Hokah United Methodist Church, Marriages

La Crosse Area Genealogical Society

Marriage Records of the Hokah United Methodist Church
Founded 1853
LAGS Quarterly, Vol. 14, No. 4, November 1993 and Vol. 16, No. 1, February 1994

Groom's List
Bride's List

Bride's Surname Bride's Given Name(s) Groom's Surname Groom's Given Name(s) Date Groom's Residence Bride's Residence Groom's Age Bride's Age Officiant's Surname Officiant's Given Name(s) Officiant's Title Witness 1's Surname Witness 1's Given Name(s) Witness 2's Surname Witness 2's Given Name(s)
Baier Mary Rudisuhle Edw. September 2, 1908 Union Township Union     Rinkel J. A.          
Bernsdorf Edith Elizabeth Gstalder Henry January 11, 1911 Houston Co., MN Houston Co., MN     Meierbachtol E. G. Rev. Thiel Charles A., Rev.    
Channing Florence M. Klein Edwin M. October 31, 1900 Union Voss, Morrison Co., MN     Steffer J. G. Rev. Klein W. L. Bellwood Bertha Peters
Darling Myrtle Rhodes Wm. S. August 16, 1901 Columbus, OH Brownsville     Steffer J. G. Rev. Darling Albert Darling Pearl
Debald Eliza Scofield Charles J. April 19, 1886 Caledonia Hokah 25 22 Uhl E. Rev. Drowley M. B. Loman G. P. L.
Eglinton Bessie J. Carlson Charles E. December 20, 1909 Houston Co., MN Houston Co., MN     Meierbachtol E. G. Rev. Johnson Nels Carlson Carrie C.
Eglinton Carrie Holbrook Darwin December 12, 1907 Mound Prairie Mound Prairie     Rinkel J. A. Rev.        
Griffin Bessie Legge Douglas September 1, 1908 Detroit, MN Hokah     Rinkel J. A.          
Guenther Freda Sergent Robert March 26, 1918 Houston Co., MN Houston Co., MN     Sponholz H. A. Rev. Foss Louis Foss Louis, Mrs.
Haak Emilie Zudach Ludwig September 6, 1883 Hokah Hokah 25 25 Meyer H. Rev. Herz P. Haak Louise
Hammer Eva, Mrs. Steindorf August March 1, 1904 Houston Co., MN Houston Co., MN 37 38 Schoenheider C., Jr. Rev.        
Harris Caralynn Skar Arthur July 4, 1908 Caledonia Caledonia     Rinkel J. A. Rev.        
Hartman Emma Woehlke Herman November 14, 1905 Hokah Hokah     Rinkel J. A. Rev. Priem Edith Woehlke Charles
Hartman Lillie Wolters Henry October 1892 La Crosse Houston Co., MN 24 18 Ziegler H. Rev. Kappauf J. Duerwachter Alex
Hatz Maria E. Geiwitz John G. September 7, 1905 Hokah       Schoenheider C., Jr. Rev.        
Isnin?   Demo Anthony October 19, 1894 Hokah Hokah     Peik A. Rev. Dunham W. H. Thompson Mrs.
Jesky Martha Lottes John B. July 3, 1890 Hokah Hokah 23 18 Steiner J. F. Rev. Bader Emma Wetjen J.
Johnston Maud Ray G. W. July 17, 1907 Hokah Hokah     Rinkel J. A. Rev. Carpenter M. Johnston Vivian
Kappauf Kath. Hartman Andrew September 1891 Hokah Hokah     Stiener J. F. Rev. Hartman Lillie Derrwaechter Alex.
Klein Mary Theyson William April 18, 1882 La Crescent Union 25 20 Bucholz F. W. Rev. Klein H. Snure Tilly
Krammer Anna Wetzel Franz July 27, 1882 Hokah Hokah 25 22 Bucholz F. W. Rev. Sauer H. Riebe Louise
Lottes Martha Schauble Adam July 1894 Houston Co., MN Hokah 35 24 Ziegler H. Rev. Scheil Wm. Scheil Henrietta
Ness Emma Theola Monroe George Wesley March 13, 1900 Fillmore Co., MN Houston Co., MN     Benz J. E. Rev. Noble W. D. Noble W. D., Mrs.
Priem Anna Miller Herman November 12, 1901 La Crosse Hokah     Steffer J. G. Rev. Tauber   Priem Ida
Retzlaff Minna Boss Lucas November 18, 1905 Hokah Hokah     Rinkel J. A. Rev. Dahlke Anna Kindhammer Mrs.
Rommler Amalie Oberer Friedr. December 1891 Hokah Galena, IL 48 30 Ziegler H. Rev. Theyson Reinhold Theyson Mathilda
Rosine Anna Snure Phillip February 17, 1909 Caledonia Hokah     Meierbachtol E. G. Rev. Meierbachtol E. G., Mrs. Rosine John
Rudisuhle Mary Eglinton Charley June 16, 1909 Mound Prairie Caledonia     Meierbachtol E. G. Rev. Eglinton Georgia Rudisuhle John
Samples Rubby Samples Edward January 1, 1901 Hokah Hokah     Steffer J. G. Rev. Webster Clark F. Bellwood Peter
Schlabach Grace Goerumels A. g. July 29, 1908 Lisbon, SD La Crescent     Boerumels Wm. Rev.        
Schulz Marie E. Davis Lynderman W. January 21, 1903 Grand Meadow, MN Hokah     Steffer J. G. Rev. Davis V. Schulz Louise
Snure Clara Berfield Clint May 17, 1910 Houston Co., MN Houston Co., MN     Meierbachtol E. G. Rev. Lee Julius Snure Matilda
Voss Emma Crook Austin May 1, 1901 La Crosse Hokah     Steffer J. G. Rev. Voss J. Voss J., Mrs.
Wetchen Esther Behrndt Charlie May 20, 1908 Hokah Pine Creek     Rinkel J. A. Rev. Wetchen H. Peters Ada
Williamson Mattie Smith Henry E. November 4, 1890 Hokah Hokah 33 27 Steiner J. F. Rev. Smith M. D. Williamson Augusta
Woolley Grace Rishel Charles R. 1903 Houston Co., MN Hokah     Schoenheider C., Jr. Rev.        
Woolley Martha S. Warnecke William H. August 11, 1909 Wells, MN Hokah     Meierbachtol E. G. Rev. Boldt Reine Woolley Louise

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