C. Wausa, MC., WI 17y 1m 9/23/1918 S Florist

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