Extinct and Abandoned Cemeteries

Ahnapee Township, NW1/4  NW1/4  Section 5, on the corner of County Trunks X and M.
One stone.  It appears like the family moved the stone to this corner of the land. 

Mother/Christina/Gattin von/Wm. Brandt Sr./Geb. 8 Mai 1825/Gest. 18 Aug.

Ahnapee Township, NW1/4  SW1/4 Section 32.  No stone left, but a brother
and sister of
August Dettman are supposed to have died within a week of each other of
diptheria at about the ages of 17 and 14 in the Village of Rankin.
Information supplied by a grandson of August Dettmann. Burial on the
land of Elroy Dettman

Ahnapee Township Cemetery:
Ahnapee Township,  SE1/4  SE1/4  Section 28, east of Bultman's Bar, on
Hwy 28 just west of the Algoma City limits. The stones were supposed to
have been cleared away in 1937. No other record yet located.

Woodside Cemetery/Shaw Cemetery.  Ahnapee Township, SE1/4  SE1/4
Section 7.
Russel Austin (rest broken off, and bottom part missing), ossw:
__armida Austin/Born (rest illegible - poor condition)

Zedina Shaw/died Jan. 3, 1881/65 yr. 9 ds.

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