1998 Queries - Lafayette County

Lafayette County , Wisconsin

1998 Queries

LEWIS.......Nick Literski...........1998 

Thomas Todd LEWIS and Sarah LEWIS.

LAWHORN // MC GRATH // SILLS..........Donna Lawhorn Smukal Chaney .......1998  

I believe that a sister of my gggreat grandfather's sister was married in your county. Her name is Nancy Ann Lawhorn m. John McGrath Feb.11, 1849 m. Richard Sills in 1852. I'm not certain which marriage took place in your county, but feel it was the 1849 marriage.

DERING * DERRING........Virginia Hoffman.......1998 

Are there any references to the DERING or DERRING family?  Thank you for your time and for hosting the Lafayette Co Gen Web Page! I have located an immense amount of knowledge on my anscestors that could have been lost for all time to my family in Pennsylvania!

MC PHILLIPS  //  BUCKLEY...........Nancy McPhillips...........1998 

I am looking for information on Simon McPhillips and his wife Ann Buckley who farmed outside Shullsburg. Ann died in 1898.

MC NULTY // MC PEEK * MC PIKE.........Michael Ruddy.......1998 

This Marriage shows up in St Matthew's (RC) of Shullsburg Church Records.  June 17, 1866 Bernard McNulty and Alice McPeek  Witnesses: John Doherty and Catherine Campbell  

Note: According to the family bible the bride's name was Alice McPike.  They are my great grand parents and I wondered if the parent's names appeared in the county records or if there is any other information and how I might get a copy of the recored, if it exists. Michael Ruddy  

PS I have a FTM of many McNultys in Shullsburg if it would interest anyone.

LAWYER.............Guy Lawyer...........1998 

There was a little information I didn't know. You found the right Charles Lawyer 1939 E 8288 (I think the 1939 is the year he died, the rest ?). Nora Lawyer was his wife. Grace Lawyer was my dad's first wife, they were married in Shullsburg, WI May 18, 1911. They had a daughter named Clara Lawyer. I have nothing more of any of these people.


Subj: Edwin P. Lawyer

Was my grandfather. Come to Galena in 1903. Him and his brother Charles run the first tailing Mill. He died April 15.1959.  Trying to get any information I can on him and his brother. I used to live in Galena as a boy. Lived at the last house Gear Street, Delivered the Galena Gazette.  Thank you.

I also used to come to Hazel Green and Benton, My uncle and aunt, Will and Fern Hillary, and cousin Bill Curwen all lived here.   I Remember coming to Uncle Will and staying and picking up raw lead in the rock river beds after the rains. Used to sell the lead for $.03 a pound. Just thought I would let you know.

Guy Lawyer...........1998

HAUSKINS * HOSKINS.........Jim French.........1998   

Researching Clayton Tiffen Hauskins/Hoskins, who resided in Lafayette County in the 1840s, and had several children there, then left for CA.

COSGROVE  //  MC GEOUGH * MC GOUGH.............Bob Tobin............1998

Rosa Cosgrove married Patrick McGeough(McGough) April 17, 1893 from information I have found. I checked Barron County Marriage Index last week and found nothing.  Rosa was born in Benton and her brother Patrick in Darlington. I was wondering if the marriage took place in Lafayette County. Trying to get information on their parents Patrick and Mary Cosgrove. Thanks in advance


COSGROVE // CADIN.............Bob Tobin........April 1998  

Rosa Cosgrove married Patrick McGough in Barron County Wisconsin  and she was born in Benton, Wisconsin. The marriage date was April 17, 1893.  This is from the book, "History of Barron County, H.C. Cooper Jr. & Co., 1922"  on page 355. I'm looking for info in Rosa Cosgrove She must have been born in the 1870's.   Her parents were Patrick Cosgrove and  Mary Cadin.   Any help would be appreciated.   Thanks in advance.

KIVLAHAN // MELOY // KEARNS........... Christie McGregor..........1998

I am intrested is finding the name of the wife of a Meloy who married a widow by the name of Kivlahan she had three sons John Michael, Thomas and Louis. Her first husband died in a mine accident in Diamond City Montana between 1866 and 1871. She then married a Meloy there were other children but I am not sure if some where stepchildren. John Michael Kivlahan was in business with his half brother Peter J. Meloy in Townsend Montana. They both had come from Benton Wi. in the county of Lafayette. John P. Kearns was a cousin of John Michael Kivlahan I am not sure if it was through his Mother or Father. Kearns moved to Townsend in 1899 with his family to join in business with his Uncle W.E Tierney. John P. Kearns and his wife Sadie (Curley) came from Benton Wi in the county of Lafayette. John had a part intrest in a store in Benton and was a postmaster there before he came to Townsend If anyone has information please e-mail me at ecmgo@webtv.net   If these names are of intrest to anyone please contact me. My mother was the daughter of John Michael Kivlahan and she was born in 1910 and grewup with the Meloys and Kearns children.   Thank you

PARKINSON //  MC COLLUM............Calista Dunham.............1998

I am seeking information on Peter PARKINSON b 22 Jan 1813 and who m Dec 1837 Lucy Elvira McCOLLUM who died 5 Apr 1842. Peter d 1895.

GAUTHIER * GAUTIER * GOTHIER ...........GOTHIER.............1998

Looking for information on a Joseph Gauthier (Gautier; Gothier) b. abt 1797 in Quebec, Canada, d. abt 1870-1875 and his wife Meline (Emeline)b. abt 1808 in Switzerland, died abt 1860-1870. They went to the Catholic church at Schullsburg and Benton where Father Mazzuchelli was the priest. Would anyone know of an index for cemeteries for Lafayette County or if they might be buried around one of these towns? Any information greatly appreciated.

CARPENTER // AYERS...........Barbara Archer...............1998

I have information about Royal CARPENTER and his family who puchased land near Darlington in 1848. Royal m. Temperance Ayers in 1832 and moved to Layfayette County in 1846. Their children were Leander J. (my gggrandfather), Mary, Fustavus, Alonzo, Rebecca, and Royal Theodore. I have dates of birth and death and infomation about Leander's descendants. I would like to know where Royal came from and where he and Temperance were married, as well as when and where they lived in Ohio, as several children were born there. Will be happy to trade information with anyone researching this family.

MAUGHAN // TEASDALE............Arlene Henley...........1998

I am trying to find info on the Jonathan and Agnes MAUGHAN TEASDALE family. Jonathan married Agnes in New Diggings 9 Nov 1848. They lived there for a short time before moving to Coon Branch. Jonathan later died in Missouri. Was he related to other TEASDALE FAMILIES in Monroe County area? Can anyone help us with Jonathan's birthdate and birthplace?  Thanks for any help.

CASE // LORTON // WRIGHT // BLEWITT // NEFF...........Ann Turner ..........1998  

The 1850 census shows Austin CASE with wife Elizabeth and John LORTON with wife Drusilla. Elizabeth and Drusilla were WRIGHT girls. I am interested in contacting anyone who knows more about the Wright line.  John Lorton's daughter America married Richard BLEWITT in 1865 and his daughter Laura married Truman NEFF in 1869.

FRANKE // NEWTON............Lori Kutnink ............Oct.1998

I am searching for any information on Lene Dorethy Franke born 4-4-1872 in South Wayne, Wisconsin. She married Richard Newton. I am not sure where they married but I believe the date is 1-8-1896 in either South Wayne or Iowa which is where she and Richard moved.

PORTER  //  TOUCHETTE.............Marsha Wilcox........... Sept  1998

I'm searching for where my ggrandparents were married, and the Pre-1907 Marriage Index lists an Ann PORTER getting married 1/1/1873 in LaFayette Co. The date is right, her name is right, but I can't for the life of me figure out what they might have been doing in LaFayette Co!  Anyway, is there anybody who could find out if this is *my* Ann Porter  who married Joseph TOUCHETTE ca 1873? If it is *my* Ann Porter, I'll send off for the record.    Thanks for any help you can give.

CAMPTON...........JWilso6663............  Sept  1998

CAMPTON'S in LaFayette Co. in 1900. ABRAHAM CAMPTON born 1828, died 1915 in LaFayette Co. Would like to exchange information with any one working on the CAMPTON lineage from this county.

OLSON.........Jean  ..........Aug 1998  

Does anyone there do death search's? I found a listing for Mrs. C. Olson in the 1905 death index for Lafayette county but would like to know her first name and her spouse's first name. I am looking for grandparents.  Christopher Olson's first wife died about 1905, so I am wondering if this could be her. Please e-mail me at : jshrake3@hotmail.com Thank you !

KIRKPATRICK // BENNISON // ETHRIDGE * ETHERIDGE // EATON..........Jean Stapley Baughman..........Aug  1998    

Working on Kirkpatrick and Bennison in shullsburg and Ethridge/Etheridge and Eaton in Fayette, LaFayette county. Thanks.  

LENNEVILLE............Bob Lenneville ........Aug 1998  

My great great grandfather and his children: Joseph, David, Louis,Gustavous, Adaline and Moses, came from Ontario, Canada to the area of Benton in 1837. My gggf worked the lead mines around Benton. My great grandfather, Moses, born April 13, 1832 in Canada, worked the lead mines around Benton from about 1847 until about 1855, when he went to California with the gold rush.

I'm seeking the first names of my great great grandfather and his wife. My gggf was Catholic---but I don't know to which parish he attended. Any suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated. Bob Lenneville


LENNEVILLE * LANEUVILLE * LENEVILLE * LENERVILLE........Robert M Lenneville   ....March 1998  

LENNEVILLE family moved from Canada to Benton in 1837, when Benton was part of Iowa County. The father, first name unknown, worked as a lead miner near Benton. The mother's first name is unknown. Known childrens' names were: Joseph, born about 1810; Louis, born about 1810; David; Gustavous; Adaline and Moses. Moses was born April 13, 1832 in Canada and was the youngest. Moses may have attended school in the Benton area, because he could read and write English. I'm fairly certain that the family remained in the Benton area after Benton was assigned to Lafayette County. I'm searching for the first names of the father and mother and any other information about the family ie, deeds, tax records, school records, newspaper articles, marriage records, divorce records, just about anything that has to do with the surname Lenneville. The name may have been spelled:  Laneuville,Laneville,Leneville or Lenerville. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

REAVLEY // BERLISON..............Barbara Sisco .............July 1998  

William Reavley b. April 1807 Endland, d. March 1 1904 Sangamon Co., Il. m. Mary Berlison? William and his family were in Lafayette Co. Shullsburg  area working in the lead mine prior to the Civil War. Any info would be   appreciated. Thank you       bls@olynet.com

CURKEET // ENLOE // JULIAN // DESEELHORST // THEWARTHA // MC NETT// MARTIN // THOMPSON // RICHARDS // MC CUMBER // BARROWS // ASHTON // BERTRAM // WEBSTER...................Donald E. Curkeet ..........July 1998  

Searching for any information on:

John (b.1810 d.1887) and Jane (MARTIN) CURKEET and their lineage.  
William C. (b.1850 d.1924) and Mary E. (THOMPSON) ENLOE and their lineage.  
William and Mary Ann (RICHARDS) JULIAN and their lineage.
 John K. (b.1821 d.1876) and Susan DESEELHORST and their lineage.
 John D. (b.1806 d.1869) and Mary (THEWARTHA) Martin and their lineage.
 Lorenzo (b.1807 d.1883) and Roxey (MCCUMBER) MCNETT and their lineage.
John W. (b.1822) and Catherine (WEBSTER) Jones and their lineage.
Albert (b.1878 d.1954) and Anna M. (BERTRAM) Goke and their lineage.
Henry (b.1857 d.1931) and Mary Ann (BARROWS) ASHTON and their lineage.

Also looking for information on the lineage of their wives maiden names.  They or their lineage, live or are buried in or around Elk Grove, WI.

WEDEKIND // BELKEN............Shirley Shinners........July 1998  

Looking for marriage date of my great-great aunt, Pauline Wedekind to a Frank Belken circa 1875 in your county. Pauline and Frank were living in Elk Grove township, Lafayette county in the 1880 census. Any help would be greatly appreciated. . Thanks so very much

ARMITAGE // STRAYER // HYATT............P.Knowlton.............July 1998    

Looking for information on Benjamin Franklin ARMITAGE, married Mary STRAYER Darlington WI Daugher was Sadie ARMITAGE, who married William Spencer HYATT, in Darlington, WI on  12-25-1882. Sadie was born 12-25-1859 in Darlington WI................KCLind@aol.com

RAINE..............Lisa ..........July 1998   

I just found a RAINE branch in my family tree. Her name was ELIZABETH ANNA RAINE b. 1854 in Lafayette Cty, WI. She married JAMES TIMOTHY MARTIN (b. 1842 in Truro, Cornwall) on Oct. 23, 1873 in Lafayette Cty. They had 9 children that I know of and moved to Iowa and then Kansas while they were having children. Do you know of this family? I would be happy to share any information I have .

BUNDY  ............William S. Remington........June 1998  

Elmer BUNDY (b. 16 June 1861 or 18 June or 1860, d. Oct. 1945, Idaho) to Russell BUNDY and wife. Name of Russell's wife is confused. I have  Ellen CHAMBERS on one source, and Nancy WATSON on another.  

Several records say Elmer was born in Wisconsin, but no county. In land records I find a David BUNDY in Lafayette Co, so I am trying here.   Elmer Bundy is my g-grandfather.  The family migrated to Wallace, Lincoln Co. Nebraska, before 1876.  Elmer and family moved on to Idaho in 1912.  Can anyone help me locate the BUNDY family in Wisconsin?  

ELKRUF....TOWN OF............Gerald Richards............June 1998  

I am creating a family history and was looking on the internet when I discovered this website. Maybe someone can steer me in the right direction. My great-grandparents were married in Lafayette County in 1862 at a place called Elkruf, according to an old family Bible. I cannot locate this place on any map of Wisconsin. Can someone help? (It may be a question of poor handwriting.)   A second query. Is there an e-mail address for the Lafayette County  Courthouse in Darlington? I would like to make an enquiry about a marriage registration certificate for my great-grandparents.   Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Gerald Richards  ..........richardsg@BrandonU.CA

DERING * DERRING..............Virginia............June 1998  

I am looking for information on the DERING/DERRING family that lived in New Diggins in 1850 and 1860. The primary person was Philip Frederick DERING, listed as Frederick in the LaFayette Co, Town of New Diggins census records. He had a brother named William DERING in the same household. In another household was Charles DERING (same twp, same co.)  Frederick, age 64 in 1850, and William are listed as miners. I suspect they die or move by 1860. Charles is a cabinet maker.  This family originiates from PA. Frederick at one time had a company  named P.F. Dering and Co that operated in PA. Another relative, Oscar in in another township, same county.  Does any of this ring a bell? Is there any DERING info at all?  These people are my ancestors.


Virginia................June 1998  

DERING/DERRING - 1850 Census for Lafayette Co, Town of New Diggins shows ancestors of mine from Pennsylvania: Frederick DERING age 64 (full name Philip Frederick), William S. DERRING age 57, Elizabeth DERRING age 51 and Mary J. Smith age 13. In nearby residence is Charles DERING age 46, Maria M. DERING age 47, Ann M. Dering age 19, Charles L. DERING age 13.  In 1860 Ann is listed as a school teacher and still living with Charles. Any information on this line of family, all born in PA, would be wonderful. I suspect that Frederick and William may pass away in between the two census. They were miners. Charles is a cabinet maker. In nearby Shullsberg Twp is Oscar W. DERING and wife Harriet (ages 32 & 31),children Anna M and Ella L. Thanks.

LESLIE // SWEDENBORG.............. William MacKay............June 1998  

Welcome glimmers about elusive family of Edward Leslie, b. c.1790, Orkney Island, off coast of Scotland, and wife Susan ----- Leslie, b. c.1813, in New York State. Captain Leslie [apparently a War of 1812 rank] resided in Jefferson County, NY, but darted off to Iowa County, Wisconsin Territory, melting into Elk Grove, Lafayette County, Wisconsin. Lots of progeny: Edward B. c.1833, Justine c.1838, John c.1840, Thomas H. c.1845, and not least, Lyman, c.1848. Another child, Appolonia born 1835, died 1836, first in each category in Elk Grove. Edward, Sr., was a lifelong member of the Church of the New Jerusalem, i.e.,he was a religious follower of Emanuel Swedenborg. I will answer all, sharing information and enthusiasm.

THOMPSON // DOYLE............Diana Hatch...........June 1998  

I am looking for Samuel Thompson who lived in Darlington, Lafayette County, Wisconsin in about 1855. Thank you for your help.  I am also looking for Cora Thompson Doyle who lived in Darlington in the year 1944. Thank you.

KAISER..............Catherine Renschler............June 1998  ..............Homepage

Christina Kaiser died in 1897 at the age of 108 years. She lived at the Jefferson Mine and is buried in the Catholic Cemetery in Hazel Green.  She, according to her obituary published in the East Dubuque newspaper, owned land near the Jefferson village or mine. I think this was in Lafayette County. Could you please check the probate index to see if she is listed there?  Thank you very much. .............achs@tcgcs.com

SOUTHWICK // BETTS // MITCHEL............Beckyztree...........May 1998  

I am looking for the family of a David Southwick wife possibly Mary, his son was Marshall Southwick born about 1868 in NY. David Southwick is listed as a landowner in Lafayette Co in 1840's, Marshall's son Edwin was born in Dane Co., Edwin's son William and daughter Nina were born in Vernon Co. Marshall's wife's name was Hannah Maria Betts, Edwins wife's name was Susan Mitchel.

CAMPBELL..............Oleson Johnson............May 1998   

Campbell, Patrick and Mary and 13 children  

JENSEN..............Lucy Weaver .........May 1998   

JENSEN- James Albert JENSEN, b. 6 Mar. 1872, in WI, was marr. to Lettie A.(surname unknown) abt. 1896 resided in Dunbarton, Lafayette Co., WI. in 1913.  Known chn were: Ralph D. b. ca. 1897; Clyde b. ca. 1900; & Joe R. b. ca. 1903. Desire more data on this family and/ or contact with descendants.


JENSEN // TRESIDDER..............Lucy Weaver .........May 1998    

JENSEN-TRESIDDER Iver JENSEN, b. 1844 in Denmark, married in May 1869 in Galena, Jo Daviess Co., IL. Mary Jane TRESIDDER. On the 1880 census in Scales Mound, Jo Daviess Co., IL., Iver lists his first two chn. Mary Eliz. age 9 & James Albert age 8 as having been born in WI. Since Lafayette Co. is a neighboring county of Jo Daviess Co., IL. think they may have been living there ca. 1870. Also in 1913, James Albert was a resident of Dunbarton, IL.(listed residence in his father's obit). Is there an index to Lafayette Co. birth records which might list Mary Elizabeth & James Albert JENSEN? Was Iver on the 1870 census of Lafayette Co.,WI?

SWIFT // GAFFNEY // BOYLE // BERRY...............John D. Stricker.........May 1998     

I am seeking information on the SWIFT, GAFFNEY, BOYLE and BERRY surnames. Owen Swift was married to Ann Boyle in approximately 1845 and came to New Diggings in 1847 from Ireland. They moved to Benton in 1868. James Gaffney married Mary Berry and came to New Diggings in about 1845 from New York. Sometime prior to 1837 they came from Ireland. The Gaffneys also moved to Benton.

ECKERSON............Charles Ford .........May 1998  

Seeking dates of death for Levi and Hannah (Cobb) ECKERSON. Resided  Darlington, Lafayette Co., US census 1860. She resided with her son William, US census 1870. Came to Wisconsin in 1850"s from Pike, Wyoming Co., N.Y.

MURRAY // SCHULTZ............J M Johnson ........May 1998   

We are seeking information on my grandfathers family. My grandfather, JAMES ALFORD MURRAY, so of NELSON & AGNES Murray was born in the SCHULLSBURG WI, or WARREN IL, area. James DOB is June 10, 1900 he married LINDA HULDA JOHANNA SCHULTZ, daughter of WILLIAM & MARY SCHULTZ. Linda was born July 10, 1902 in HAMMOND IN and they moved to Warren while she was still fairly small. The MURRAY family settled in WI from French Canada. We do not know where in WI they settled first but know they wound up in this area. Any information that anyone has I would sincerely appreciate it. Thanks!

MC GINLEY...........Susan Turner .....May 1998     

I am looking for information on the McGinley family. I believe Charles McGinley published a newspaper in Darlington in the early 1900's. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!

BEAGLEHOLE * BIGELOW // LEWIS // TAUNT // MITCHELL...........Joe Cannon.........April 1998  

I am looking for information on James BEAGLEHOLE/BIGELOW and his wife Elizabeth LEWIS (b. Abt 1824 England). They lived in Grant Co., WI, LaFayette Co., WI and later Michigan. Their children were: Elizabeth (b. 1844 England. Married James TAUNT and moved to Nevada Co. CA), Mary (b. abt 1852 England), John (b. Abt 1854 NJ), Emily (b. 1855 WI. Married Edward MITCHELL. Moved to MI, SD and CA), James (b. Abt 1857 WI) and Susan (b. Abt 1859 WI).    Thanks for your help.

HART // DAY // FURLONGS //  VINEGAR HILL..........Susan  Hart ..........April 1998  

Dear Dori,

Thank you for such a detailed webpage. I have been manually working on my  Hart family history for 22 years and only one year on a computer. I still have 5 binders and one old blue suitcase filled with research.

My greatgrandfather Michael Hart was raised right over the stateline in New Diggings, Wis. and he married Mary Day of Vinegar Hill. Both towns played central parts in both families. Michael's parents Bridget and Thomas are buried in a cemetery behind the prient's house in Benton, Wis.

In 1983, my mother, aunt, and I traveled from San Francisco to Galena and visited the Furlong's Vinegar Hill Mine (we locked ourselves out of the rented car on Vinegar Hill and had to stay there 5 hours until help arrived) all the ghosts of the past were really laughing at us. I guess they wanted a long closer look at their future generations and their modern conveniences -- and a quick visit wasn't going to satisfy them!

There's really only the mine and a cemetery left in Vinegar Hill now. There are a number of Day headstones. My grandfather, Louis Martin Hart was born in Vinegar Hill in 1878.

I know Vinegar Hill sounds like a strange name for a town but I met a priest on a plane who told me the story of Vinegar Hill in Ireland and then of the Vinegar Hill in Ill.  

Anything at all about the Vinegar Hill or the Furlongs (I think they still owned the funeral parlor, and mine in 1983) would be greatly appreciated.  I signed up for your email Jo Daviess website. In case you need my email  here it is again: jshart@shsu.edu  Thank you again for all your beautiful computer work. I know it took hours  and hours!

Sincerely,   Susan Hart

WEDEKIND..........Shirley Shinners.......April 1998  

Hi, Looking for marriage date of Pauline Wedekind to Frank Belken circa 1875 in Lafyette county, Wisconsin. Thanks alot.


STOBER..............Shirley Shinners.......April 1998  

Hi, Looking for info on Catherine and Henry Stober believed to have lived and died in Lafyette county, Wisconsin. Last found on 1900 census with twin sons, Frances Jacob and Josepjh Edward born January 16,1890. Catherine was born 1863 in Germany and married Henry Stober(Stoeber) April 5,1883 in Grant county, Wisconsin. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Shirley Shinners

MC KANES...........James (Jamie) P. McKane III ........April 1998  

Hello! I am looking for information about Patrick McKane, his wife Mary McWilliams McKane of Wilkes-Barre, PA; his son James Patrick McKane b 30 Oct 1883 in Darlington>Milwaukee, WI 18--?? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Also the name of any Catholic church parish in the county that might have existed that far back. Thanks for your help

JOSE............Dee Yeager. ......April 1998     I am trying to find out who the first wife of John Jose was. I believe they were married sometime before Feb 1875. All of their children were born in Wisconsin. There second child, John Rashleigh Jose was born in Mineral Point, Lafayette, WI, 27 Jan 1877.  The first born child, Harry, was born 9 Feb 1875, but all I have for a  birth place for him at this time is Wisconsin so I am not sure if they  were living in Mineral Point at the time of his birth or not. Would love to have name of wife of John Jose and marriage date. Thank you.  

CAMPBELL // RICE // OLESON (JOHNSON)............Terry Reisinger ......April 1998  

Seeking others working on CAMPBELL, Patrick and Mary and their 13 children. I am descended from Bridget CAMPBELL RICE. I also descend from Henry OLESON (JOHNSON). These families were from Shullsburg, Gratiot, South Wayne.

GRAY // DEAN........jdgdrd@basinonline.com.......April 1998  

Seeking information on W. S. and Sarah Dean Gray, my Ggrandparents. Sarah Dean moved to Benton about 1860, from Meadville, Pa. in l905 or 06 she moved to Barlow N.D., to be near 3 of her 5 daughters. Celia Kline, Florence Parkin, and Molly Johns. At the time of marriage (May 22, l862) Wm. was an established resident, of Benton, from what I can gather. I have two Great Uncles: Linclon, and R.P. buried in Primitive Methodist Cemetery. There were 8 children in the family,my grandfather Starling H., being one of them. I have no knowlege of other 2 daughters, other than their names: Gertrude Fleming, and Stella Coulthard, obits for Lincoln,and Sarah, are the only resources I have, can you provide more information about this family, or are there other family members still in your area?

LARSON // MC KEON.............Bill McKeon.......April 1998  

Looking for anything on McKeon from in/around Truman/Darlington. Will share what I have with anyone that is interested. Most of my info covers Larson and McKeon

TRUE //  Methodist Church Records............Sandy  .........April 1998  

Would anyone happen to know where I could find records pertaining to early church records?   I have a very, very old hand inscribed record of " The Union District Chapter of the Weslyn Methodist Convention of America". It is written be my Great- Great-Great   Grandfather Russell True. He (Russell True) was the Leader, Philo Ferris was the Preacher and Peter Slothower was the Steward. It tells who was organizing the church in those very early days . The date on the little booklet is February 27, 1848.

The other names listed are:

Maria (Hands) True wife of Russell
Peter Slothower
Mary Slothower
Thomas Burbridge
Martin Wheaton
James Eiken
Thomas Oliver
Squire True(deseased)
Elizabeth True
Farley Butterfield
William Slothower
George Slothower
Elizabeth Slothower
George Oliver

Do you know where I could find out more information on the Trues' that lived in the Lafayette County area? They had a homestead in Gratiot. In fact ther is even a little country roadnamed True Road, it is be Riverside Drive.   My husband and I were in your area last spring and took a picture of the road and where the olld homestead used to be. I just wish I knew how to obtain more information about them.  I have never E-mailed anyone in the Wisconsin area in search of my roots. So I'm hoping this brings me some good news.     Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.  Sincerly, Sandy

GRANT................Dianne Ellis Andrews.......April 1998  

I am researching John Grant who married Elizabeth Alderson (daughter of  Joseph Alderson and Ann Pennington)in 1853 in LaFayette Co. Any  information would be appreciated.

FRANKENBERGER  //  BORDNER // HARR............Betty Jane Wojdyla .........April 1998

Joel FRANKENBERGER md. Mary BORDNER in Stephenson Co., Ill. in 1853, and moved to South Wayne shortly afterward. Sons Charles, Lloyd and Gurnie FRANKENBERGER as well as daughter Sarah Alice remained in Lafayette Co., at least until 1891. Sarah md. Henry HARR. Any family information on these three names would be greatly appreciated.

HEFFERNAN // O'DAY.........Dennis Carlson.......April 1998

I am researching Stephen Heffernan who had a farm in the Gratiot area about 1850 to 1860. His wife was Margaret O'Day Heffernan. The farm was listed as worth 4,000 in the 1980 census. He had children that attended school,Celeste, Francis and William Heffernan.

MILLION // PORTER..........R/S MAK .........April 1998  

I found a ton of stuff in Lafayette County and am pretty excited. On page 206 of the Lafayette County Wisconsin Marriages: Groom's list, there are two entries for the following individual:  

Million James C   m  Porter Edith May 20 Nov 1894 Vol 5 pg 406

Million James Crawford  m   Porter Edith May 11 Oct 1900 Vol 6 pg 105

Could anyone check these records and see why they would be married twice? Is there a copy of divorce records to see if there was a divorce and remarriage? And finally, do you have a death record for either. Thanks.

My grandmother Faye Emalang Million was their daughter and she was born in 1898, and died in 1993. Faye commented that her father deserted them and went to California where he died in 1940s and her mother left when she was young (I suspect this means died?)   Once again, I will be happy to pay a nominal fee for photocopies and postage.   R/S MAK


MILLION // KUHL // PORTER..........R/S MAK .........April 1998  

The following information was found in the Probate Index, Lafayette County  Genealogy Workshop by Herbert E.Knight.

Page 89.......Million, Elmer C G 514  //  Million, Warner A E 4658  //  Million, William 1965 E 12698

Page 69........Kuhl, Ernest W 1970 E 13648  //  Kuhl, Rita Marie 1972 G 13920  //  Kuhls, Clarence 1977 E 14701
Kuhls, Richard 1947 E 9551  //  Kuhls, William 1920 G 5136

Page 105..........Porter, Mary G 573  //  Porter, Minnie B 1952 E 10507  //  Porter, William I 587

The book states "the original records are on file at the Lafayette County Courthouse, 636 Main Street, Darlington, WI 53530. Microfilmed copies of some of the older records can be seen at the Area Research Center in the Wisconsin Room of the Karrmann Library, UW-Platteville, WI 53818."

Question, could someone either photo-copy the pages and send it to me, or transcribe the information to an email? I would greatly appreciate it. My snail mail is M. A. Kuehl P. O. Box 2095 Manhattan Beach, CA 90267-2095.  

The connection is the Millions and the Porters were inter-married and all related to me through my mother's side of the tree. (Kuehl/Kuhls are on my father's side and not sure if these are related or not.) I am very excited and will be happy to pay nominal fees for photo-copying and postage... If there is a way of offically requesting the info, please let me know. Thanks.

OLSEN // HAROLDSDATTER................Dan Peterson.....April 1998  

I have some ancestors that settled in Lafayette Co (they were listed on the 1850, 1860, and 1870 census records for the town of Argyle. The father was ELLING OLSEN and ELISE HAROLDSDATTER and they had quite a few kids: Enger Bertine, Thorine(Tilda), Syver, Harold, Martin Gilbert, Anne Randine, Ole and others. They left and moved to Iowa in about 1874. I find some of their children in the Esterville IA church confirmation records and their births are listed as Wiota and Yellowstone. What I am hoping for is to find out what Norwegian Lutheran Church might have their birth and baptismal records in Lafayette County? This is my main question. Any help you may give would be greatly appreciated. Church records for the Norwegians seems to be the best source. Thank you for your time and help.

CHESTERFIELD............Evelyn Winter........April 1998  

Researching John Chesterfield who was in Lafayette Co. Wis. in 1860 Census.

Can anyone there do research on the Chesterfield family who were there in 1860 at Willow Springs in Lafayette Co. He was listed as a farmer and born in England. I am in FL and can find no material on Wisconsin here in Libraries.  Thanks. ann20@gte.net

NICHOLAS * NICHOLS // BURGE // STEPHENS.........Nola D.   ..........March 1998  

I'm looking for more information on Alexander Stephen and Salena (BURGE) NICHOLAS, possibly spelled NICHOLS, who married in Benton, Lafayette County 2 July, 1859. Alexander's parents, Isaac (b. abt. 1811 in England) and Sarah (STEPHENS) NICHOLAS (b. abt. 1798 in England) also were living there at census time in 1850 with their children Edward, Isaac Jr., Alexander,  and James. Alexander and Salena's children born in Benton were Isaac J., William Alexander, Sarah E., Mary J., Alfred S. Myra E. and Samantha E.. Others were born in Nebraska.  Isaac Sr. is said to have had a great deal to do with founding Cuba or Cuba City, Wisconsin--wherever that is--and they lived part of the time in Mineral Point of Iowa, Co.

Nola (Nicholas) Deffenbaugh


NICHOLAS // BURGE...........Nola D.   ..........March 1998  

I have the marriage license of Alexander Stephen NICHOLAS and Selena BURGE married July 2, 1859 in Benton, Lafayette Co. His parents are Isaac and Sarah, hers are William and Elizabeth. I have Isaac and Alexander's children's names, but no Julia. A Julia Ann NICHOLAS signed the marriage certificate. Who is she? Would like any family information and data from that county.


NICHOLAS // STEPHENS // WILLEY // BURGE...........Nola......Feb 1998  .....  England

Isaac NICHOLAS and Sarah STEPHENS came to Lafayette Co. WI from Cornwall, England around 1845. He later had a second wife, Jane WILLEY.  I think Isaac, Sarah, Isaac Jr. and others of the family are buried in a Benton twp. cemetery. I'd like to know the name of the cemetery and any specifics that might be helpful.  Alexander Stephen NICHOLAS and Salena BURGE also lived there and in Mineral Point. Any information would be helpful.


STEPHENS // WILLEY // NICHOLAS // BURGE........Nola D. ........Feb 1998  

Isaac NICHOLAS and Sarah STEPHENS came to Lafayette Co. WI from Cornwall, England around 1845. He later had a second wife, Jane WILLEY.   I think Isaac, Sarah, Isaac Jr. and others of the family are buried in a Benton twp. cemetery. I'd like to know the name of the cemetery and any specifics that might be helpful.  

Alexander Stephen NICHOLAS and Salena BURGE also lived there and in Mineral Point. Any information would be helpful.

QUINN..............Gregory Patrick Quinn.....March 1998   

My father has my great, great grandfather, Patrick Quinn, interned at  a Puddledock cemetery, located, I believe west of New Glarus. Patrick's headstone reads "born 1829, died 1879" and I would guess that he was born  in Ireland and moved here during the Potato famine.

father: Francis Vivian Quinn, Darlington, Wis

grandfather: Patrick Quinn, died 1944, interned at Yellowstone cemetery

great grandfather: Arthur Quinn

HAMMETT // Circuit Court............Ellsworth E. Hammett.......March 1998   

I have a copy of Great Grands statement in the Circuit Court , Lafayette County, Wisconsin. Pledge to support US Constitution and renounce allegiance to Victoria, 4/21/57, George Hammett. Later CW information of Grand John H Hammett serving with Co E, 45th Ill Infantry.

BEETEM...........Dee Yeager.......March 1998  

Seeking parentage of Joseph T. Beetem born 14 August 1844 in Shullsburg, Lafayette Co., WI. Information I have says his parents moved to Dubuque Co., Iowa when Joseph was about 6 months old.

BARTLETT // CRAMER............Robert Walls ........March 1998  

Researching FRANCES COLBY BARTLETT, born 11 June, 1844, Fayette, married ELIZA CRAMER, 28 Feb 1867 Fayette, Wi. Was in the civil war belonging to Wisconsin Vol., Company E, 31st Infantry, then was transferred to Co. F. Died 8 April 1907, Los Angeles, California

WATSON..........Marilyn Watson Mathis......March 1998   

I am looking for my Great grandfathers wife maiden name. . His name was George Watson, from New Diggings Wisconsin. Thanks:

STEVENS // HARRINGTON............Michael A. Shoemaker.......March 1998  

I have a STEVENS ancestor from Canada who settled in Wisconsin before it became a state. In my research, I have come upon a man, John Harrington STEVENS, who may have been that ancestor's brother. If so my ancestor was in White Oak Springs Twp., Lafayette Co., WI in ABT 1835, when he was joined by his younger brother J.H. STEVENS. J.H.'s parents were Gardner STEVENS and Deborah HARRINGTON, Vermonters who settled in Brompton Falls, Quebec before returning to Vermont with their family between 1820 (when  John H. was born) and 1835.    John Harrington STEVENS was the first citizen of Minneapolis, MN, and he served in the war with the Winnebago's and for the duration in the Mexican War. He personally met Gov. Dodge, from whom he received a Captain's commission, and was a friend of John Catlin, former secretary of Wisconsin Territory. After settling in what is now Minneapolis, he married Frances Helen Miller of Westmoreland, NY. Does anyone have information on John or, more importantly, his older brother (b. ABT 1810, Quebec?) who may have been my ancestor?

LATTIN // FARNHAM // BANNING............. Mary ........March 1998  

I am looking for any of the Children of Horace B. Lattin and his wife Rebecca E (Farnham) Lattin who moved to the area in the late 1840's. I have lines on many of their childrens decendants, but still looking for the daughter's lines. I am very anxious to locate Mary (Lattin) Banning decendants. Mary lived in Tanney Co. Mo. in 1890's and may have move to west coast. Will gladly share family history.

COLTON // NALTY // SHEEHY......... M. C. Bird  ..........March 1998  

Recently I visited Old St. Matthew’s Cemetery in Shullsburg.   I was looking for the surnames Colton, Nalty, and Sheehy. Many graves are missing stones, many are broken, and most are unreadable.

EATON /// ROGERS.........Marilyn Jones ..............March 1998       

Eaton, Daniel b. 3 Mar 1784 d. 15 Sep 1853 Fayette, WI Buried: Fayette Cemetery  Married: 7 Apr 1811 - Clarina Rogers     ////    Eaton, Rogers, Clarina b. 19 Nov 1790 d. 9 Sep 1873 Fayette, WI   Buried: Fayette Cemetery  

12 Children: Martin N, Daniel Jr, Amarailliss S, Rachel A, Lorenzo Thomas, Alonzo, Clarina, Samuel D.C., Phebe Ann, Joshua R, Sophronia B, & Lucinda.

I would like to know where the cemetery is located and any/all information on Daniel Eaton, Clarina Rogers Eaton, & their children. Thank You, Marilyn Jones

 AURIT // SULLIVAN...........Teri .......Feb 1998  

Looking for any information on my past relatives Aurit and Sullivan, who were in New Diggins, LaFayette County, of Wisconsin in the 1850's.  Send to sorem@rconnect.com Thanks.

ELDRED //  OWEGO MILLS..........Martin Smith  .......Feb 1998  

We saw your site on the internet and would like to submit the following information on our ancester Joseph E. Eldred, who arrived in Argyle in 1846, and built three mills in that vicinity, including the flour mill at Owego.  According to Lafayette County History 1881, " In December 1850, Joseph E. Eldred, a pioneer of the town and village, departed this life, and was buried in the village churchyard, which at that early day in the village history had been provided-the first death in Argyle, and the first internment made in the grounds set apart to those who have laid down their cross and been crowned with the garlands of immortal life".   According to family history, cited in a letter written in1940 by Joseph  E. Eldred's grandson, Charles Elmer Eldred, "My grandfather Joseph died  at Argyle in 1850 [9 Dec] and was the first person buried in the old cemetery at that place."  Thank you. Martin E. Smith and Nellie Fleiss


ELDRED //  OWEGO MILLS............Martin Smith  .......Feb 1998  

Looking for information on Joseph E. Eldred who arrived in Argyle in 1846 from NY. Joseph built 3 mills in the area. Died 9 Dec 1850.  Need to find his birth family and also are interested in any information on his life in Argyle.  Also any information on Joseph's son, Charles Carroll Eldred, b.12 Nov  1832.  Also would like any historical data on the Owego Mills, built by Joseph  E. Eldred, possibly owned by an Eldred family at one time, abt.1877-78.

GILLE // AURIT // GREEN..........BTripp9216   ......Feb 1998   

Josephine Gille of Gratiot was born 1898 and died April 10, 1929. Her father was George Gille and mother was Mary Aurit. She married James O. Green May 27, 1924. They had one son. I would like to contact the Gilles or anyone who knows of the Gille family.

BIRKBECK // YOUNG  // ISELI // MOORE // LEEKLEY..........Marilee House ......Feb 1998  

.I found on the JoDaviess site, the marriage date of Lydia Young and William Birkbeck.And was thrill finding this information.I have started to research Young And Birkbeck now.With the Iseli family tree from Switzerland,I can now start this end. But I'm confused about the Birkbeck.There are alot of them in Galena and Aunt Addy said,we had cousins still there..Now every where I turn they say this one is not the one same one I'm searching.So this is what I'm trying to find on. My grandmother was Alvena Julie Birkbeck who was a twin,the twin was Alvena who married a Moore.There was also Geroge, Amanda, Henry, Flossie. Parents were: William Birkbeck wife Lydia Young  William's Parents were: Sam or maybe Samuel Birkbeck and  Sarah Leekley Birkbeck.

Lydia Young parents: were, Christopher Young and wife was Sophia_________Young. So my question where do I start to find the information that I need.Should I order the Census for the year Grandma Julie was born and hope that I find things there? She was born in Feb 27,1888,Oh she is the one who married Earnest Arnold Iseli from Iowa...Being stuck in Wyoming it takes forever to get information.......Thank You...Mickey

SWIFT // MULLIGAN // SPROULE..........CHARCS ........Feb 1998  

Looking for information concerning the following ind. SWIFT, James b. 1825 d. 11/10/1894 in Benton and  MULLIGAN, Mary Ellen b. 6/29/1854 d. 2/27/1911 m/ John Swift and  SPROULE, John b. 8/9/1878 d. 9/14/1914 in Benton during flash flood.

BAILEY // FRENCH // ALLEN // WOODLING // MARTIN...........Debra Bailey Trail ....Feb 1998  

I am looking for any info on the following:
James and Caroline (nee French) Bailey -- pre 1910
James Edward and Nora (nee Allen) Bailey -- pre 1920

and info on the following surnames:  Woodling      Martin    

I know the later generic surnames might be too much but there are a number of us researching them and trying to connect ours. I will be sharing that information with them.  Many thanks.


HANSON // CHRISTENSON // GULDBRANSON...........Diantha States......Feb 1998.

My ggrandfather Ole Hanson is said to have married in Blanchardville. Ole Hanson married Mathilde Hanson Christenson, b 1854. I believe they were both born in Norway. Her parents were Hans Kristenson, b 1822 and Olina Guldbranson, b 1820. Ole and Mathilde Hanson's first child was born in 1878. I appreciate any help you can give me.

SNUGGINS............LINDA HARRELSON.........Feb 1998



HARRIS // SHULTZ * SCHULTZ // TOWNSEND.........Linda Hepburn......Feb 1998     

I am helping my mother-in-law research her family. Her ggf ELISHA HARRIS, 1814-1880, and his only son (her grandfather) C.B. HARRIS both lived in Rush Township, JoDaviess County Illinois. C.B. Harris was born 8-13-1847 & married ANNA ELIZABETH(ANNIE) SHULTZ, May 25, 1869? in Lafayette Co., Wisconsin. She was born in Oldenburg or Darmstadt, Germany (I think) in 1850, daughter of FREDRICK SHULTZ. Fredrick Shultz had 3 brothers Balzer,Nicholas & John. ANY information about these families, especially Elisha Harris, would be helpful as I am very new to this. I believe Elisha Harris was married to CYNTHIA TOWNSEND.  Thanks very much,   Linda Hepburn

SAWTELL...........Rich .......Feb 1998     

Sawtell: Looking for information on the Sawtell family in Lafayette County, White Oak Springs. Daniel Sawtell and his wife Elizabeth "Betsy" and Daniel's sister Lovisa moved from Ohio to White Oak Springs around 1840. Lovisa Sawtell died in White Oak Springs in 1845. Around 1857, Daniel's brother Zatto C. moved to White Oak Springs along with an Edwin Sawtell from Illinois. Looking for any information on these families especialy information on the death date and burial location of Daniel, Elizabeth, Lovisa, and Zatto.

DULL..........James Dull  .......Feb 1998  

My g.g. grandfather John C. Dull moved from PA to Lafayette County, WI sometime between 1844 and 1855. The family next shows up in Winnebago Co. IA and finally in Todd Co., MN. I am looking for any information about the how, why, and when these moves occurred. Thnx

MASON............Stephen Mitchell   .......Feb 1998  

I am interested in any information regarding James Calvin Mason, William W. Mason and Henry Mason. All three persons lived in Wiota, Lafayette County, Wisconsin. They were born around 1840 in either Ohio or Pennsylvania. All three brothers enlisted for the Civil War in Wiota, Lafayette County, Wi. in 1861/1862.

POTTWINE * POTWIN * PORTWINE........Roxanne L Barth  ........Feb 1998  

New Diggings on the Fever 1824 - 1864 and New Diggings Is An Old Diggings. I am not familiar with this book, however, according to the 1850 census, Henry Pottwine, a merchant, lived there with his wife and children. Is there any reference to Henry in the book? Elsewhere in Lafayette County there were two other families: Caleb Potwin from Shullsburg and Joseph Portwine from Benton. They may all have been related since these spellings are all variations of the same name.  Thank for your help.

DUNBAR // HILL......Jackie Walsch  .........Feb 1998  

My great g g grandfather James Dunbar born in 1814 in Mariette Ohio and his wife Jane Hill born in 1816, moved to Darlington Wisconsin around 1847. They had 5 children, James their son was my great great grandfather, he and 2 of his brothers were in the civil war, James was born in 1846. He married Mary ?? in Darlington Wisconsin.

Cora Dunbar was his daughter, my great grandmother. He also had 9 other children. If anyone has information on my family please let me know. Thank you.

CHAPMAN.........Flavia Hodges  Jan 1998  

I am looking for any information on the Wales Chapman family, believe to have lived in Darlington, Wisconsin 1850 until he died l1/10/1861.   Also, his son Alba Gilbert Chapman, lived in Darlington from at least 1859. Between 1859 and 1870 Alba & Mary Isabel Chapman had ten children born in Darlington.

SAWTELL............Rich Jan 1998  

I am searching for a Daniel Sawtell and a Elizabeth (Betsy) Sawtell. They moved to White Oak Springs TWP around 1840. Daniel died sometime after 1850 and Elizabeth after 1860. E-mail me at 11749@aol.com  
Thanking you in advance.

LILLICH // GILLETT........Richard Lillich Jan 1998  

My G Grandfather, John Christian Godfrey Lillich and his wife Elizabeth adopted or received guardianship of a girl born 26 Nov 1885 in Darlington, WI. She was named Dorothy (Dottie) Lillich. She grew up in the Lillich family in Kendall twp close to Belmont. She married Francis Emery Gillett 25 Aug 1904 in Cumberland, WI. I Have a Picture of her taken with 2 of her sisters in Darlington when she was about 40 years of age??? The sisters in the picture are not Lillich women, which leads me to believe she knew who her real family was. Dottie died in British Columbia, Canada in 1937.  I would really like to find out who she was. It is suspected by other Lillich relatives that she may have been of some relation. Two years ago I found out some of Dottie's children live here in Oregon 14 miles from me and both of us did not know anything about each other. They also would like information on Dottie. We do not know if she was legally adopted or not.  Her granddaughter here says that Dottie claims she was not legally adopted.  What ever you can do for me would be appreciated by me and her grandchildren here.  Thank you.

DOUGHERTY // POWERS..........Peggy Petersen  Jan 1998  

I am researching the Dougherty family that lived in Lafayette County...Darlington...during the the mid 1800-mid 1900. I am a gr gr granddaughter.   PATRICK DOUGHERTY b. 17 Mar 1823 Ireland m. ALICE POWERS. I have that Patrick came to USA in1852 (letter of intent) I do not have the marriage date. I would like to know if it is possible to see if they married in Lafayette County? Here comes the problem..I have their children's names and birth dates and something is wrong. I have their first child John being born in Darlington 24 Dec 1848. Can't be if Patrick didn't arrive in states until 1852.   Also, who in your area can check tax records, wills, etc. I have been told that some county records also have additional info such as where the individual lived before they arrived. As you can see, I will take what ever is found for Patrick and Alice....any help will be very much appreciated.  Thanks for your help.

SWIFT  // BIRKETT // MULLIGAN........Michael J. Birkett  Jan 1998

My GGMother was Teresa Swift m/Clyde Birkett. She was born in Benton on 1/15/1887. I believe her parents are John Swift and Mary Ellen Mulligan. I believe that John's father was James Swift. Any information on the Swifts from the Benton area would be appreciated.

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