Old Times on Portland Prairie

La Crosse Area Genealogical Society

"Old Times on Portland Prairie, Houston County, MN"
By H. V. Arnold, 1911.
LAGS Quarterly, Vol. 14, No. 3, August 1993.

Surname Given Name(s) Title
Albee Alfred  
Albee Alice  
Albee Charles F.  
Albee Edgar  
Albee Emily  
Albee Maria  
Albee Olive  
Albee Sarah (Paine) Mrs.
Aldrich Philinda  
Ballou Mary  
Batcheller Alex Dr.
Batcheller Alexander F.  
Batcheller Frennie L.  
Batcheller Kezia (Wallin) Mrs.
Batcheller Lucy D.  
Batcheller Martha W.  
Batcheller Moses F.  
Batcheller Stephen E.  
Batcheller Victoria E.  
Bushee Alice  
Cargill Sarah  
Cass Charlotte  
Everett Andrew  
Everett Benaiah  
Everett Clara Ethel  
Everett E. B.  
Everett Franklin Mrs.
Everett Franklin  
Everett Fremont  
Everett Josiah III
Everett Josiah II
Everett Josiah  
Everett Lucy Mrs.
Everett Lucy  
Everett Orra  
Everett Seth  
Everett Walter  
Griswold Alice (Bushee) Mrs.
Henderson Alida  
Lapham Cora  
Lapham Fanny  
Lapham George  
Lapham George H.  
Lapham Herbert L.  
Lapham Levi L.  
Lapham Sarah (Cargill) Mrs.
Marcy Adelaide  
McNelly Annie M.  
McNelly Elizabeth M.  
McNelly Ella E.  
McNelly Eugenia A.  
McNelly John  
McNelly John H.  
McNelly Mabel E.  
McNelly Mary P.  
McNelly Nancy Etta  
McNelly Oscar  
McNelly Robert  
McNelly William E.  
Metcalf Hannah  
Metcalf Mary  
Paine Mary  
Paine Sarah  
Ritmuller Christina  
Robinson Anne  
Robinson Esther  
Robinson George  
Robinson Henry  
Robinson James  
Robinson John T.  
Robinson Minnie  
Robinson Rose Mrs.
Robinson William  
Shummway Adelia F.  
Shummway Bertha E.  
Shummway Charles O.  
Shummway Edgar E.  
Shummway Edwin R.  
Shummway Frederick L.  
Shummway George Loren  
Shummway Hannah (Metcalf) Mrs.
Shummway Herbert P.  
Shummway Jeremiah  
Shummway Joseph Arthur  
Shummway Martin LeRoy  
Shummway Mary (Paine) Mrs.
Shummway Mary Evelyn  
Shummway Nancy  
Shummway Rufus E.  
Shummway Viola P.  
Shummway William C.  
Shumway Mary Evelyn  
Stone Adelaide E.  
Stone Arnold  
Stone Cora E.  
Stone Ellen F.  
Stone Emeline A.  
Stone Jane M.  
Stone John G.  
Stone Louis N.  
Stone Marcus M.  
Stone Phebe E.  
Stone Philinda (Aldrich) Mrs.
Theise Christina  
Theise Christina (Ritmuller) Mrs.
Theise Emily  
Theise Franklin  
Theise Frederick  
Theise Henry  
Theise Louisa  
Theise Mary  
Theise Sophia  
Wallin Kezia  
Williams John B.  
Wright Arthur L.  
Wright Charles  
Wright Charles F.  
Wright Frederick A.  
Wright Samantha  

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