Sylvania Cemetery Veterans

Veterans at Sylvania Cemetery

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Kellogg, Helmont
(Block 2, Lot 14, SD)-He served several enlistments under  different commands.  He was 
	placed on the pension roll of Litchfield  Co., CN for service as private in the 
	Continental Line. (DAR Soldiers Index)


Bullis, James
	(Block 3, Lot 12, ND)-He enlisted at age 19 from Rochester, WI. He was assigned to Co. B.
	48th Infantry and was mustered out on Feb. 19, 1865. (Racine Co. Militant)
Collett, Stephen W.
	(Block 3, Lot 1, SD)-He enlisted in Kenosha Co. and was assigned to Co. H, 33rd Infantry 
	on Nov. 11, 1863.  He was killed at Tupelo, Mississippi on July 14, 1864.(Racine Co. 

Cockett, William	
	(Block 4, Lot 4, SD)-There is a  Civil War marker on his grave, but no record was found 
	about his service from Wisconsin.

Collier, Joshua	
	(Block 3, Lot 10, SD)-He served in Co. G., 2nd Cavalry from Racine Co.  He was 31 and 
	married when he enlisted on Aug. 18, 1864.  He was mustered out on June 14, 1865.(Racine
	Co. Militant).

Dorning, Samuel
	(Block 2, Lot 7, SD)-He enlisted from Racine Co on Apr. 15, 1863. He was assigned to Co.
	G., 2nd Cavalry.  He died of war injuries at Rolla, MO on Aug. 7, 1863.(Racine Co. 

Gilbert, George
	(Block 3, Lot 5, SD)-He enlisted at age 33 from Yorkville, Racine Co.  He was listed 
	as married.  He was assigned to Co. G, 43rd Infantry on Sept. 14, 1864.  He died at 
	Madison, WI on Jan. 1, 1865 of disease from the war.(Racine Co. Militant).

Henderson, John
	(Block 1, Lot 4, SD)-He enlisted at age 18 from Racine Co.  He was assigned to Co. M, 
	1st Cavalry on Dec. 18, 1861.  He was a prisoner at  Bloomfield, MO on Sept. 11, 1862, 
	and was discharged as a Veteran Corporal on Jan. 4, 1864.  He reenlisted as a Veteran 
	on Jan. 4, 1864 and was mustered out on July 19, 1865. (Racine Co. Militant).

Lee, William H.
	(Block 2, Lot 3, SD)-On his tombstone, it states that he served in  Co. F, 4th Wis. 
	Infantry, and fell in the Battle of Port Hudson, LA  in 1863.

Nobes, Robert H.		
	(Block 1, Lot 6, ND)-He enlisted from Racine at age 22 on Sept. 9, 1861.  He was assigned 
	to Co. K, 8th Infantry.  He was mustered out on Sept. 5, 1865. (Racine Co. Militant).

Toase, William	
	(Block 1, Lot 2, SD)-He enlisted from Racine Co. on Sept. 21, 1864. He was listed as a 
	single man, age 28, and from Mt. Pleasant.  He was assigned to Co. K, 1st Heavy 
	Artillary, and reached the rank of Corp. He was mustered out on June 26, 1865.(Racine Co.

Varney,Frank George
	(Block 1, Lot 6, SD)- Cemetery records indicate that he was a Civil War Veteran who 
	died in 1864.

*****	Steffen, Julius E.
	(Block 2, Lot 9, Nd) Tombstone inscription reads:  Wis. Pvt. 3 Infantry. E He was not 
	born until 1873, so he must have been a veteran of the Spanish-American War or World 
	War I, not the Civil War.


Burrows, Fred W.	
	(Block 4, Lot 16, ND) On his tombstone it reads:  Wisconsin Pvt. 1 Co. 161, Depot 
	Brigade, World War I

Simmons, Lynn A.	
	(Block 4, Lot 13, ND) 320th Co M Field Signal Battalion Camp Fremont Cal


Christensen, Allen T.
	(Block 2, Lot 13, ND) Obituary indicated he was a World War II vet.

Lee, Herman W.
	(Block 4, Lot 2, SD) On his tombstone it reads: Wis. Tec. 4, 118 Station 6 Hosp., 
	WWII. He drowned in Italy on July 23, 1944.

Meshenky, Warren F.	
	(Block 3, Lot 5, ND) On his tombstone it reads:  S. Sgt, U.S. Marine Corps, World War II.

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