School District #17, Houston Co., MN

La Crosse Area Genealogical Society

The Record of School District No. 17, Houston County, Minnesota Territory: Volume First
LAGS Quarterly, Vol. 9, No. 4, November 1988

School District 17 was set aside by the order of the county commissioners in January of 1855. Joseph Johnston was elected first chairman and Charles Smith, clerk. Wm. Johnston, Knud Salveson and Daniel Pomeroy were chosen as trustees; but, Daniel Pomeroy resigned and Segor Anderson was selected to fill the position. By 1858 the district name was changed to 48 as there was another district 17. Later it became district 16.
The record book gives details of the first building for which a tax of $200 was raised. The trustees gave specific directions for the painting of the building. It was to be red with window and door frames, cornish and corner boards to be white. The door was to be blue or slate color. This building west of Houston was always known as "The Little Red Schoolhouse." It became a community center and meeting place for religious services. In 1876 a new building was erected south of the first site.
Records show there were 57 scholars in 1860. Expenses for the year were as follows: broom & tin dipper 40 cts. siding for the back house 50 cts. going to Caledonia for the school money, three times, 2 dollars. for glass 20 cts. whole amount $3.10. $75.72 was drawn from the county for the year.

Surname Given Name(s) Title Year
Amidon Willie   1878, 1879, 1880
Anderson Amanda   1874
Anderson Elisa   1872
Bailey Ada Velona   1866
Bisby Martha   1859
Braun H.   1875
Burr Mary   1859
Butcher Tabartha D.   1865
DeWitt Cyntha   1863, 1864
Dyer Mary   1871
Fitch Mary   1863
Fowler Carrie A.   1857, 1858
Gould Augusta   1872
Gould Cornelia   1858
Gould   Miss 1881, 1882
Harris Melvina   1861, 1862, 1863
Haynes Emma   1874
Johnson Adeline   1860
Lower Edwin   1862
Marsh Charles   1875, 1876, 1877
Perkins Cyntha   1866
Pope Laura   1868
Prentice Mary   1873
Reppy Nettie   1883, 1884
Robinson Martha   1858
Rose   Mrs. 1867
Smith Charles   1861, 1863, 1869, 1875
Truesdale Ida   1867, 1869
Vance Aaron   1874
Veigh Elizabeth   1867
Whitcher Henry   1870

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