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Langlade County, Wisconsin

Ainsworth Township
Pearson Cemetery
Arbutus Cemetery

Antigo Township
Antigo City Cemetery
Elmwood Cemetery  
Queen of Peace Cemetery
Stengl / Bohemian Cemetery

Elcho Township
Elcho Cemetery
Holy Family & Village Catholic Cemetery

Evergreen Township
Adkins / Keaton Cemetery
Brown / Rose Cemetery
Elton Cemetery
Sherry Cemetery
St. Joseph's of Elton Cemetery Porter Cemetery

Langlade Township
Lily Cemetery
St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery

Neva Township
Bohemian National Cemetery
St. Wencel's Catholic Cemetery
Star Neva Town Cemetery

Norwood Township
Norwood Town Cemetery
St. Joseph's (Phlox) Catholic Cemetery

Parrish Township
Parrish Cemetery

Peck Township
 Badger ( Peck ) (Ormsby) Cemetery

Polar Township
Evergreen (Polar) Cemetery
St. John's Lutheran Cemetery
St. Peter's Lutheran Cemetery

Price Township
Bent Cemetery

Rolling Township
Elmhurst Cemetery - Town of Rolling
Hall Pioneer Cemetery

Summit Township
Summit Town Cemetery

Upham Township
 Lakeside (Kempster) Cemetery
Lakeside (Summit Lake) Cemetery

Vilas Township
Forest View Cemetery

Wolf River Township
St. James Catholic Cemetery
 St. Stanislaus Catholic Cemetery
Village Langlade Cemetery

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