Governor's Guard

La Crosse Area Genealogical Society

Members of the Governor's Guard at La Crosse, June 18, 1916.

As recorded in Vol. 3, No. 4, May 1982 LAGS Quarterly

Among the many Wisconsin men who have served their country and whose memory we honor on Memorial Day are those of perhaps one of the oldest military organizations in the country - The Governor's Guard Association of Wisconsin. Organized in 1872 and later sworn in as Co. B, Third Regiment of the Wisconsin National Guard. Its members served in the Spanish American War, the Phillipine Insurrection, the Mexican Expedition and Word Wars I and II. During the 1st World War the company served with the 32nd Infantry Division, known as the Red Arrow Dividion.

When the Mexican War Call was issued on June 18, 1916, 84 La Crosse area residents were summoned for service. The members of the Governor's Guard at that time were as follows:

Surname Given Name(s) Rank
Bendel Frank Private
Beranek Peter Musician
Bey Carl Private
Bey Edward Private
Bishop Albert Private
Brown Edward Private
Buchda William Quartermaster Sergeant
Campbell Leon Private
Chamberlain Harry Private
Eeg Alfred Private
Eeg Harry Private
Fehlberg Harry Private
Frederickson Charles Private
Frederickson Christ Private
Frederickson Roy Private
Gile Robert Private
Goschke John Private
Groth Charles Private
Gustafson Elmer Private
Hafner George Private
Hatke Robert Private
Hatke Wm. Private
Hinytzke John Private
Hoffke Otto Private
Hollnagel Arthur Sergeant
Howland Ray First Sergeant
Jameson Albert Private
Jehlen Steward Cook
Johnson Leonard Private
Kehr Henry Corporal
Klex Wm. A. Private
Knothe Emil Private
Knothe Otto Private
Konop Martin Private
Kubal Lorence Private
Lee Harry Musician
Liebel Walter Private
Liesgang John Private
Lintelman Arnold Private
Lintelman George Corporal
Longbrake George R. Captain, Chaplain
Mairick Walter Private
Markos Solomon Private
Marquardt Robert Sergeant
Nabalski Frank Private
Ness Cornelius Sergeant
Netwal Frank J. Private
Niggle Albert Private
Noe Arthur Corporal
Noffke Paul C. F. Second Lieutenant
Pawlak John J. Private
Pifer Luther E. Private
Prockman Otto Private
Raper Harry Private
Redmann Gust F. Private
Renner Wm. Private
Richards Randolph A. Colonel
Rupp Herman A. Captain
Schimtz Bernard Private
Schuda Walter Corporal
Schultz Emil O. First Lieutenant
Schultz Harry Private
Schwertferger Carl Private
Secky Rudolph Private
Selbo Cornelius Private
Sewoski Benjamin Corporal
Sholes Thomas Sergeant
Skaff Albert Private
Soller John Corporal
St. Jaque Charles Private
Stupka Henzel Private
Tikal Joseph L. Private
Tippmann Paul Private
Turner Roy Corporal
Verse John Private
Vingers Roy Corporal
Volling Conrad Cook
Weigent Frank Private
Wilcox Harry Private
Wilcox Herbert Private
Wilhelm Earl Private
Withee Ray Private
Withey Walter Private

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