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Langlade County, Wisconsin
Towns, Townships, Villages, Place Names, etc.

Name Info. Township Name
Ackley Township; originally part of Lincoln County, WI.
Ackley Twp.
Ainsworth Village and Township name Ainsworth Twp.
Antigo City and Township name; Antigo is the County Seat Antigo Twp.
Bass Lake
Upham Twp.
Bavaria Village
Bryant Village Price Twp.
Choate Old lumber camp named after Leander Choate Wolf River Twp.
Carpenter Old township name c. 1880 Carpenter Twp.
Crowell Old dam located in Town of Langlade Langlade Twp.
Deerbrook Village; was called Reeves
Neva Twp.
Dobbston Village Wolf River Twp.
Price Twp.
Elcho Twp.
Elmhurst Village Rolling Twp.
Elton Village Evergreen Twp.
Evergreen Township Evergreen Twp.
Four Corners
Wolf River Twp.
Langlade Twp.
discontinued as a Post Office

Hollister was called Ehlinger; named for Mr. Hollister
Wolf River Twp.
not sure where located

Summit Twp.
Kempster Village Neva Twp.
Kent Village Price Twp.
Koepenick Village Upham Twp.
Langlade County and Township Langlade Twp.
Langlade Village Village Wolf River Twp.
Lily Village and River Langlade Twp.
Malcolm Village Price Twp.
Markton Village Wolf River Twp.
Norwood Twp.

Morley Village; named for "Ever Bothersome" Morley
Vilas Twp.
Neva Village and Township Neva Twp.
Neva Corners Village
New Langlade County was first called New County c. 1879 --------
Norwood Township (was called Rose in Shawano County, WI)
Norwood Twp.
Peck Twp.
Parrish Village Parish Twp.
Parrish Junction
Parish Twp.
Pearson Village Ainsworth Twp.
Peck Township Peck Twp.
Phlox Village Norwood Twp.
Pickerel Village Langlade Twp.
Polar Village Polar Twp.
Post Lake
Elcho Twp.
Pratt Junction
Elcho Twp.
Price Township name Price Twp.
Rolling Township name Rolling Twp.
Sherry Junction named for Henry Sherry, early logger Price Twp.
Springbrook Old township name c. 1880 Spring Brook Twp.
Strasburg or Strassburg; Strausburg
Rolling Twp.
Summit Lake
Upham Twp.
Sylvan Lake
now is Mueller's Lake

Upham Twp.
Vaughn Village Ackley Twp.
Van Ostrand
Wolf River Twp.
Vilas Township name Vilas Twp.
White Lake Lake - named for white, sandy bottom Wolf River Twp.
Wolf River Township name and River Wolf River Twp.
Wolf River Junction
Antigo Twp.


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