The 1900 Census of Lincoln County, Wisconsin

This is the page of the 1900 Census of Lincoln County, Wisconsin.  It is done by townships, and by Ruby Sweet, who is the wonderful volunteer who is transcribing this census.  Writing was sometimes very hard to deciper, but Ruby does a great job.  If you KNOW a name is wrong, we will see what the census has.  If the enumerator wrote the name wrong, we will have to leave it, but will put the correct name in parentheses after it. If it was our mistake, we will correct the name.  E-mail me, Sharon Karow.  Be sure to tell me where the incorrect name is!  (Census and page)

Thanks to the wonderful dedicated volunteers, this page is presented FREE.


Town of Corning

Town of Harrison

Town of Merrill

Town of Pine River

Town of Rock Falls

Town of Russell

Town of Scott

Town of Tomahawk

City of Merrill 1st Ward

City of Merrill 2nd Ward

City of Merrill 3rd Ward

City of Merrill 4th Ward - I am splitting this into several parts so it will not take so long to download.

4th Ward part 1

4th Ward part 2

4th Ward part 3

4th Ward part 4

City of Merrill - 5th Ward

City of Merrill - 6th Ward - Divided in 2 parts.

6th Ward - part 1

6th Ward - part 2

City of Merrill 7th Ward  -Divided into 5 parts

7th Ward part1

7th Ward part 2

7th Ward part 3

7th Ward part 4

7th Ward part 5

City of Tomahawk

  Ward 1

 Ward 2

  Ward 3

  Ward 4

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